Wednesday, 30 April 2014

It' New! Honest

Happy Wednesday,

AS promised my new Spellbinders arrived on Saturday so I thought I should quickly show a creation using them.  I don't want anyone to overdose on my SW and Lilac Addiction!

Today's card is made by using the new release Spellbinders A2 Tranquil Moments die and Spellbinders Labels Thirty Eight

AS usual, when I receive a new die I cut all the individual elements and started stacking them to see what appears.

This card is a simple stacked card with a soft cream PMD card stock matched with a petrol blue.  I nipped the corners from the tranquil moments large die cut in order to place the largest of the labels 38 inside (see picture for what I mean)

Next I added s strip of cream ribbon and foam mounted each label in the set in alternate colours on top.

The sentiment is made with the centre piece of the die set which has a beautiful filigree, almost Indian inspired, design.  To stamp the sentiment, waltzing mouse, I drew round the inside of the centre die and hand cut this in the cream.

I threaded the ribbon through the centre piece by nipping the filigree to create a slit to thread through.

Finally a bow and a matching hat pin and complete.

I'm sure there will be more complex creations from this die however to start something, relatively, simple!


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Return of the Lilac...

Happy Tuesday,

I'm sorry i couldn't let it go much longer without either a little more lilac or a little more Sue.  Hopefully my pre-ordered Spellbinders dies should arrive this week so there will be some new dies used soon (I ordered them in January as it was a lot cheaper to pre-order them but I have no idea what I ordered!lol)

Today's card is back to the Spanish collection by Sue Wilson and Lilac cardstock, however I'm not certain the blue adds anything and may be a bit strong.

Simple die cut of the whole background die which I inked, using purple distress ink, and foam mounted over a hand cut aperture.

The sentiment is stamped, and inked, on a spellbinders square die cut as I haven't bought any of the SW tags as yet.

A messy bow and a whole heap of flowers form Wendy next door click HERE to visit her blog and finished.  Let me know what you think of the colour combo.


Monday, 28 April 2014

Royal Purple & Gold Monday...

Happy Monday,

I wanted to wake everyone this morning with a bright creation in Imperial Purple (my Classics teacher at school would be so glad I remembered that this shade was exclusively for roman emperors! lol)

There is a story behind this card as I made it while watching Sue Wilson on Create and Craft  a couple of weeks ago.  She showed a beautiful card in purple and then one with her Californian die mounted over gilding flakes.  I just decided to mix to the two together, whether this is successful is up to you!

I stared by die cutting the background and then hand cutting it into 6 squares.  Next I cut six squares of double sided adhesive sheet and stuck them down onto purple card stock.  Then it was simply a case of gilding each square and adding the die cut squares.  I then cut these out with a purple border and mounted them onto a sheet of gold mirror card.

The remainder was pretty simple as I just mounted the completed piece with the squares on gold an purple before foam mounting them onto a hand cut card.

The sentiment panel is a centre section form spellbinders rectangles however it is hovering over a gold ovals one die cut in gold.

I'm not sure about the Flowers, they were a bargain buy in the U.K. last year however they seem a little big.


Sunday, 27 April 2014

HobbyCutz Sunday

Happy Sunday,

Today sees my return to creating the inspiration for my place on the hobbycutz design Team.  I´m afraid I have been AWOL for the last month due to the team changes and the schedule moving from weekly to 2 weekly!  Well I have been set a challenge this week as the theme is GLITTER !!!! not something I use a great deal of so I was stuck for quite a while until i remembered the technique of die cutting and glittering in the apertures.  Therefore after some playing this card was born!

I started by die cutting three of the sections from Spellbinders Adorning Squares into white card.  Next I used a double sided adhesive sheet from 3L which I stuck to another piece of white card, I removed the top layer and stuck the die cut piece down
.  The gaps are then glittered with a lovely pale blue glitter, a gift form Mrs Duck, before being mounted onto charcoal glitter card.

The remainder of the card is simply a gate fold with layers of pale blue, white and charcoal glitter card before the glittered piece was foam mounted, to one side only, at an angle.

 The centre panel was then decorated with some hobbycutz laser cut pieces which i gently dusted with mica powder to add to the glittery look.

This weeks challenge is sponsored by Sassy Studios and there are some great prizes on offer so Click HERE to enter or see what the rest of the design team have come up with, probably more glittery than me!


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Something Different (Striplet) Saturday...

Happy Saturday,

Another Striplet die creation I'm afraid!

I love making box's (as I'm sure you all know by now) but I also like making card sets.  When I was playing with the striplet die I noticed that the ease of cutting and the design makes this die perfect for batch cards (cards that can be made quickly in large numbers).

Therefore I stared by making these cards in 12 x 12 cm first as I have a sizzix die that makes 13 x 13 cm square envelopes.  This allows me to make matching envelopes in patterns
(another day for these perhaps)

Next I made a slide box to hold them, what I mean by slide box is that the right hand side is left open so that the cards and envelopes slide in and out.  The third pictures shows this better!

The cards are a simple design with the right hand top die cut with the striplet. I then studded this, there are perfect places on the die cut shape to hold a gem or pearl, with jade coloured  gems.  The colour comes from a piece of teal card cut to size and stuck on the inside back of the card.  Finally a Just A Note stamp form DoCrafts in matching chalk ink.

The Slide box is made at 13.5 x 13.5 in matching cream cardstock however the front-piece is made from silver mirror card into which I cut the whole striplet.  This is, again, studded with the jade gems and my ever present pearls.  As you can see the cards slide into this box.

To hold the slide box with the cards and envelopes I made a simple two piece box to hold the collection.  The lid of this I cut with the striplet die in one piece.  Now the die is bigger than the top of the box however I folded the sides in before cutting so it only cut through the top and gave a slight embossed pattern of the die on the sides.

Finally I made a notelet holder in the same style (I know I was getting a little carried away but my defence is that I love the die and the colour combination)

I really feel that the selection of different makes really show how versatile this single die is, I have to say I think Sue Wilson really has come up with some amazing designs.

A Lot of pictures but I hope you don't mind scanning through them and that you...


Friday, 25 April 2014

Ginger Spice...

Happy Friday,

I hope you all enjoyed the video yesterday, I'm writing this  a couple of days early as I have 2 days of 8am till 11pm at work so no time to blog in sequence!

Today's card is made using the Sue Wilson Californian Background die and a very bright Ginger coloured card (steady Mrs Duck not That bright)  I found the card in my stash and thought it would make a lovely large card offset with cream to calm the colour a little..

I stared by die cutting a square in plain cream PMD card stock with the die, this meant cutting the whole die first then extending the pattern to make a square.  This does mean that part of the die is repositioned in the already cut sections.

Next I took a piece of the Ginger card which is thankfully A3 sized and die cut a square in the centre before hand cutting a slightly larger aperture in the die cut piece.  I then foam mounted this onto the ginger card over the aperture and cut a wider border.

I mounted the scrap from the centre on more of the ginger card and left that for the inside.  I then made a large card blank in white A· card stock (PMD Hammered) added a ginger layer and cut a square from the centre of the front before, finally, adding the frontispiece over this aperture.

To finish the card I threaded a matching strip of grosgrain ribbon through the different layers so that it passes over and under different layers.  The flowers from spellbinders bitty blossom die, were inked in a matching chalk ink along with some spellbinders foliage and a couple of loops of ribbon.

The sentiment strip is an old die double cut in ginger and white and added with a couple of hatpins.  The centre square was then foam mounted to the back of the card.

Really a simple monochromatic card but with plenty of interest.


Thursday, 24 April 2014

What another Tutorial !?!

Happy Thursday,

Last Thursday I showed my take on the Sue Wilson Spanish collection background die and a tri fold card I had come up with.  This proved to be a big hit and I was asked for a tutorial. Now I usually do tutorials on techniques, this is the first time I have tried one on a whole card.  I have to admit it was a little difficult as it runs long and due to the restrictions of my camera it had to be shot in five segments however it's done and below.

Usually I make another version of what I am showing however the card needs to be the same to match the original however nothing said I had to make it in the same colours, nor decorate it the same way.  Today's card is the one I made during, and a little after as it takes me more than 15 minutes to finish a card, the shoot.

There are probably too many pictures of this one but I just loved both the colour combination and the different way I decorated this one.  The video is the next picture so, if you have 20 minutes or so to spare, click to watch.

I'm sure you can all come up with different ways to decorate this and even different dies to try, I tried a reverse fold version of this last Thursday click HERE if you missed it. If you do make one please send me a picture as my follower gallery, which I set up to show what cards people had made and sent pictures of to me, is looking a little sparse!


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Final Challenged...

Happy Wednesday,

Today's post, you will be pleased to hear, is the last using the Sue Wilson Valencia die and white and lilac.  Those of you who have stuck with me since Monday will know that I challenged my self to make three cards using the same piece I had already cut for another, failed, project lol.

To Recap White and lilac lol...

This time I used the white layer as the base and placed the centre piece that i cut to create the frame in lilac for yesterdays card (hope that makes sense!) on top.  I then inked through the centre filigree die in lilac on white and ran the piece through my die cutting machine, this gave me an impression to hand cut the edges (as this die does not cut the edge)

I then added a strip of ribbon and a few lilac gems (don't worry the packet of these is nearly empty now!) before adding the topper.

The topper is the centre die form the set cut in pale blue and inked in purple distress ink.  I matted this on Lilac card then fussy cut round this which is not one of my strengths.  I tied a messy bow on one edge and added the strip form an old Spellbinders set (not sure which) which I stamped with a couple more of the Crafters Companion sentimentals range, the flourishes are separate stamps.

 Hope fully by now, or by scrolling back, you have seen three separate cards made with the same raw materials.  I Love to challenge myself like this as it makes crafting even more fun and shows the variety that can be achieved from one die.  A recent comment on my blog said that the individual looks at every potential die purchase from the perspective of how many different things can be made with it!  I love this sentiment and this is how I now work, i have to say though I haven't bought a SW die that I haven't used loads (stripletus overuseus!!!)

Tomorrow a different colour combination, but may the same die I don't want to stray too much from a formula that's working for me! lol

As I haven't made a Your Card for a couple of weeks I wanted to give one of these away.  I asked Mr Next Door to pick someone and Mrs B was the chosen follower.  Therefore Mrs B if you email me your address and tell me which card, Monday, Tuesday or Today you would like I will post it to you!


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Challenged again...

Happy Tuesday,

Today's card is the second in my challenge series I started yesterday, quick recap same colours and base die cut, three different cards!

Today's card started with the same Sue Wilson Valencia Die set using the centre filigree section cut in white hammered PMD cardstcok.

On this card I die cut the largest frame from the set and foam mounted this above the white section before adding a couple of layers of alternate white and lilac.  The centre embellishment is made by die cutting two of the very centre section in the same lilac card and inking them in the die with purple distress ink ( sorry no good with the names of the distress inks I just grab from my box of them!)

The two pieces are then foam mounted to create a cross section and I have added some loops of lilac ribbon before threading through a strip of the same colour ribbon.

Finally the sentiment panel is cut from an old die that I bought on eBay so no idea what make etc.  I stamped this with the congratulations circle and celebrate in style stamps form Crafters Companion after, once again inking in the die.  A few lilac gems on the points of the die cut and challenge card number 2 finished.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Lilac Challenge...

Happy Monday,

More experiments with the Sue Wilson Valencia die I'm afraid today!  I cut the centre section in white PMD card three times however the planned card didn't work the way I wanted, therefore rather than just trashing the pieces I decided to make three separate cards using the piece and same colours and see what differences I could make.  I love challenging myself as I'm sure you can tell form some of my creations!

The chosen colours were white and lilac however the first card I accented with a pastel blue card.  This is a simple card with the die cut being foam mounted over the lilac card I simply matted the centre die from the set, cut in lilac and inked with distress inks, with the pale blue and added a spray of flowers cut from Spellbinders Cherry Blossom.

 I really wanted to use the Sue Wilson quilled flowers die however It has been out of stock however I now believe Joanna Sheen has it in stock so when funds allow all the quilled dies will be my next purchase)  The bow is a wide satin bow in blue however to get the floppy look I punched two holes in the top of the main piece and threaded the ribbon through so that I could get a floppy. hand tied, bow.

The card is finished with a few hatpins and some lilac gems and the first challenge complete.

Next Card Tomorrow,  Enjoy...

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sue Week Final...

Happy Sunday,

As I said earlier in the week it seems to have been Sue Wilson Die week this week, this was purely random and based on what I was making however it seems I should at least finish the week with a SW die!

This card is made, again, using the Valencia die set however today is black and White.  I started by die cutting the centre filigree die from black card which I cut into a rectangle.  I mounted this onto white card then on a thin strip of silver.

The centre section is cut in white with a silver mat foam mounted in the centre.  The sentiment is on another die cut from the centre die which I inked in black soot distress ink and stamped the sentiment on.

This hangs from a large bow, I know not to everyone's taste, with a few roses on the edge.

To finish the card I thought I should have a go at a SW pierced mat which again I matted onto black and silver.  I finished by adding a few pearls as it wouldn't be one of my creations without a few pearls!


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Thank you So Much

Happy Saturday,

Today's post is especially for you, I mean ALL of you.  My Card on Thursday got a massive response and some lovely comments.  I also noticed that my followers passed the 100 mark so thank you everyone!!  As the card that everyone loved was made using a Sue Wilson background die I had to make my thank you card using another background die and a three fold card.

This card is made using the Californian background die which I cut three times, studded with pearls and mounted onto a blush card.  These were then matted onto Kraft card stock.  The flower is made a la Sue Wilson by rolling a spiral of felt with some loops of ribbon and foliage from spellbinders.

I really hope you all enjoy because I really wanted to say thanks!

John x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Have a Good, Good Friday...

Happy Easter!

A day early however with it being Good Friday in the U.K. (it's a normal working day here for me so no chocolate just yet!)  I thought you wouldn't mind if I show my Easter Egg box, and something different project, a day early!  As it seems to be Sue Wilson week, lol this year I made my Easter egg box using the Sue Wilson striplet die.  Last year I used Spellbinders A2 Filigree delight die, if you want to see last years creation ( as my blog was new last Easter so lots of my blog friends will have missed it) click HERE.

The whole box is made as a hexagonal box using the striplet for each edge.  There are doors on this box, at the front however they are covered by butterflies!  However they do line up perfectly, that's the beauty of the striplet die!

The below pictures show the doors opening!

There's a lot of pictures but I love this box!  Whatever you are doing with your Bank Holiday please Enjoy...