Thursday, 30 April 2015

Twisted Lilac...

Happy Thursday,

Just a quick message to all those wonderful Bloggers and followers who have asked about my stamp range.  The too talented Julia Watts has opened an online shop and is stocking them as well as a small stock of the Daisy Corner set form my first designs.  Julia is offering 10% off until the 4th May so give her a visit by clicking HERE.

I have called this card and post Twisted Lilac because I have used Sue's wonderful weaving dies however when framing the piece to make the card I have twisted the design so that the weave goes diagonally and not straight.

I stared by die cutting 2 each of the classic and striped weaving dies 2 classic in white and 2 striped in lilac foundation card.  IO then wove them together using the small strips from the striped set stuck over the individual pieces form the classic die.  This gives a different look and also allows you to make a different pattern.  I have been playing with these dies and have found that by altering the colours you can make paper versions of different fabrics (i am working on a Tartan for reveal next week I hope!)

To make the frame I die cut the Caribbean background using just the largest piece from the set (some of the more detailed background have been made in parts so that you can get maximum detail and flexibility) in coconut white foundation card.  Whilst in the die I cut the oval out using my craft knife by running it along the edge of the die.  This gives me the detailed frame with an oval aperture cut form the centre.  I trimmed around the piercing on the edge of the background die.  I mounted this onto a piece of the lilac card and again trimmed away the goal in the centre using my knife.  I always think it is fun to look at what else you can do with your ides and I often use some the the no cutting edges as a guide for cutting either by drawing around them or using them as a template to cut with my scalpel.

Next I added this frame of the woven pattern twisting the pattern so that I runs diagonally cutting off the excess around the edges.  I then simply added a couple of mats and layers of the coconut white and lilac  to frame this.

It make the sentiment panel I simply used the middle die from the pierced flags die set which doesn't have a cutting line of the straight edge and turned to die to cut a double ended flag.  I added some of the new CE self adhesive pearl strips in white however i cut between the 2 lines on the strip and added one strip to each side.  I then die cut the best wishes die in lilac card onto which I had added a piece of double sided adhesive sheet and sugared the finished cut with Iced snow.  To finish the card I added a piece of the lilac embossed with the CE A4 embossing folder fine finials onto which I rubbed enchanted gold gilding wax.  I then, as always, added a few layers of the same colours to frame the piece and finish the card.

Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Weaving dies Classic and Striped
Caribbean background
Pierced Flags
Best Wishes expressions die
CE A4 embossing folder Fine Finials
Cosmic Shimmer enchanted gold gilding wax
Lilac & coconut white foundation card
Iced show


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Creative Wednesday...

Happy Wednesday,

Its time for my project for the Creative Expressions design team and Ive decoded to be a little naughty with this months brief John Lockwood stamps and Phill Martin cosmic products.  As I have a little inside knowledge i thought I would push the envelope and use John Lockwood stamps however the new ones that were released last week.

Todays card then is a bit of a reveal and is made using my new Tulip Elements set and Phils Decadent Grape and decadent wine gilding wax.

I started by die cutting the Caribbean background in vintage silver foundation card using the outline and the oval filigree pattern.  I filled the spaces in the die cut using the 2 colours of gilding wax which I diluted with blending solution to make it into a paint.

Next Stamped the main elements from the Tulips set in detail silver embossing powder and painted it in the same method before cutting it out.  I simply foam mounted the stamped and coloured image over the die cut and added a amethyst satin ribbon bow, a dazzler and a hat pin.

A mix of the 2 product ranges that meets the brief if not exactly.


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tuesday Technique...

Happy Tuesday,

I thought I should try to return to my format of showing a technique on a Tuesday as I feel things have got little messy recently with my schedule being quite busy!  Today I thought it would be fun to go over what can be achieved with the Gemini range of dies. here I have used the Perseus I really like the way these dies have 2 separate outline dies one for each edge.  This means that you can achieve loads of different looks with just one set.  Here I have used the centre section of the Perseus die and the cutting edge that has the droplet on it together to make the main lilac panel  Then I have used just the droplet outline (so called by me as it has a droplet on the bottom like a teardrop)

I started by cutting the filigree and edge die from lilac card. I then cut just the edge from coconut white card next I embossed the white card with the A4 embossing folder Tartan Trellis.  Next I rubbed graceful lilac gilding wax over the raised area and buffed it up using  dry wet wipe.

Next I added a strip of CE double sided adhesive sheet to the back go the lilac card and sprinkled diamond snow over the front so that it fills the apertures.  Next I added small dots pf PVA pearl (cosmic Shimmer) on all the points of the filigree (the brilliant thing about Sue's dies is there are places on the die cuts to put pearls on).

I then cut the lilac piece into a wedge shape and foam mounted it over the embossed panel making sure that the bottom edge is offset so that the layers show.  I then added a strip of orchid satin ribbon where the lilac joins the white adding a bow and a couple of hat pins I made with the new stick pin elements range from Creative Expressions.

Finally I added a die cut Enjoy in lac which I mounted on a white die cut which I sugared with more of the diamond snow.

Hopefully I have shown you a different way to use your gemini dies!

Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Gemini Perseus Die
Expressions die Enjoy
Lilac & Coconut white foundation card
Diamond Snow
Gracefull Lilac gilding wax


Monday, 27 April 2015

Blue Monday...

Happy Monday,
I wanted to say thank you to the lovely people of Blackpool I had a fab time on Saturday.  Please remember if you want to know where I will be popping up next just check the demo page at the top of my blog.  I will be at the Glitter Pot next weekend for 2 days showing more of my die cut demos as well as some stamping and premiering the new Colour Cloud blending inks that Creative Expressions have been beavering away on for the last few months, come and say Hi if you want to see what I am waffling about!

After the brightness of yesterday I thought it would be nice to show something in my favourite colour, Blue of course! lol  I have also been asked on email if I could show this card in more detail as It wasn't shown for very long on Ideal & C&C!  I really enjoyed making this card as I simply love this Greek Island collection border the Ivy is so stunning!

I stated by die cutting the Greek Border 4 times form Periwinkle foundation card making sure I embossed each piece (there is a lovely foliage pattern that shows when you emboss the die)  Next I hand cut a frame in coconut foundation card at 20cm x 20cm which I mounted onto a piece of periwinkle card and cut this to frame the frame (if that makes sense).  I then added the four ivy pieces overlapping each one with the subsequents.  I also arranged the leaves from the edges so that they overlapped the inside of the frame, this is  not easy to explain the best advice is to try it and see how it falls!

I foam mounted the frame over a piece of the white which I had embossed with the new CE 8x8 scored lines embossing folder.  To make up the remainder of the card I added a layer of the white just to frame the card.

To make the centre section I used the largest die from the Rhodes set in the white and also in the periwinkle.  I then added the filigree die form the set to the periwinkle and die cut the pattern in it.  This was then foam mounted onto the white piece and I decorated it with 3mm white stick on pearls.  I then cut a layer in the white card and added a piece cut in the periwinkle with the next smallest die in  the set to which I added more of the pearls.  I finally added a piece cut with the smallest die in the set in white.  At this stage I stuck the bottom 2 layers down to the card leaving the remaining 3 to to attached after the sentiment panel

To make the sentiment panel I cut the middle sized die in the pierced flags set and rotated the die to cut the other end in a flag extending the pattern (this die does not have a cut on the straight edge so you can extend the flag and make it double ended.  I then cut 2 of the largest flags, stamped the blue with the sentiment and stuck the 2 larger flags on the rear.  I then placed this over the centre panel and, using glue dots and a bit of cosmic shimmer dries clear glue, stuck each side down twisting the flag so that it raises from the card each side of the main element.  I then added the final centre element form the Rhodes set to finish.

Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Greek Island collection border, corner and tags
Pierced Flags
Periwinkle and Coconut white foundation card
3mm White pearls

UI have had a couple of comments and a lady (i am terrible with names!) at my demo day in Blackpool on saturday to please not turn off my auto correct as everyone finds my nonsensical typing amusing!  long may the form and bad spelling continue then, its as much fun as I reread my posts although I do cringe a great deal!


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunday Stamping Double...

Happy Sunday,

back to some nice stamping today and here I have featured one of the new Stamps to Die For form Creative expressions.  I was lucky enough to draw this stamp for Sue and as a die cutter the ability to stamp and image that fit exactly the dies is fantastic, I can merger both my loves, stamping and die cutting!

This image is called Cabbage Rose and is designed to fit in the outline die form the St Lucia die set meaning you can use it for apertures that can frame the image, as I have done in the first card.  Alternative you can use the die to cut your stamped image to mount it on the top of a card as I have in the second card or cut the image out for it to be mounted.

For this first card I have stamped the image in archival back ink then heat em,bossed it with detail clear embossing powder.  I then coloured the image using the new Mica Iridescent watercolour palettes using the carnival set.  I then cut and parterre using the outline die from the St Lucia die set in ruby red and foam mounted this over the top.  The reminder of the card is made using the same ruby foundation card, back foundation card and the border and corner, cut in the black, form the Greek Island set.

The second card is made in the alternate method I stamped the image, using just the Archival black ink directly onto ruby foundation card.  I then cut the image out and added Creative Expressions clear varnish Lacquer to give a raised effect.

I made the rest of the card by embossing another piece of the ruby with the A4 wild roses embossing folder.  I then rubbed midnight gilding wax over the surface and buffed it off with a dry wet wipe to soften the black and make it shine!

Finally I added a piece of the matching satin ribbon and a bow made with the narrow ribbon that comes in the set.  I added a couple of hat pins and a dazzler setting which I had filled with the clear lacquer.

A dramatic colour scheme and I know not everyone will like the Ruby and Black but its nice to see some brightness sometimes!

Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Caribbean Collection St Lucia
Stamps to Die for cabbage Rose
Creative Expressions A4 embossing folders Wild Roses
Ruby Red & Black foundation card
Midnight gilding wax
CE Clear Varnish Lacquer
CE Satin Ribbon pack Scarlet


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Something Different Saturday...

Happy Saturday,

Today will find me demonstrating in Blackpool, somewhere I remember which much fondness from being a kid! lol  I will be in the Strikes Garden Centre in Thornton-Clevleys, for more information and the address click HERE.  It would be great if you are in the vicinity if you popped in and said hi! Also I wanted to correct my thank form yesterday, Mrs Duck was my glamorous assistant and was so helpful I can't believe I didn't say thank you publicly!

Back to toady and time for something different and I thought you might like a close up of the box and card I made on Ideal World on Wednesday, if you want to see how this is made simply look on ideal for the catch up show.

I love making boxes for my cards and making card sets and this Noble die, the ornate pierced square noble, is brilliant for this as it can be used as I have here to make a box and also the cards that match.

I used the smallest square from the die set to make the cards with the centre filigree section as well as using this filigree section to make the box.  I then used the cornflower die, the largest 3 sizes, to make the sugared flowers.  I did this by adding a sheet of Creative Expressions double sided adhesive to a piece of the lilac foundation card before cutting the flowers.  I cut all of the flowers twice, removed the backing sheet and placed 2 of each size of flower off sett to make the flowers.

I then added a liberal sprinkling of Iced snow, this gives the flowers almost a crystallised look, though I wouldn't suggest eating them!  To add the the luxurious feel I added a couple of the splendid swirls cut in coconut white foundation card and some of the new coloured dazzlers, form the pinks set, as the centres of the flowers.

Hopefully you saw this made or can catch it on cat up!

Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Ornate Pierced Noble square set
Splendid Swirls
CE double sided adhesive sheets
Lilac & Coconut white foundation card
Iced snow
Pink small dazzler set (there are 3 sizes in 4 colours in each set)


Friday, 24 April 2015

Happy Friday,

Well today will see me prepping for my demo day at the Strikes Garden Centre in Clevelys near Blackpool.  I will be travelling up this afternoon to be fresh for tomorrow.  I wanted firstly to say thanx to the lovely women who attended my workshop yesterday for the laughs, cake and Joy's too sugary brownies!  I also wanted to thank them for understanding why I was a little tired and that My top was on  inside out!  I did want to mention scheduling the workshop was booked about 6 weeks ago when I was due to appear on C&C and Ideal world this Sunday unfortunately the dates were changed to Tuesday and Wednesday creating this crash!  Unfortunately the world of home shopping TV moves very quickly! lol

Back to toady and its a quick few pictures and ingredients I'm afraid, normal service will resume shortly!

I wanted to use the alternate die from the Classic adorned rectangle noble die I featured yesterday to the Ornate Pierced rectangle die today. The main difference is that the ornate has pierced detail around all of the cutting lines whereas the classic has a beautiful deep de-bossed design.  Of course the centres are different as are the size of the layers meaning that these can create mats for each other!

I teamed today's noble farmed card with Aqua and coconut white foundation card as well as both the striped and classic weaving dies.  The Nobel dies (all the 4 of them in the current range) make stunning frames which are perfect for framing the weaving!

I finished this card with a die cut form the Greek collection border piece which I cut in two to go arraign the bottom right of the card.  the ribbon is from my stash however the dazzler is CE and the hat pins come form Sue Wilson Stick pin elements set which has teardrop beads that match all the colours we use perfectly!

Noble Ornate pierced die set
Classic Weaving Die
Striped weaving die
Greek Island collection corner, Border & Tag set
Aqua & Coconut white foundation card


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Something Pretty...

Happy Thursday,

I hope you all enjoyed Sue's (and my) shows yesterday, once again I learnt a road of techniques that I can't wait to try!  Im afraid there is not a great deal of explanation on this card as the Pick of the Day has left me knackered and I have workshops in Kettering today!

Back to today and I thought it was time for something pretty and light! I started by using the striped weaving dies from the current collection and after discarding the middles I wove the pieces together to make this basket weave background.  I foam mounted this over a piece of coconut white cardstock to secure it.

The next picture shows this weave in greater detail.

Next I made frame using the Classic Adorned Rectangle noble die using the letterpress technique.  What I did was to add perfect medium to the debs section of the die and then run it through with the embossing sandwich.  Next I cut the frame using the 2 plain edge dies within the set.  I then dusted the debased area using a lilac mica powder and foam mounted this above the weave.

I made up the rest of the cards shown using layers of the lilac and coconut white adding row of the pearls around the edge to add a touch of glamour!


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

More Demonstrating!

Happy Wednesday Afternoon!

I thought I would put out an additional post today just to highlight my last show on Ideal / Create and Craft and show another sample showing the products Sue has selected for her Pick of the Day.  I will be back on at 4pm!  I hope you have all enjoyed what you have seen so far, Sue has shown us some wonderful techniques and ideas again!

I thought you might like to see one of the cards I made using the pick Of the Day range, this one is from the greek collection and I have teamed it with the new Larger Mica Flakes in Myrtle green.  I love these flakes as its another way to make plain white card shine and have another texture.
See You Soon,

John x

Creative Wednesday Double Trouble...

Happy Wednesday,

There is double trouble on today's DT card for Creative Expressions as its a mash up of my Stamps and Phill Martin's Cosmic shimmer colours!  I think they mix together quite well.

I started with selecting the beautiful Decadent Oak range as you know I love browns and beige's.  I thought the colour

would work really well with the Ginger Foundation card which, of course, I had to mix with Chestnut foundation card as they go together so well and it really sets of the oak colour.

I stamped the Skeleton leaves striplet stamp in perfect medium all around a square of the ginger card cut to 20x20cm and dusted the decadent oak mica all over the surface.  Once this is dusted off, using a soft brush and polished the piece using a dry wet wipe, there is a beautiful watermark in the oak colour which shines when it catches the light.

I then took another piece of the ginger, this time cut to a 15 x 15cm square, and repeated the technique however I stamped the striplet in stripes across the front of the card.  I cut this piece into a frame using the larger square die in the Herald square set from Sue Wilson for Creative Expressions.  I then mounted this onto a piece of the chestnut and, using my craft knife and Sue's piercing ruler, cut out a border on each side.

I then stamped the sentiment form the Lotus Flower elements set in black archival ink onto a piece of the ginger and foam mounted the frame over this.  To make the focal element I stamped the large leaves and the medium sized flower form my Dogflower elements set in black on the scarp pieces of the ginger card.  I cut these out, by hand!, and rimmed the leaves with the Decadent Oak twinkles and used the same for the centres of the flowers.  Once dry I foam mounted these around the frame to add some interest.

Finally I added a few layers of the Ginger and Chestnut with foam tape and added the whole piece to the first stamped panel I had already made.

Hopefully a great men's card made with men's products!

Creative Expressions Clear Stamps by John Lockwood
Dogflower Frame Elements set
Lotus Frame Elements set
Skeleton Leaves striplet stamp
Phill Martin Cosmic Shimmer Decadent Oak
Twinkles & Mica
Ginger & Chestnut foundation card

There will be an extra post today to remind you to tune in for my shows on Create and Craft and Ideal world s keep your eyes pealed!


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How Many samples?...

Happy Tuesday,

Todays card is another for my many samples for the shows today and tomorrow with the Great Sie Wilson on Create and Craft.  They come form the pick of the day show which launches at 9pm tonight!  Tune in on Ideal world to take a look at the stunning samples and techniques Sue has for us all.  I will be guesting the 11pm hour so if you can stay up it would be great if you could email in so I know i'm not the only one up after bedtime!

Those of you who have me on their Facebook (Johnathan Lockwood if you want to friend me) will have seen a sneak peak of this card last Friday as I showed this at my demo days at Daisies jewels and crafts in Coventry.  This is my first go at a shaker card!  to find out how to make it then you will have to tine in as this is a demo piece I am hoping to do sometime over the 2 days.

The card colours I have used are available in one of the card packs we have on the show which contains my favourite set of Blues and aqua!

The sentiment is form my new Daffodil set which will be featured on Create and Craft on the 5th May.  These should also be available elsewhere I will let you know as soon as I do!?!

and to answer the question in the title I have counted and there are 60 samples so far!...


Monday, 20 April 2015

Sneak Peak Monday...

Happy Monday,
I had a great weekend at daisies in Coventry, if you missed the demo weekend I have added a page to my blog listing where I am planned to be!  Just click on the Workshop and Demo day page above!

I thought it was time I stared to show some of the 50+ cards I have made for the Pick of the Day shows tomorrow on Create and Craft with Sue Wilson.  I feel really honoured to get to do some of the hours on Sue's shows so have probably made too many samples!  I have also prepped at least 12 demo's so there is a good choice I don't think Sue and I will get through them all somehow, especially as I know Sue has so many different things and demos to show us all!

Today's card is using my favourite from the Stamps to die for the current range the Glazed Tile stamp, I think its the repeating pattern that just cries out to be heat embossed and cut out with the matching Kefalonia Die from the Greek Collection.  I stared this card by stamping the image onto periwinkle foundation card and heat set it with true white detail embossing powder.  I then cut it out with the outline die form the Kefalonia set.  I then added a piece of the blue cut with the centre die from the set and added the sentiment, from my butterfly dreams set, stamped onto the Greek collection tag.

Next I cut the Greek border from the periwinkle and placed it onto wider strip of coconut white foundation card onto which I had put a strip pf Creative Expressions double sided adhesive sheet. I filled in the gap with the new large size of Mica Flakes in Midnight Blue which gives a stunning variation of shades and adds a really nice level of detail to the die cut rather than just a solid colour.

To make the card I embossed a piece of the white card using the scored lines 8x8 embossing folder however i cut this down to make a rectangular piece rather than the square.  I added the border and the stamped and die cut topper along with a seam binding bow.

A few layers of the blue and white and the card is finished.  Hopefully you can get the idea of cutting down the embossing folder from this picture.  I really like the way that the scored lines seem to point to the centre panel at the top, focusing the eye on the sentiment!

Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Greek collection Corner, Border & Tag set
Kefalonia set
Butterfly dreams stamp set by me
Cosmic Shimmer True white detail embossing powder
Cosmic Shimmer Midnight Mica Flakes
Periwinkle and Coconut white foundation card
Seam Binding.


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday Stamping...

Happy Sunday,

It was brilliant to meet so many people yesterday at Daisies don't forget we are doing it all over again today!  Today's card is a simple stamped card perfect for a lazy sunday which I won't be having this week either!

I stated by stamping the rose trellis triplet stamp successively down a sheet of pink card from my stash with perfect medium.  I them dusted pearlescent mica powder across the stamped area.  Perfect medium makes the mica adhere to the stamped image and on a deep shade gives a beautiful shine as well as looking like a watermark.  I cut this piece into a panel and added it to a 18x18cm square of coconut white foundation card which I had matted onto vintage silver foundation card (I am kind of running a pink, white and silver theme this week as we all do when we get crafting!)

Next I stamped the rose bud from the rose bud elements stamp set on to the pink and heat set it with cosmic shimmer detail silver embossing powder adding a sentiment from the same set.  I then cut it out using the centre die from the Sue Wilson Caribbean collection background die.  I matted it onto a piece of silver foundation card and hand cut a border around it.

To make the medallion I die cut a piece of vintage silver foundation card and drew around the outside of the die as this die is an inset and doesn't cut around it.  It is then easy to cut the shape using a pair of scissors.  I then added this to a pice of the pink card and cut the pink card along the line of the silver. Finally I added PVA pearls around the frame, this die gives you a little circle to place the glue dots on which means you can't get them in the wrong place! A simple 21x21cm card blank with a layer of coconut white just finishes the piece.

Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Caribbean collection Background
Creative Expressions Clear Stamps - Rosebud Elements by me! 
Cosmic Shimmer detail silver embossing powder
Cosmic Shimmer Deep Rose PVA Pearls
Vintage silver foundation card
Pink card from my stash!


Saturday, 18 April 2015

SA Crafty 3sum!

Happy Saturday,

No you haven't stumbled onto the wrong web page with the header I'm demoing all weekend at Daisies Jewels and Crafts in Coventry with Hels Sherriden and Pauline Wheeler, therefore the owner Wendy has called the event a crafty 3sum!

I thought you might like to see a couple of the projects I will be demoing over the weekend as well as my usual die fest and playing with Cosmic Shimmer.  If you are in the area pop in and say hi!

This first card is made using both the classic and striped weaving dies from Sue's latest release and the Charming Hearts corner, a beautiful die with stunning detail that can make a card all on its own!  The design is symmetrical as well as asymmetrical as you can clip the flourishes away to make it into a different pattern.  I have done this with the larger ornamental corner for a demo on Create and craft next week, tune in if you want to see how!?!  The centre heart is stamped using my new Flower Hearts elements set and em,based in detail silver embossing powder.

The second card, believe it or not, is made using the waste from making the first!  I needed 4 of the corners and so I cut them laid out in a pattern to make the frame around the stamped sentiment.  I added a waste piece of Creative Expressions double sided adhesive sheet behind, stuck ti a piece of vintage silver foundation card and added in 4 of the corners cut from Coconut white card.  I then covered the aperture in diamond sprinkles which adds a lovely shine to the piece in real life!  Finally a few mats of the silver, lilac and coconut white and a card bank made by folding a piece of A4 card in half and a simple (almost free as its made with scrap) card is finished.

Here's a shot of the two... taken in my cart room so if you look closely you can see one of the Creative expressions Big Boy storage units behind along with my collection of chalk paint!

It would be great to see as many of my wonderful blog family who can make it over the weekend, click HERE for details on daisies!

Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Charming Hearts Corner
Classic Weaving Die
Striped Weaving Die
Ornamental Corner
Lilac, Rich Plum, Vintage Silver and Coconut white foundation card
Diamond Sprinkles (one of the glitter jewels collection)
Creative Expressions Clear Stamps- Flower Heart Elements - by me!


Friday, 17 April 2015

Lilac Hearts...

Happy Friday,

Its another stamp heavy and die cut low post today Im Afraid I hope you all don't mind, next week is a die fest I promise!  Todays card is made using another of my new stamp sets that will be showcased on Craete and Craft on the 30th April (Times TBC).  This set is called Flower Hearts elements and I drew four separate hearst and filled them with flowers, either as outlines or in shadow.

I have matched these with the ivy trellis triplet stamp which was drawn again to match this set however will work in many different ways with any of the sets.  I stared by stamping this in perfect medium and again, like yesterday, heat set it with cosmic shimmer detail silver embossing powder.  I set this in an aperture using the triplet outline die.

To make the main elements I stamped three of the hearts in perfect medium and again heat set them with Cosmic Shimmer detail silver embossing powder.  I cut this out by hand and added a mat of vintage silver foundation card.  I then hand cut three flags using Creative Expressions satin ribbon in Orchid and placed the hearts over these.  Finally I foam mounted them floating over the parterre and added the whole piece on a few layers of Lilac and silver foundation card.

Creative Expressions Clear stamps - Flower Hearts elements by John Lockwood
Lilac & Siver foundation card
Orchid double sided satin ribbon (CE)
Cosmic Shimmer detail silver embossing powder
Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Quilted Blocks striplet outline die