Friday, 31 May 2013


Morning All!,

I know this card is in the same colours as yesterday, with the addition of silver, however this card was started first!  I have used the same dies as yesterdays offering and another piece from the same paper pack.  I've been playing with this every night this week, it started out very simple and ended up as this...

The question is, therefore, is it a little ( ok a lot) Over The Top?  should I have stopped adding a couple of days ago?  the decision is yours,  Enjoy...

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Good Morning,

Today's card is a hello to my new followers and commenters!  I know loads of you have worked out how to say hello individually to new people but I'm really not that organised and can't work out how to get Blogger to tell me!?!

I thought instead I would make a card for you all instead.  THis card is made with new things to match with new people!

The base card is made with the filigree card idea with the topper attached.  Although most of the filigree is covered it makes the back and inside look really detailed.

The topper is made with a set of First Edition papers I got on special offer from Craft Superstore  The die cuts are a mixture of new Spellbinders Gold labels 4 (I thought I had ordered elegant labels 4 but that will have to wait till next month)  and standard labels four.  These have simply been layered in 2 shades of lavender and the paper.  I simply added a strip of ribbon and a bow.

Finally a stamp that says what I want to, hello,  Enjoy...

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

So Simple

Good Morning Happy Crafters!

I have to admit that I haven't been making much recently, just haven't had the patience (which isn't
like me) however on Sunday I was able to jump start my Mojo with some simple stamping...

This card is made very simply with Spellbinders Fancy labels die which I cut from a sheet of heavy cream cardstock.  I used distress Ink on the negative piece then mounted this onto a card base made in the same cardstock, mounted onto Dark Blue.  I stamped the top with a swirl, from Do'crafts bird stamp set, which is echoed on the back piece (if you look carefully you will see the lines!

The die cut shape was distressed with the same ink and mounted on two pieces of foam to give more dimension, on top of a piece of brown Core'dinations cardstock cut with the Spellbinders foliage die then sanded.  The rose is made with a light blue card with Spellbinders Bitty Blossom largest die (borrowed from Wendy)  For You Stamp, which I have no idea where from, was stamped on a die cut centre form the same set and voila a simple card . 


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Finally Found

Good Morning all!

I've titled this post "Finally Found" as I've been looking for a paper like this for, what feel like, years.  There is a story to this, when I was younger (about 20 years ago!) I worked at Next Interiors managing one of their Interior Departments.  Every fabric, wallpaper etc was grouped into collections, one that I loved immediately was called Passiflora.  This had an overblown Pink rose pattern on a duck egg blue (their name I'd call it turquoise) background on a woven linen fabric.  Whilst I loved this fabric it was, at the time, dated and not fashionable.  Within a year of joining the company it was discontinued and reduced in the sale, I think it had been in their range for years!  To this day I kick myself for not buying any, especially as it was eventually reduced to about £2 a metre (told you it wasn't fashionable!)

For the last few years I've been looking for anything that remotely matches the pattern and colour combination.  Finally a few weeks ago I found the new First Edition paper pack I've been using so much recently.  Here are the cards I made first with my special paper!

The reason I haven't blogged these before is two fold, firstly I wanted to do them justice with my photographs.  Secondly I intended to give this card to Wendy as her birthday card! 

I still don't think I have done the paper or the cards justice with my pics however as Yesterday (today as I'm writing this) was Wendy's birthday I've run out of time!

I keep a lot of my cards, not really knowing what to do with them or because I like to look at them sometimes (sad I know).  However with this card, as the paper has so much meaning for me, I really wanted to give some of it to someone who has really influenced my crafting and blogging.

I have added lots of pictures to this blog post and I fully understand if you find it indulgent but well I've enjoyed it, hope you too Enjoy...

Monday, 27 May 2013

What Again...


I posted a couple of cards in this colour combination which, at the time, I found strange.  However at the time I couldn't locate this card which is the one I think where the combination works.  Whilst pretending to tidy my storage (hopefully one day craft) room I found and photographed it.

This card base is a sheet of First Edition Bird Song paper with strips of Pink ribbon crossing at the corner.  The die cuts are a collection of Spellbinders, the only one I own is the bird the remainder are Wendy's!

I don't have much to say on this one, I promise a more detailed blog and new card tomorrow!  Enjoy...

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Mojo

Good Afternoon all,

Sorry today's Mojo is late, if you check Wendy's Blog you will see her post is late as well!  This is because Wendy and John (her husband) went out last night to a show and had a few (a lot of few) drinks.  I was deputised to pick them up at midnight, which made us all tired, although I think we're 'Tired' in a different way.  Anyways back to this weeks mojo.

It was Wendy's turn to pick the stash for today's challenge, this is what I found on my windowsill this week...

It's very difficult to make out but the main item is a set of glitter card with squares die cut from it, this is what I came up with...

I used the die cut to make a raised area which I filled with smaller squares and flowers (from my stash)  The ribbon  I used all together to make a big bow, I genuinely do not like the bow, it's really too fussy for me!

I made another card which is much simpler and more my style...

Finally, long post sorry, I wanted to add another picture of last weeks box as I didn't show the lid to the box, so here it is, Enjoy...

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Something Different Saturday

Todays something different is a quick one as it's 11pm Friday night and I've made this after work (finished at 10pm!)

This is inspired by Val, one of my lovely followers whom I met today and is just as lovely in person.  Val came across my blog from Hope and Chances and the ever talented Christine Emberson.  Bizarrely she happens to live in the village to where In work in Spain and came in to say hello today.  Val said her favourite thing I had made recently was last Sundays challenge and the box I made, view it here

This different creation is a couple of candles I decorated in the same way however, as Val said yesterday, I had to use some of the bargain pearls I bought.

These are electric candles bought from Primark so can be lit, as in this, badly taken, photo

I have added a picture of the detail on these which is simply a bow, hand made rose and butterfly, Enjoy...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Card for everyone

Morning all,

Todays card is a card for everyone who follows my blog!  I felt it was a little unfair that I made one just for 2 ladies so I thought I should add one for everyone. 

A simple card of cream and red using Wendy's heartfelt die cut twice with red ribbon and a whimsy stamp and matching die.  The sentiment says it all, Friends,  Enjoy...

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Feel better soon...

Another filigree card today made, once again, with my new Enchanted Labels 28 die.  For this one I've gone with a colour mix that isn't that usual for me, cream and Lilac / pink.

I was really struggling on what to put in the centre of this card until I received yesterdays comments.  Two of my blog friends have taken to bed over the last couple of days so I thought I would send Ita and Val some Get Well Wishes, therefore this ones for you ladies!
 I started by making my base card with the Enchanted Labels 28 die from Spellbinders using the technique I linked yesterday, which I decorated with stick on pearls. Wendy found a brilliant supply of these in the local Chinese Bazar at just €1.50 for around 150 pearls, so I bought 5 packs (better see if I can do some more Bar shifts! lol)  The centre panel is cut with Core'dinations cardstock which I then embossed with the Spellbinders Elite M-Bossabilities folder then sanded and pearls added at the centres of the design.

I wrapped a strip of white ribbon (another Chinese bazar bargain at €2 for a 20m roll) around the panel and mounted it onto the base card using foam tape.  The sentiment panel was cut with the centre piece form the Filigree delight die, embossed and sanded which then had a panel of the cream card stamped with the message, from Whimsy stamps, and mounted onto the base.  I added the fancy tag, cut in two, from the filigree delight die behind the lilac ellipse before mounting this again with, you guessed it, more foam tape.

Finally I added a few flowers cut with some punches I bought on eBay a few years ago in the same Core'dinations which I sanded and centred with more pearls. The bow on the side is made with my bargain bow maker and finished.

 A time consuming card but, I think, worth it!  Get well soon ladies, Enjoy...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

True Blue

Good Morning,
A different colour story for me today especially as I have a new die and didn't instantly reach for the red or black!  This is made using the filigree card technique fr0m Amazing Paper Grace here, and is something I've been meaning to try for ages!

If you looked at the tutorial all I can say is I just wish I could get my pictures as good as hers!

The card is made with plain blue cardstock (from Lidl of all places) with the Spellbinders Enchanted Labels 28 die and decorated with matching blue gems.  The centre panel is cut with a sheet of My Minds Eye paper from my stash, with a dark blue mat both cut with the same die with the filigree section cut off.  All Spellbinders dies have a rim around them when embossed, I use this to cut the shapes out, to create a matted look I trim  either side of this line.

The top element is cut with Spellbinders labels 4 in dark and light blue with other sections of the paper cut with the die then cut along the impressed line.  These were mounted using foam tape facing opposite directions.  Finally I used the smallest die in the Enchanted labels 28 to make a tag for the sentiment (from creative expressions) and dressed this with flowers, with matching gem centres with the cherry blossom die, a strip of ribbon and a bow finishes the look.

I had a few questions yesterday about how I make my bows.  I use a wooden bow maker from eBay that cost me £1, simply search eBay for bow maker and you will find it, all I did was play around with it to see what different bows I can make! 


Monday, 20 May 2013

Inspired by Ita

Good Morning,

I feel a real fraud posting this card, There is a story behind it!  One of my followers (and most frequent commenters) is a lovely lady from Ireland called Ita.  We have been emailing for a few weeks and Ita asked me for my advice on a card she was struggling with, as we all know sometimes we just can´t get the creation in our hands to match the idea in our heads I know how often that happens to me.  Well to cut a long story short I grabbed some paper and made a mock up of her card and what I would do with the same die cuts etc.  The card that Ita made was far better than my mock up but I didn't want to waste the die cuts so todays card is what I did with the leftovers...

The great news is that Ita now has her own blog and the latest card is stunning, please have a look HERE she's really talented, enjoy...

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday Mojo #11


It´s my turn this week to crash the goodies and this is what I delivered to myself and Wendy!

I have to admit I had an idea in my head as I was chsoosing the items however initially I had decided to give a 12 x 12 sheet or Core´dinations paper as I love it´s texture and the possibilities.  Also I seem to have got away from the distressed look I used to concentrate on a few months ago!

I thought this would help me to mix the two worlds with something Classic yet with a distressed edge, heres what I came up with...

Firstly we have a round box, with lid which isn´t very obvious in the pictures!!  this is covered in the Core´dinations which has been embossed with Wemndy´s Garden Lattice embossing folder (Really should give it back, had it for weeks)  This was then distressed with a sanding block on the raised area and the gems used at the points.

Next a gift card made from a failed experiment with the radiant rectangle die and a piece of antique coloured lace.

Finally a card made with the remnants of the die cut mounted onto the last of the Core´dinations with a tag and bow added embossed and sanded in the same way as above.  Enjoy...

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Something (really) Different Saturday

Good Morning all!

Today's something different Saturday is really different this is due to my OH being home from work in England, for a few days at least.  When I'm not " home alone" I don't think its fair to sit at my desk (the craft room is a work in progress) for a couple (quite a couple) of hours making cards and boxes.  The only crafty type thing that is called for is my lemon drizzle cake.  As I didn't have time to make one before I had to whip one up before we went out for dinner tonight.  On our return this was iced and I insisted on it being photographed, whilst putting up with repeated "can I have a piece yet" before we ate it.  So here is something different.

Finally a piece was cut and one was consumed by me, the OH is on a third slice as I write this (its about 10pm Friday night here)  In case anyone fancies making one, here's the recipe...

225g Caster Sugar
225g Butter (unsalted if poss)
275g Self raising flour
4 eggs
Zest of 2 lemons
3Tbs Buttermilk or natural yoghurt

For the Syrup
100g granulated sugar
juice of 2 lemons

For the Icing
100g Icing Sugar
Juice and zest of 1 lemon

Beat together butter and sugar, beat in eggs, add flour, buttermilk and lemon zest and mix.
Place in a 7" round tin (or 2lb Loaf tin) and bake in preheated oven at 180 (or 160' Fan oven) for 35 - 45 minutes
Heat the lemon juice and sugar to make a thin syrup.  When the cake is out of the oven and still in the tin poke holes all over the top of the cake and pour the syrup on.  Mix the lemon juice, zest and icing sugar to form a thick(ish) paste and pour over the top of the cake when cooled.

Enjoy (we did!)...


Friday, 17 May 2013

'nother quick one

No time (again ) but want to post daily! So here's an offering quickly,enjoy...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

All White (`n Black)

Good morning all,  I mentioned earlier in the week that I like to cut all my new dies in either black or white when I receive them to see how they cut. 
 This card is one from the vaults with a mix of die cuts made in this way.  I decided, when I was clearing my scraps at the weekend, to see what I could do with these.  here's what I came up with...
Im not sure what to say about this, I'm not even sure what all the dies I used were, they are all Spellbinders I think, Ill run a competition on this one if anyone can identify all the dies I used they can have a card of their choice posted to the!  Enjoy...

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Get Stamped!

Stamping seams to be a theme this week, this card is made from plain card only, everything on it is stamped.
This card started, unusually for me from the back to the front.  The first thing I did was to stamp my creative expression text stamp randomly over a cream square 5 x 5 card blank.  This was then coloured using cut n dry foam and a selection of Momento Inks in brown and berry shades.
Next I took a piece of cream card 4.5 x 4.5 and randomly stamped over the surface using the mix of colours I used loads of random stamps, text, butterflies, birdcages flourishes etc. until I had an overall pattern.  This was then coloured in the same way, the cut n dry allows you to blend different colours together and create lovely cloudy effects.
I then cut this sheet into 9  equal squares and mounted them onto the backing with foam tape.  Finally Do´crafts Love butterfly stamp onto chocolate pearl card with Detail White embossing powder and a key hole stamp, from Do'crafts, stamped onto Core´dinations.  This was fussy cut then sanded, coloured and mounted.  A piece of String and a button finished!
 Different than recent posts but I hope you Enjoy...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How simple?

This card is so simple yet I really love it, When I received this stamp as part of a set on offer at Craft Superstore I just had to stamp it three times in a row, it just called out for it. 
I coloured this with my spectrum Noir pens (which I love however wish I could afford Promarkers, Wendy has a set and they are fab! perhaps it´s time to start saving)
Really simple card the mounted onto a green mat then white card.
I hope this isn´t too much of a change of pace, enjoy...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Chocolate and Black

Good Morning,
Today´s card is a simple die cut affair that didn't start out that way!  This card was originally the base for the topper on the card in this post I just couldn´t get it to work it looked so unbalanced (those of you I´ve spoken to about my creative ethos know I have a real thing for balance, probably my art school training)  Rather than just throw it away I cut out the topper and remade the card as shown in the linked post above. 

That left me with the question what to do with the bit left over.  I decided to play with the Spellbinders Radiant rectangles die and started cutting various options in the same brown shade along with black.  I often cut new dies in black or white as, for some reason, it gives me a feel for the shape.  I started layering these up until I found a nice, balanced, design and simply added the stamped sentiment which says " Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Art is knowing which ones to keep" a really apt statement for this one I feel!  I think the stamp is from Creative Expression (I love their stamps and have far too many waiting for a premiere) 

The background is cut with the Spellbinders Gold Elements one Die and criss crossed over the same colour base.  Enjoy...

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Mojo #8

Good Morning all,

Todays Sunday Mojo was set by Wendy, this is what I got earlier this week.  As you can see it's a set of bright (clashing?!?) colours and bits, even the handle off a carrier bag!  I've either got to send Wendy nicer things or I might get a collection of carrier bags next, now that's an idea...

After palying around for a while with all the bits on the floor I realised there was no way I could put them all together in one project.  Wendy usually has put me to shame by making beautiful cards with her goodies whilst I use mine for altered  art items (yes I know Boxes!)

This time, especially as a little bird told me Wendy was making a box, I decided to make cards, one for each colour.

I have only used the items Wendy supplied along with one stamp, FOREVER, which I think matches the simple clean lines of the cards.  I used Hearts and Flowers as my theme and there are close ups of the toppers I made below apart from die cutting the hearts card took about 5 minutes each.  I must remember that taking a long time doesn´t always mean better!  Enjoy...