Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Return of the Lilac...

Happy Tuesday,

I'm sorry i couldn't let it go much longer without either a little more lilac or a little more Sue.  Hopefully my pre-ordered Spellbinders dies should arrive this week so there will be some new dies used soon (I ordered them in January as it was a lot cheaper to pre-order them but I have no idea what I ordered!lol)

Today's card is back to the Spanish collection by Sue Wilson and Lilac cardstock, however I'm not certain the blue adds anything and may be a bit strong.

Simple die cut of the whole background die which I inked, using purple distress ink, and foam mounted over a hand cut aperture.

The sentiment is stamped, and inked, on a spellbinders square die cut as I haven't bought any of the SW tags as yet.

A messy bow and a whole heap of flowers form Wendy next door click HERE to visit her blog and finished.  Let me know what you think of the colour combo.



  1. Hi John
    What a lovely surprise you will get when you eventually get your Spellbinder parcel .

    I am not too sure about the blue bow and flowers to be honest , but then again on my screen the card looks to be pink ? however im loving the style of your card and the sentiment is lovely
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  2. Lovely design John, but I think I'd have gone with a purple bow. I just got all my 'Sue' dies I ordered when she was on C&C - FOUR sets! I am a very happy bunny!

  3. Hi John. I love the design but must be honest and say that I don't think my screen is showing the colours properly as the background die cut is pink! I think like Lesley, I would have gone for a purple bow and flowers, they are beautiful though. It will be like Christmas for you when your Spellbinders package arrive : ) Take care.

  4. Morning John,
    we all seem to be of the same thought this morning I agree would not have used the blue ribbon and flowers. It could be that the colours are not coming across too well, but it's a lovely card.

  5. Colour looks a bit odd, but it's showing as pink, blue and purple, but card design is great. Just got this die, so checking all your ideas for it.

  6. Hi John. like everyone else I don't think the blue ribbon matches. However I like the rest of the card.

  7. Hi John. I don´t think the colour is coming out right on my screen as the background looks brown and blue goes very well with brown so it looks great.
    So Love this die. It makes a beautiful card. My dies are taking ages to come what with Easter and a sort of Bank Holiday here yesterday. I´m itching to play with them.
    Must ask. I´m going to Manchester to go to the Trafford Centre soon. Does anyone know of a craft shop in the vicinity. We´ll be on foot so the closer the better.
    Bye for now Love val x

  8. The colour on my screen looks pinkish but the overall colour combo looks muted and I like it xx I luv seeing the colour combos others use cos I always tend to play safe but it is very rare I look at a colour combo someone else has used and not like it but still don't have the confidence to break away from my 'safeness' xx fab card too xx GailT xx

  9. Hi John,
    I'm with the others I'm afraid...I love the concept of the card,,,but (and it may be my screen ) I don't like the blue ribbons and flowers I think they spoil a gorgeous card.

    Love Sheila xx

  10. Hi John, beautiful card, great use of dies but sorry to say I do not think the Blue bow goes well with the Purple, I usually like these two colours together so maybe its the different shades but a Purple bow would have looked better.
    I have pre ordered dies before then for got what I had ordered, its a nice surprise when they arrive lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  11. Hi John,
    Beautiful hues of lilac, great construction, too, lovely Wendy flowers; the only -hopefully constructive- criticism I would dare to offer the Master is the coolness of the blue ribbon; I humbly suggest the tone of the card used for the sentiment and the base card, maybe?
    So flattering to a woman's skin.
    Best Regards, Lisx

  12. I loved the colour combo yesterday, not so sure of today's. Like everyone else it seems to be dusky pink to me.
    Not too keen on the big bow but that's just me.

  13. Hi John I think this card needs to be held in the hand,it did not photo well. I agree with the others,so sory John ,the ribbon,and flowers ,take away from the cart.

  14. I hope your dies arrived ok Love the card but not the colour combo Love the flowers and would have probably left off the bow - sorry

  15. fab card love the lilac colours and the dies .Laura O

  16. Oh John going to add I missed yesterday card -Think it is fantastic ,love the royal purple and gold together another great creation to add to all the others .Laura O

  17. Hola John
    Can't believe what a numpty I am. Looked at the card this morning and forgot to comment doh!
    Hmmm, its showing pink on my screen too, which does jar with the blue. I'm sure the actual in the flesh colours, so to speak, are a perfect match.
    I thought you had mentioned a "bulk" order of SBs so had wondered what had happened to them.
    Look forward to what you come up with for those.
    Ang x