Tuesday, 30 April 2013

In the Pink?


something prettier than yesterdays severe offering I really wanted to highlight this beautiful paper I received on Saturday  It took weeks of searching as everywhere seemed to be out of stock.  I had aksed my mum to see if she could find it on her trip to the U,K, a couple of weeks ago however she couldn't find it anywhere either in Sheffield where she was staying with family or in Leicester where she was staying with my partner.  Eventually I tracked it down to a small online craft shop based in, you guessed it, Leicester.  They apparently have a small stall in the indoor market that I didn't know existed even though I lived there for 20 years!

Anyways the pack is First Edition Floral Pavilion I bought it for one pattern which I have been looking for for years (more of that when I use it later this week)

This is a simple card to put together the rose backing paper is double sided with the gorgeous print on one side and the pink dots on the other.  I layered the print under a spellbinders expandable pattern die that I cut for this post showing how to cut intricate dies.

This was matted onto a plain matching pink paper, which for some reason looks orange in the picture I can assure you it's not lol, then onto the dotted side.  I cut the centre panel for behind the die out of the centre of the piece I used to mat as although these are 12 x 12 papers I hate wasting them!  Strip of ribbon and a sentiment stamped onto an old labels die and complete, Enjoy...

Related to yesterdays post I received a really wonderful email yesterday from a lady called Margaret who lives in France which fair made my head swell, thank you Margaret for such lovely words.  She also pointed me in the direction of www.papercutz.co.uk which is a great online paper and card store which I am currently ferreting through for my first order!  I would like, once again, to thank everyone for the comments I get and to say that I added the email button to the top of my blog to allow people to contact me I really do love hearing from people so if you have any comments, questions, advice or just fancy a chat get in touch!  I received a picture of a delightful work in progress form Ita in Ireland and am working on a way to put a gallery of peoples creations here will update when I finally get blogger to do what I want! 

On that theme yesterday I found a card i made a couple of years ago, when I was first getting into papercrafting and had purchased my first set from Create and craft.  I thought it would be interesting to see the comparison between one of my first and my latest effort so that's what this picture is.

Take Care, John x

Monday, 29 April 2013

Red or Black

Hello, I have been playing with this card ever since I first received the new (to me) Radiant Rectangles die from Spellbinders this die is so versatile the ideas floating around my head on this one could keep me going for weeks.  However back to today, when I receive a new die I always cut all sections first to see what they look like cut / embossed (another tip I think I nicked from Christine's wonderful Friday Die Day).  At the point of receiving this one I had a couple of sheets of red and Black card on my desk.  I was having an email discussion yesterday with Ita from Ireland about how hard it is, when you are living out of the U.K., to get decent weight plain card.  If anyone knows a company that delivers decent weight mixed colour plain card please let me and Ita Know!!

Back to today, once I had cut the pieces I started layering them up  I loved the way the red and black worked so I carried on layering to create three panels.  These I adhered to a long card covered in a plain red stripe over a black background.  I added the obligatory ribbon and bow, this time in organza.

 All I needed was a focal point, I found these amazing swirls in the Spellbinders Gold Elements one die, the swirls, there are two in the set,  are mirror images allowing for a great level of symmetry.

Finally a whimsy stamp and matching die for the sentiment and its done. 

This may have taken about 6 sessions of putting down and picking up but I really like it, different but strong, Enjoy...

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Mojo #?

Afternoon,  Sorry today's Mojo project is late for some inexplicable reason I couldn't find the stash  Wendy had given me until 11am this morning!  I turned the house up side down last night looking for it, there again it did mean this morning I had to tidy all my stash!  I finally found the lovely papers she had given me, they were on the floor in the spare room (the room that will hopefully be my craft room eventually)

 Here's what I got...

...and this is What I came up with, very quickly!  there are 2 cards using the stash, I thought I should make cards as all I have been doing recently is Box's and ornaments etc.  However when I checked Wendy's blog to create THIS LINK I was amazed with what she came up with not a card but a work of art, check it out here

The only additions I made to the Black and White challenge items I received was a Whimsey stamp stamped black on white for one card and embossed in detail white embossing powder on black.   The other item was a DoCrafts scalloped heart nesting die.  Enjoy...

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Something Different Saturday

Todays something different is something that has been floating round my head since I first saw this die.  I am beginning to get a name for box's but I just couldn't resist this one....

The box is created with the Spellbinders Just 'swingin die cut in white 200gsm card.  I have added a tutorial to the tutorials page here.

I have added all sizes etc to the tutorial however this was cut with two sheets of card. 

Just peeking out in the picture is a hanging ornament I made using a Marianne die.  The next picture shows this far better.  The ornament is hanging in the middle of the box, Enjoy...


Friday, 26 April 2013

Answers and Card for Ita

Hello,  I have had a couple of questions over the last couple of weeks regarding one of the dies I use.  I have to say how much I genuinely appreciate all your comments.  One question in particular is regarding this die which I use loads.  I have to admit I had quite a few problems with this one at first, I just couldn't get it to cut cleanly.  The answer, as you can see from the picture, is to add a magnetic sheet to the base plate.  With my big shot I always had to add a magnetic shim to get a clean cut when I heard that the new Imperial Gold dies needed one I thought I'd give it a try with my Grand Calibur and it worked.

I use a printable magnetic sheet that I got a pack of for £1 in a pound  shop in the U.K. last time I was over.  I hope this helps!

Secondly Ita said that she had the Imperial Gold One die and was unsure how to use it.  I have been using this in loads of cards recently, more of that next week, so I thought I would make a card for Ita showing one of my ideas for a simple card using the die.

 I cut and emboss this using the magnetic sheet technique.  If you let me know your address Ita I'll post this one out to you!  Enjoy...

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thankyou Carol

Yesterdays Card was really well received by Carol, at the weekend we were all invited to a party for her birthday at the local (Spanish) social club.  We had a brilliant night Fantastic food, wine and a great Spanish band who had the whole place rocking. 

We decided we should really send Carol a Thank you card for inviting us and supplying a great evening.  This is what I came up with!  I'm really short on time (as I was when I made it as it really is a 15 minute make) so I'll let the card speak for its self, Enjoy...

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Seventy or Seventies?

Morning,  Todays card was made for a customer and good friend who celebrates her 70th Birthday today.  The card was made for all of us at work to sign and so was made rather large at 25 x 18cm larger than my usual creations.

The background was embossed with the trellis folder again borrowed from Wendy next door with each quilted section highlighted with flat backed gems.  This was then layered onto turquoise card, then white and a matching organza ribbon and bow added.  I then mounted this onto a turquoise card with foam tape to give the card depth.

The topper was made with a stamp from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen stamp I've had for years!  This was stamped onto more of the turquoise in whit detail embossing powder then mounted onto silver and a large matt of the colour stamped and heat embossed with white swirls ( an old creative expressions stamp I think)

Finally I stamped the image onto silver mirror card, heat embossed it and cut the image out to create a tag.  I attached this with a lighter blue ribbon and finished.  The 70 is hidden somewhere on the card, allowing it to be hidden just in case Carol didn't want everyone to kniow her age!  Enjoy...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

All White ?

Morning, First things first the winner of the box set of cards (randomly chosen with a pin) is Nattyboots! If you want to email me your address I'll post them out.  I am planning my first blog candy for once the play is over in May, so keep your eyes peeled!

Now onto todays offering, when I receive a new set if dies I usually cut them all in white to see what they look like cut.  When I started cutting my new Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles die I thought how nice and intricate the looked in white.  I started piling them up and so liked the look I carried on and created this card.

The background is embossed with a folder I borrowed from Wendy next door.  The die cuts were then layered up with ribbon tie, bow and fabric covered button.

I have layered the die cuts in different levels finishing with the largest die cut as an aperture with all the 'action' happening in the middle, Enjoy...

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Mojo


Really quick one as have rehearsals all day,  I will announce the winner of the comment prize tomorrow!  It was my turn to deliver the goodies today and this is what I gave Wendy (and Myself) 

This is what I came up with, quick but I hope you guys like it.  See Wendy's offerings (which, as usual are stunning) Here

I have made a box using one of my leftover HOME stickers I made for my mums gift the other Saturday.  I have also previewed my new Imperial Gold Die One from Spellbinders in the corner, Enjoy...

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Something Different Saturday

Good Morning,  as I mentioned earlier in the week my time is pretty much full at the moment, I hade a couple of ideas for something different however time ran away from me again.  Therefore I thought I'd post Hazels Birthday Card / Gift for her 60th Birthday. 

The outside is a box made in the same way as the tutorial here which is what I made for the writing set here  this was hand decorated with flowers, birds and various die cuts.

The 60 was made with Shrink Plastic stamped with the numbers, this was coloured and "shrunk" to fit.  The background was stamped with various patterns overlapping...

Inside I made a mini album to fit arranged with lots of photo's I managed to get from Hazels husband.  The front is made in a patchwork style with differing pieces of Docrafts capsule collection papers.  These I drew stitch lines on and finished the centres with matching dotty buttons.
The inside of the album cand be seen here,  I have added a tutorial on making the album Here.  I decorated each page differently to match the photo's used and hazels love of birds (a reoccurring theme)

Hazel loved it I hope you do, Enjoy...

Click on Photo to enlarge.


Friday, 19 April 2013

A little Beige...

I have to admit to a liking for the neutrals palate and it seemed fitting as the OH has returned to work in the U.K. so I guess I'm felling a little beige lol.  This card is one I made a while ago when I received the Do'crafts goody bag. 
 Not much to say on this one however it reminded me of the project I've loaded for tomorrows Do Something Different, Enjoy...

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pink and Green !!!!!! Really

The colours on today offering seem to really jar to me, pink and green, it's not a mix I would normally think.  This card is, however, in my opinion striking at least.

The card is made with a real mixture of techniques and products. The background is embossed with the Secret Garden embossing folder from Do'crafts stitched onto a darker pink mat, distressed and attached to the base card.  The clock face  is a Sizzix Die by Tim Holtz cut with green card and again distressed.  This has been decorated with die cut roses, leaves and Ivy all with Core'dinations paper in various shades.

A time consuming creation that I'm not sure was worth the time, oh well Enjoy...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Quick Card & Post

Morning, Firstly apologies for not posting since Sunday, I am trying to post every day as it says on Christine's studio wall (which I am hoping, with permission of course, to copy to my wall) is do something creative every day.  As I may have mentioned before I am in a play at the local Theatre here in the village.  Most villages here in Spain have a village theatre as well as a cultural centre!  The play, called Bedwitchery, is on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th of may, also to support my craft habit I work in a bar 2 nights a week as well as my day job.  Therefore I have either work or rehearsals everyday till may!

Today's card is one I made between shifts yesterday as I had received a new set of spellbinders dies namely Resplendent Rectangles, which I had to play with.  I thought the words were right for me at the moment...

 As you can see a very simple card with ribbon bow, 1 die, 2 die cuts and some papers, from a pile on my desk/dining table and voila, Enjoy...

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Mojo #6

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening,

I'm not sure when I can actually post this weeks Mojo challenge from Wendy as I mentioned yesterday I have airport duties (i.e. Taking OH to the airport and enjoying an overpriced Burger King whilst waiting for Last Call !)

Wendy gave me some beautiful Goodies this week and a strip of paper which I thought was just stunning, see the selection here

I struggled how to make the best of this paper however I kept coming back to a notebook.  We have some really nice covered notebooks at work however theyt are a liuttrle flowery for me.  Therefore this is what I came up with.

There is also a matching card, in case I decide to give this one away which I doubt, which uses the other items given.

Also, everyone left such lovely comments on my post More Filigree Birds that I decided to send the box and cards out anyone who comments this week to be picked at random.  I will post the set out anywhere in the world (a little easier as where I work we have a U.K. Royal Mail post service which send worldwide, no discount though! lol)


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Something Different Saturday !

Morning all, 

For todays something Different I thought I´d have a go at a plaque.  My Mum is shortly moving house so when I saw this plaque in my bits and bobs box (I keep a collection of charity shop and other finds in a large box to up-cycle or change when I get the chance)  I realised this would be perfect as a house warming present.  I matched the colours to the gift I made her for Mothers day, which can be found here, namely Lilac and White.

This is what the base looked like before I started painting, using acrylic paint I mixed a deep violet colour and roughly coated the front with colour.  I then carefully, using one of my sausage fingers, coated the whole thing with Anita´s tacky glue.  This was finished with a coat of white acrylic paint and heated to make the top coat crack, which really can't be seen in the pictures!

Next I distressed the edges with sandpaper and purple distress ink (I must learn the names of the colours, I just grab) 

I then simply added a handmade paper rose using Christine's technique here in core´dinations paper, some foliage with the Spellbinders Foliage die and various bits of ribbon and lace from my stash.

Finally I added the word HOME which I cut in black vinyl using my Craft Robo.  The craft Robo is a brilliant, if expensive, tool however I don't have the patience to cut paper with it preferring to use my Grand Calibur however it cuts vinyl like butter.

This was going to be made using my fabric flowers with a tutorial of how I make them but as the OH is over this week from the cold U.K. I ran out of time!

Tomorrow Sunday Mojo may be a little late as well as I have airport duties but it will be here.  Enjoy...

Friday, 12 April 2013

Purple Dreams

The Writing set I made for Saturdays Different spot reminded me of the Dreams Sizzix die I had.  Whilst I had it out I grabbed a piece of card to check how it looked.  The piece I found on my desk, for some reason,  was purple and not wanting to waste anything I made this card to use the sentiment.

I used some bit of Die cuts I had in my scraps box (something that seems ever growing!) and a strip of lace from who knows where.  The image is stamped in purple ink and is an Anna Griffin stamp I´ve had for ages.  The flowers (see Wendy I DO use flowers al lot lol) are punched with a set I got cheap on Ebay.  I kinda like it, hope you do.  Enjoy...

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Flower Power

Flower Power (ish)  Wendy (Next Door) compares our styles as her being flowery and me not however the more I check back on my past creations (something this blogging business has made so much  easier)  A lot of my stuff does feature a flower or two somewhere.

To acknowledge thi8s I have posted this card today, I have posted this card.  I have to be honest I really don´t like it.

The flower is a Tim Holtz Sizzix die cut twice and distress ink´d in scattered straw.  Bird Song paper (again!) a butterfly (Again!) and simple thanks a bunch, think I´ll give this one to Wendy!  Enjoy...

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What More Filigree Birds

The original cards I made for the post Here, didn´t fit the box. 

Yesterday's post showed the correct version of the prototype however I was unsure what to do with the cards I made to go into the non- fitting box.  I found this box in my stash of packaging (I seem to have a habit of collecting odd box´s and packaging materials)  all I needed to do was make a topper to match and problem solved, another gift made, I just need more friends to give them to now lol.  Enjoy...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Prototype, Finished?!?

Hello,  A few days (weeks) ago I posted a prototype of a set of cards and box you can view it here.  I finally got around to having another go at this at the weekend.  This time the box actually is the right size and the cards fit, winner. 

The box was made using my score board (crafters companion I think) in one piece and stuck together with the top sections used as a flap which the ribbon keeps closed.  Here is the box on its own (think I might be getting a box addiction)

The front is layered with the Spellbinders A2 Filigree delight die then Die cut ivy, Leaves and some handmade roses just hiding under the butterflies.

The cards are quite simple, using the centre section form the Die and stamped with a simple ´From Someone Who Cares´ a double layer of butterflies from Spellbinders Papillion 2 die and green ribbon from Christine at Hope and Chances.

 My top tip for this woven ribbon is to cut it to the length of your card or project and then use a lighter to seal the edges, this ribbon really is too thick to fold over to the inside.

I Hope Hazel likes them, She has suggested I show the gift I made her for last years 60th Birthday, so keep your eyes peeled!  Enjoy...