Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter !

The challenge project I uploaded earlier really wasn't me, the colours are too bright and I think the topper is just too fussy.  Therefore I wanted to load another project I have been working on for Easter,
 Easter eggs are very expensive over here with a £1 egg in the U.K. going for over €5 in Spain.

I bought a simple €3 egg and decided to create the box for it myself, here goes.

The box is made from acetate the exact size of the Spellbinders A2 Filigree Delight die in silver Mirri card.  This was mounted onto the box with the oval cut out.  

This provided a perfect window which I decorated with the Spellbinders Papillion 2 butterfly die,  Don't they look gorgeous cut in silver.

The top of the box has corners made from the corner pieces from the same die, silver ribbon and more butterflies.  I hope my mum likes it although as she is on a shopping trip to the U.K. at the moment staying with my partner I may eat it before they get back.  I'll be back with my first ever Design Team project for Lady Anne's cards.  Enjoy...

The Sunday Mojo #4


Firstly I would like to say hello to my new followers it's wonderful that people are interested in what I create.  The whole point to me of creating this blog was to get some feedback so thank you all for telling me what you think I genuinely appreciate your comments. 

Wendy next door and I have been working a challenge between us whereby we take it in turns to give each other a bag of goodies to create something with, this is what Wendy came up with for this week... Here

Its really not the colours I use at all and as with most of Wendy's challenges I was stuck however this is what I came up with, a box for Easter eggs!

The card has been used to make a box, the die cuts were curled into flowers with my handy hot glue gun some ribbon added and a very bright Easter gift is finished, challenge met even if I don't like the result !?!

Back later with my Easter offering, Enjoy...

Friday, 29 March 2013

A BIG Thank-you

Hello,  if you look at the sidebar you will see I have added my favourite blogs, these are the ones I check every morning on my Playbook in bed before starting the day.  The first Blog I check is Hope and Chances run by the wonderfully talented Christine Emberson.  Christine has had more influence on my crafting, and shopping, habits than any crafter other than Wendy next door.  I can't count the number of Spellbinders dies I have purchased after seeing her excellent tutorials especially on Friday Die Day where she shows what to do with a different Spellbinders product ever Friday!

Recently she posted a picture of the new ribbon stand she had purchased for her studio shop ( a place I hope to visit next time I am in the U.K.)  The stand was full of beautiful ribbon, some of which I just had to have.  I emailed Christine via her blog and one week later a packet full of my purchases arrived, along with some freebies! 

This card is the first card I made featuring the green woven ribbon, a simple strip on the side and my first attempt on a ribbon rose since leaving college years ago.  The sentiment was easy I wanted to say thank you to Christine for going out of her way to supply me what I wanted based on a photo and email.

The card is large at 24 x 24 and is made with another double cut of the spellbinders expandable pattern die ( see yesterdays post)  it was then a case of adding some butterflies as I know Christine loves these, some foliage to balance the rose and the sentiment. Not as time consuming as it looks, Enjoy...

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pink Wife Card

This card is a commission, not for my wife, especially as I don't have one lol.     Its difficult to see on the picture but the expandable pattern has been cut twice and mounted with foam tape to give dimension onto a simple red background. 
This is the thing I love about these expandable pattern dies, with the Grand Calibur you can run this through as many times as you want extending the pattern with a perfect pattern match.  To achieve the extend watch the spellbinders video here
The sentiment is a result of die cutting a sheet I had been practising stamping on, a bow and its done.  Enjoy...

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Thank You Dad

I needed a card to send to my father and his wife to say Thank you.  This is another simple card.  The background is red card 210g embossed with the Tim Holtz texture fades folder circles.

Spellbinders medallion (not sure which one think its a Christmas one ) cut in red and white, mounted on foam and the sentiment stamped and inked on a lacy circle die cut.  Lace border another spellbinders and ribbon ( a bargain at £1 for 3metres in Wilkinsons at Christmas) and a bow to finish.  Enjoy...

Tuesday, 26 March 2013



todays card looks really complex but its actually really simple, just matting and layering and the die does all the work!

The image, bought as a digital download available here, is hand trimmed to fit on the blue card.  This is the centre section of the die with the edge cut off ( those of you who use spellbinders dies will notice a definite line on all embossed shapes, this is what I cut surround)  the Spellbinders A2 Filigree Delight is cut from pearl card in a light blue (what was known as duck egg for some reason when I worked at Next many years ago).

This is then mounted with foam tape on a double layered mat of blue patterned paper with a duck egg blue layer underneath, ribbon, bow and gem and its finished, a complicated looking card that takes less than 30 minutes, bargain!  Enjoy...

Close up...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Mojo #3

A Box of Butterflies

This is the second of the Sunday Mojo challenges with Spanish Crafter Wendy.  This week was my turn to provide the goodies, this is what I came up with... 

This is a selection of items in Blues, the central parts being die cut bird and cage Tim Holtz, diary and flower and a Book!  I like to throw curve balls every now and then

I haver to be honest I used most of these supplies, along with my favourite Core'dinations on my Design Team application so had to come up an alternative last night.  My submission is not as complex as I had planned however I have had the title of a box of butterflies floating round my head all week, this is version 1, enjoy...


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sending You Smiles

A quick post of a card I made for another friend in my drama group who wanted a card for a lady who was ill.  She didn't want a classic get well card she just wanted to send something to show she was wishing her well. 

I decided to go for the sentiment of Sending you Smiles.  The photo doesn't show this well but I promise it's there!  the card is very simple, miri card cut with spellbinders extendable pattern double mounted on white and blue, ribbon, Wendy's hat pins and sentiment stamped on parchment in blue. A very CAS card, Enjoy...

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My Core’dinations Creative Frenzy

I decided to throw my hat into the ring as soon as I heard about the design team call for Core'dinations paper as I love the stuff!  Since I first found this wonderful card I have used it in nearly every project I have made.  The colour core is just so useful, simply sanding or cracking the paper reveals the subtle colour that the darker outer shade has been printed on, a fantastic way to show detail.
The call asks for three new projects so these three are my ones made especially for this.

I have split the cards into three categories, Quick, medium and time consuming lol first easy...

Project 1 - Quick and simple

This card is a very simple quick card, the Core'dinations paper is cut with the Spellbinders swinging it die, embossed then sanded.  The paper allows the detail of the tree to show with shadow on the edges where the lighter colour peeps through.  The picture to the right shows the detail of this and the great way the bark effect running through the raised surface shows through.

Project 2 - More time consuming...

This next project is an altered jewellery box covered entirely in Core'dinations paper in shades of lilac and purple, finished off with Cadburys purple ribbon. The colour choice of the Core'dinations card was relatively easy as the shades all came from one pack of paper, all the packs match a specific theme and cover the whole colour spectrum
 The top of the box was made with 5cm square pieces of Core'dinations paper, hand cut, then embossed with a simple diamond design embossing folder.  These pieces were sanded and machine stitched onto plain paper, placed on top of a piece of wadding to give a domed effect, before being adhered to the top of an old Jewell box. 

The sides were covered in more prepared squares and ribbon used to add definition to the edges and to neaten off the sides.

This techniques shows how versatile this paper is thick enough to be sanded, stitched with a sewing machine and pulled over wadding!  I love the patchwork look of this, hard to believe this is all constructed from paper!!

 The inside of the box has been left relatively plain with a bigger piece cut and embossed in the same manner, an aperture fussy cut and struck over the existing mirror, simple.

 Project 3 - Slightly more complicated

This project, to my mind, shows what can be achieved with the great tonal shades available  as Core'dinations is sold in collections the choice of colours is really easy. I was able to make the different textures and shades of the foliage by sanding back different leaves cut with three shades of paper giving me 6 different colours, and a multitude of textures.  As can be seen on the birdcage selective sanding can really emphasise where light hits giving even flat shapes a feel of dimension.


The birdcage was cut twice from a light silver grey and a darker grey Core'dinations paper sanded and layered to give a 3D element.  The bird was cut the same way this time however I coloured it with Distress ink, then sanded it, attaching a sanded wing.  The roses were cut in a spiral with a magenta sheet sanded in sections, rolled up and sanded again, this gives a fantastic real life touch to it.

This is all housed in a hollowed out box, the front decorated with a navy blue die cut heavily sanded to show age and match the leather cover of the book.

The final picture is of the whole inside.....

 I know this post is a little picture heavy but hey I really like what I created, enjoy...

Monday, 18 March 2013

American Pie

Thought I would add a card with a different approach today, everything I have been putting on recently seems to be die cut and sentiment based!

This card has a stamped image and was my first attempt at colouring with Spectrum Noir pens.  Stamping was what stated me off on card making, which soon led to paper-crafting.  I can feel a return to stamping and colouring coming on.

Back to todays card the image was coloured in my favourite colours of red and blue, with a bit of white.  When putting the card together I simply tried to match the colours, it was only afterwards I realised it looked like the American Flag!  Enjoy...

Challenges I am entering  are...
Allsorts - 198- 1,2,3.
Ends Friday 22/3/13

Ohh-La-La Creations - It's a Man thing
ends 1/4/13

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Sunday Mojo #1

Wendy has set the first Sunday Mojo Challenge, I´ve called it that as the idea was to come up with a challenge that should keep our Craft Mojo Going!  Wendy has, as usual, set a hard one (for me at least)  I came home form work the other night ( I work in a bar 2 nights a week to support my Craft Habit) to find this on my windowsill.

As you can see the challenge is to use the bits Wendy has provided to make either one or two creations.  The scariest part of the bag was a sheet of paper that is obviously for decoupage, something I really do not usually like.  and some silver and gold fabric that quite frankly had me flummoxed!
I decided firstly to take the bull by the horns and decoupage the images, a real first for me!  I used the handmade paper for the background, some ribbon and a charm in the bag and I even cut some of the flowers fro the paper and decoupaged them. 

This was mounted behind a provided die cut and acetate and finished off with distress ink in purple and lilac.

I Have to admit I was not pleased with the results as the outside looked so plain, for once it actually looks better on the picture than in real life, so I started adding and this was the result.

The flowers were made with the fabric supplied cut into circles and heated to make it crinkle.

Finally as Wendy had asked for two I made a box using the Spellbinders Bracket Edge box and the final piece of handmade paper.  I decorated the box with die cuts and ribbon supplied by Wendy and a charm, cant wait to see what Wendy made with the same supplies, guess it can be checked out here!  Enjoy

Sorry the pictures seem a little messed up, can't seem to lay them out properly

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Todays offering is my first attempt at a box, although it is hard to see in the picture the blue √≠tem´is actually a triangular box!  Thge card in front was intended to ba a series of 6 notelet cards, with a box to give them in.  I bought a set of 6 beautiful digital ATCdesigns, used here as the cantres of the box and slightly skewedon the card.  I altered them on the PC and printed larger to fit in the centre of the Spellbinders A2 Filigree Die i´ve used.

The only problem is i measured the box incorrectly and as square cards do not fit in a triangular box, it will not fit, oh well back to the drawing baord!

 Hopefully this will be corrected as the notelet cards and box are for a friends birthday.  I will update as soon as I get it right, so for now enjoy...

Friday, 15 March 2013

especially for Nancy

Todays card was created especially for a customer of mine in the shop I work in, she is an avid crafter and has been asked by a friend in the U.K. to find a butterfly die for a wedding card.  AS I had just received the new Spellbinders Papillion 2 die I offered to make a card, show the dies, and add a link to where I bought it so she could send the link to her friend.

The card is made with a Papermania paper with the butterflies cut out then cut in cream card, embossed and placed in the apertures.  You cant see it very well in the photo I'm afraid...

Spellbinders Les Papillions 2 die available HERE  I bought it, as I do most of my dies from Craft Superstore as they are usually cheaper! but this one appears to be out of stock!

The next few pictures show the dies, then them cut ,embossed and inked, I hope this is OK Nancy!  Enjoy...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Wendy next door has taken me up on a weekly challenge letter have been given a bag of goodies that is way outside my comfort zone andsee what I was given here.  Results on sundayand, and next challenge.   I have given wendy a frame the same as I used for mothers day

This is what it looked like just after it was started, can't wait for sunday and to see what she makes.

Today's card is one to remind us that summer is just around the corner, or at least it is here (hopefully )enjoy...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Another simple card

A very simple card simply labels 18. Cut stamped and layered onto an aperture covered in papermania velum, a couple of flowers and finished I really enjoy playing with scraps left from other projects and this is a perfect example,  enjoy...

Monday, 11 March 2013

Mothers Day Version 2.0


 I have finally been able to upload the pictures of my mothers day gift.  This is based on a frame I was able get in the reduced section at work. 

This was hand painted with Various paints and stains etc., and embellished with die cuts, flowers, Hat pins ribbons and charms.  A detail of how this was put together will follow as Wendy and I have agreed to have a Sunday challenge where we will both have the same item to use, change or make.  The frame is my first challenge and so Wendy has one to alter as well.  Enjoy, my mum loved it BTW...

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy mothers day

I'm having to publish this from my BlackBerry PlayBook as not at laptop so just a quick one.  I was going to post my mums card and Gift but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  Today's offering is a set of 2 cards made with the new Amazing Paper Grace for Spellbinders die that arrived yesterday.  Very pink which is not me,enjoy...

Friday, 8 March 2013

twins card

Today's card is another commission for a friend,  she wanted something simple for twins.   Although it's a little difficult to see there is a an acetate wrap stamped with the sentiment over the card.  A very simple design of Spellbinders floral die in white on yellow with bow, hatpin and birthday greeting, all under the wrap.   Enjoy...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Old But Good?!?

This is the birthday card I made for wendy's husband John.  I thought I'd lost the picture of it so as soon as I found it I reckoned the best place to put it for safe keeping!  Although I have made this for a few male birthdays I still forget how to put it together. Now at least I have a reference!  Enjoy...

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Clean And Simple (CAS)

Today´s card is a nice (in my opinion) Clean and Simple (I think thats the term!) card.  Plain scolloped edge card with an aperature cut to match the Spellbinders Antique fame and accents die cut.

The die cut was cut with Coredinations card, inked in the die then sanded.  The middle part was adhered to the inside back of the card and stamped withan Anna Griffin Floral stamp.  I love the detail oif these stamps but rarely find the right project to use them on!

Flowera are from papermania, sentiment stamped with Archival balck Ink ( a new find, it gives a lovely sharp image) with a random stampo i found in a drawer.

I have been asked to mkake more of trhis design for a friend to use as sympathy cards