Monday, 31 July 2017

Cherry Blossom...

Happy Monday,

Firstly I would like to than k all the lovely women of Kent ( no special mentions June or Martine!lol) who came to the workshop yesterday.  It was  fab day with a wonderful spread ( I am finishing off the chocolate cake as I type this!)

Back to today and I thought I should, as promised, stick away form the trees and media plates for a bit so thought I would share a hybrid card using stamping and die cutting with even some embossing thrown in!

I stared by cutting a square of card 4"x4" I then added this to the corner of my Press to Impress stamp platform and added the cherry blossom silhouette stamp to the platform covering one of the sides.  I inked this with Grenadine Izink dye ink and stamped this.  I rotated the card four times stamping the blossom each time until they met to m are the frame as shown.  I then reversed the stamp and repeated the process using rose izink dye ink.  Finally I stamped the sentiment, in a smokey grey versatile *( black would of been too harsh)

I matted the stamped panel in raspberry card and then cut 4 matching panels of white at 3.5" square and embossed them with the Crafts Too solid roses square embossing folder.  I shaded around the edges with more of the Rose ink and the new mini blending tool.  These I matted onto a large square of the raspberry card.

To finish the card I added 2 strips of a matching ribbon from my stash and placed the whole piece onto an 8" x8" card blank.

The flowers and Ivy are cut in white card and shaded with the rose ink ( I think there was a little of the dawn on my blending tool as I've got a little orange as well!)  I don't know what the dies are as they are from an old folder I found whilst tidying I believe they are Nellie ones but I'm sure you can add some from your stash!


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Couple more trees...

Happy Sunday,

I promise I will move on from the winters trees set of stamps tomorrow but I thought I would share a couple of cards made using the same set and a mix of the techniques I have shared over the last few days!

This first card is made using the simple techniques for the media plates .  I then ran over the card using the brayer with ink on from the plate.  Finally I added the Argyle mask ( that has the bubbles on) and shaded through this using the same colour ink.

The next card us even easier I simply stamped the tress over a piece of card I had ran the brayer over using the ocean and rose izink inks.  I hand drew the bases for the tress and random lines to suggest a landscape, simple!


Saturday, 29 July 2017


Happy Saturday,

I thought I would explain the reflection technique today and share Mat's ( From Hochanda) favourite card.

I stared this card by placing the rectangular media plate at the base of the piece of card and picked it up with the top plate of the press to impress.  Next I stamped the tree stamps ( from the winter trees clear stamp set) directly onto the medium plate.  I closed the door and stamped this onto the card.

I then ran  my brayer over the media plate with the inks that had remained on the brayer which gives the lovely reflected colour look.

Next I stamped the tree, again using the press to impress, in the correct place to make the reflection.  I then drew, using a fine line pen, a little base for the tree and masking the base i used the top of the tree to make the impression of bushes and foliage.

Next I added a couple of the blue izink dye ink pads to the media plate smoothed over with a hard brayer and stamped this to give the sky look at the top.

Finally I added a few more sections of bushes to the reflection again by masking off the area at the top.

OI layers this with black, white and blue and aded it to a small card blank.  I think this would make a perfect just a note, thinking of you or even a sympathy card.


Friday, 28 July 2017

Workshop News...

Happy Friday,

Im really sorry I haven't been able to post details of the Northern England workshops before today but we wanted to give those who attended and booked earlier in the year chance to confirm their bookings.  Thats does so now I can share the details.  Please see the poster below for details there are 2 days one standard workshop and one Techniques day.

Back to today and I thought I would share a few of the different techniques I showed on the Hochanda show over the next couple of days.

This first card is made by using the square media plate.  I stared by adding dawn and ultramarine izink ink over the media plate ( I have had a lot of questions about what inks I use I use Dye based inks which are fast trying and intense in colour I have found that Distress Ink works but gives a different level of paternation and is a lot softer)  I then added the argyle mask over the top and ran a brayer over the top.  I then added a little night ink to the brayer and ran this over to add a different colour to the plate.  I then stamped this onto the card using the press to impress stamp press.  Next I used the solid leaf stamp and the night izink ink pad and stamped over the media plate.  I stamped this then added black versafine all around the edge of the media plate and again stamped the image.

Finally I stamped the black tree over the top ( again using the stamp press) and cut this out matting it onto a pice of blue card.  For the body of the card I used a piece of card I had cleaned my brayer on for the misty background and added the pieces, with matts, to a white card blank.

Here are the details of the northern workshops!

again please contact lockerscrafts@gmail and Mrs D will send you any details and take bookings.


Thursday, 27 July 2017

New Technique Video - resist...

Happy Thursday,

Today I am launching the next youtube video all about the media plates.  This video, the second in the series, shows how to achieve the resist technique used in this card ( in fact the video piece was made up into this card.  I have also included the original card I did with this technique.

If you want to see how the centre of this card was made just watch the video!

The reminder of the card is just the Find It die cut in white card then cut in half and mounted onto a 6"x6" gatefold card blank.  I added pearls and cut the aperture in the middle of the gatefold card so that the image is visible through the 'window'
I have added below the original card I made with this technique!

Another video next week!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Ooh la la...

Happy Wednesday,

Ive titled this post because I think today card has a real french look to it!  It is a really easy card to achieve especially of you have the Izink Inks.  If not you could try distress or other Die based inks.

I simply stared by pressing the raspberry and the night ink pads into a piece of watercolour card.  Next I sprayed water over the pice, the colours in the ink ran which gives the effect shown.  the great thing about the Izink inks is that whilst they are die pads they are water ( not oil ) based so the colours are not permanent and run as shown.

Once I died the piece I stamped the three main stamps from the summer flowers clear stamp set over the top in Black versatile ink ( an oil based die ink that won't run)  I simply then matted the card in red and blue and placed it on a 5 x 7" card bank and finished.

Very simple but I wanted to show what can be achieved by just playing with your inks in a tidy way!

The workshops in the North are now planned and full details will be released tomorrow  there may also be a couple of places on the Coventry one as a couple have moved to the Northern  one.  Please email and Mrs duck can help!


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Stamped tree...

Happy Tuesday,

I will have full information on the planned workshops tomorrow but I can confirm that we have 2 days in the North planned for November!

Back to today and I thought I would share another winter / Christmas card made with my new range.  I have again used some waste in this card as I really don't like throwing anything away!

I started by putting the ultramarine izink onto the rectangular media plate and ran my brayer over the surface to fade the colour form dark to light.  Next I used the bubbles stamp and the snowflake stamp from my Summer Flowers and Winter trees clear stamp sets and stamped these onto the plate in Night, Ultramarine and Can izink die ink pads.  I kept the patterns just at the top so that it looks like its a snowy scene.

Next I stamped this onto the paper and added the tree stamped directly onto the paper (using my Press to Impress stamp platform) I tore a piece of card in a wave and used this as a mask to add the layers of snow at the base using the mini blender tool from Crafts too and the ultramarine ink ( that's one of the things I love about this ink It works for stamping and blending!)

To make up the card I again used a piece of card that I had cleaned my brayer on ( just running the brayer over scrap card after running it over the media plate)  I stared the snowflake stamp over this using the same three colours of ink and cut this to a panel.  I added a thin dark blue mat around the main image and the side panel.  Finally, before adding to a small 5" x 5" card blank, I added a random die cut form my box of precept bits shaded with the blending tool and the night ink pad.


Monday, 24 July 2017

Mix it up...

Happy Monday,

Today's card is  mix of my classic die cutting with the new media plate stamping technique and even a bit of waste used for the flowers.

I created the circular background using the round media plate, a selection of the cool izink ink sets a the snowflake stamp form the winter tress clear stamp set.  I prepared the media plate with inks and breyered over before stamping the snowflakes in different colours over the top.  I then stamped this using the press to impress stamp platform Click HERE for the link to the stamp platform as there has been quite a lot of confusion as to which I prefer and use.  I repeated the process until I had a centre exactly the way i wanted.

I mounted this behind a die cut from the new Find It media PM10097 Snowflake frame.  I cut this in silver stardust card from Limetree crafts and added gems around the centre ring.  I matted this onto white, blue and silver to make the larger card as shown.

For the flowers I cleaned my brayer on a piece of scrap card by running it over the surface to remove the ink.  This piece was too nice to waste so I cut the poinsettias form it using the find it YCD10026 poinsettia die.  I shaded through the die with mint izink for the centres and shaped them before adding a pearl in the centre.

I added a bow of organza ribbon and a couple of hat pins from my stash.

Workshop News
The workshop advertised yesterday is now fully booked however we are looking to add the Sunday on as well I will let you know if we can or if we have a reserve list.  There is also one of these planned for November in the north I will let you all know the details for this tomorrow!

For now, Enjoy...

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Christmas tree...

Happy (real) Sunday,

Sorry for the mistake in the day yesterday as I am sure you can all imagine I am rather tired after everything this week!  I do have to say a big thank you again to everyone who has helped and supported me through the launch with a special mention to everyone who came to Inspirations in Preston on Thursday and Friday to see the first live demo of John Next Door!

A couple of bits of news today so don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of todays post to see info on a special Workshop!  I thought today I would share a card made with my products and other Crafts Too products.

I started this card at the demo on Friday with a mixture of my Winter Trees stamps and the Magic Stamp.

I stared by heating a cut down rectangular magic stamp which I then pushed into the christmas style tree from the winter trees set.  This creates a negative stamp of the image.  I inked this with ultramarine and the ocean izink die ink pads and stamped it in the centre of a pice of card.  This leaves a perfect white tree against the shaded background.  Next I positioned the actual tree stamp in the white space and using the Press to Impress stamp platform I stamped the tree in black exactly in the middle ( This is almost impossible for me with a stamp block as I always got outside the line!

The background is a piece from something I am trying so its a bit of a sneak peak!

Now onto the news Mrs Duck and I will be holding a workshop all details below.  I keep getting g asked if I do workshops that aren't in a specific shop so we thought we would create one!  This is the first one so spaces are listed and it even includes lunch!

There will also be a pop up shop selling my latest ranges and other selected products!


Saturday, 22 July 2017

Stamp Press Pink Trees...

Happy Saturday,

What better to cheer us all up on a Sunday than a row of cherry blossom filled trees?  I have cheated on this card as the cherry blossom appearance is made with a leaves stamp and inks but it does suggest trees in full bloom to me!

I have added the video which shows the basic technique for this card as part of the Press to Impress Facebook Live I filmed yesterday at Inspirations in Preston.  If you click the link HERE it will show you the video.  I will try to add this youtube as soon as possible but its a little tricky! lol

It was a fabulous 2 days and Thank you to everyone who attendee I'm sorry the stock didn't last longer!  I will let everyone know as soon as the Media Plates and Masks are back in stock promise!

I stamped the trees in a row as shown in the attached video.  I then used thermal leaves stamp included in the winter trees set and stamped leaves over the tress in Raspberry, Walnut and Tea Izink die ink pads.


Friday, 21 July 2017

Sunrise in Brown...

Happy Friday,

I wam doing a Facebook live video today between 9am and 10am all about the Press to Impress stamping platform to share some of the unique features of this prior to its launch on Hochanda on the 8th August  I will try to post the video on my blog tomorrow for my blog family that aren't on Facebook!

Another sample from this weeks shows using the Media Plates ( I promise we will bring these back as soon as possible) this time what looks like a more complex card but again with the system really easy to reproduce!

I started by adding the circular media plate too my Press to Impress temp platform and added the Izink inks in walnut, honey and dawn in stripes across the plate.  I then ran my brayer across the surface to make an ombre effect which suggest a sunset.  Next I used the new small blending tool form crafts too and added more of the walnut to the top edge of the circle and the honey at the base, stamped it,  to give the circle a 3D appearance.

I then added the wheat style clear stamp form the spring stamp set onto an acrylic block and using the walnut ink I stamped this around the base of the circular media plate and stamped this.  This adds the shadows in the circle which, because I stamped it onto the media plate the shadow finishes perfectly at the edge of the circle.

I then added the wheat stamp onto the stamp press and inking with the honey stamped this repeatedly, by sliding the card within the stamp press, across the bottom of the card.  This is one of the reasons I love the press to impress board as It has an open side and bottom means I can use any size of card as well as slide card in the press to repeat a stamp perfectly!

To make up the card I simply cut the piece into a 6 x 6" square and then into 3 2" strips.  I mounted these in a chestneu card and spaced them evenly, with a 1/4" gap across the front of the card.  I made up the card with a long strip of the powder puff style embossing folder ( again form Crafts too and on this weeks shows)  Repeating the pattern by embossing twice as these folders are designed to repeat as much as you need and I love flexibility almost as much as value!

The card is finished with an 8x8" card blank in white *( hand made from Limetree A3 warm white card)


Thursday, 20 July 2017

in the pink with magic...

Happy Thursday,

Today and tomorrow I am at Inspirations in Preston demonstrating my new range and Christmas craft dies by Creative Expressions so pop along if you want to see what I will be doing!  They should have stock of the new range so it's a good chance to get the products that seem to be selling out so fast!

Today I thought I would share a card that is made using the magic stamps and my spring collection of stamps.

I stared by heating the magic stamp with my heat gun then I pressed the stamp into the Crafts Too rose embossing folder ( Part of the set on this weeks Hochanda shows) this made a large rose stamp.  I then randomly stamped this over a piece of white card  (8x8") using the rose, grenadine and ultramarine izink die ink pads.  It does have a look at an early 1980's wallpaper to me!  Next I cut a smaller block form the main piece and again heated and pressed this into the embossing folder this tine selecting a single rose.  This i stamped, using the same colours, over the top to give a more defined rose pattern.

I cut this piece into a square for the backing and a strip for the side of the card and backed these in deep blue card from my stash.  Next I stamped, using my press to impress of course!, the open flower spray from the Spring flowers clear stamp set onto more of the white card.  I coloured and shaded this using the Clear Colour watercolour brush pens and using a water brush pulled out the colour to add the shading.

I matted this on blue and added a pale blue bow to bring the ultramarine colour to the front and finished!

I have been asked loads of questions about the press to impress stamp platform so I am planning a short Facebook live video for Friday morning explaining the way it works and the differences between the other platforms on the market ( you know me I like to explain what something is my favourite!)


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Trees in the mist

Happy Wednesday,

Firstly thank you al Sooooooo much for the wonderful support yesterday and through this period of change to me new John Next Door brand.  The shows yesterday were so busy I hardly had time ti think trying to get more stock between shows so I didn't disappoint anyone!

I know I have said it before but I want to reiterate that none of this would be possible without those of my blog family who visit, whether you comment or not, every day It really is so special!

Roight Mushy over now nback to the crafting.  I thought I would share this card today as It has a softer feel but shows what other things can be achieved with the Winter Stamps from the new range .

This card started out as an accident, it happens to all of us I know, as i accidentally smudged one of the trees.  I stamped the tree from the winter trees set in the tea izink dye ink pad onto pearl acrd.  I moved the card along 5am and stamped it again and repeated this once more to get three tress.  I then used the mint and ocean inks and randomly stamped the leaves in the set over the trees. It was at this stage that I smudged one of the trees ( as the ink takes longer to dry on pearl card)

This gave me the smoky / misty look as seen on the trees.  I repeated the process but didn't smudge the next one and I simply cut this out and mounted it in a gold circle ( using the CE pierced circles dies)

I mounted the crisp tree at one edge of the misty strip and added a border of more gold before making up the card as sown with the Happy Birthday stamped repeatedly across the bottom.

Again something different to do with the Joh  Next Door range!

I have had loads of emails asking where the stamp press is available form as well as the rest of the range. There are lots of retailers who are stocking these there is a link to a couple on the sidebar.

I will be demonstrating the new John Next Door range at Inspirations in Preston Tomorrow and Friday as well as my selection form the Creative Expressions Christmas die range so pop in and see in person how to use the system and products!


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

John Next Door range TV Launch...

Happy Tuesday,

I can't believe the TV launch of my new Brand and range has come round already It has, as I'm sure you can all imagine, taken a lot of time, drawing and planning to get to this stage especially as I am back on Hochanda on August 8th with more ideas!

Today I thought I would share a selection of the cards I will be demonstrating techniques from across the two hours today ( 10am and 2pm) The shows are really technique based and I thought it would be good to show as many different things you can do with the Media Plates, Masks and Stamps!

There are so many different things you can do with the range from building your own tree for any season as in this simple card  to building complex looking backgrounds and art style projects in amateur of a couple of minutes ( as in the card above with the blues and reds.

I really hope my Blog family can tune in remember there is catch up and online ( just don't get caught at work watching! )

Show times are 10am and 2pm (UK time) on the following platforms

Freeview - Channel 85
Sky - Channel 663
Online -

and also available live streaming on the Hochanda Facebook page!