Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lets change the colour volume...

Good Morning all,

After last weeks pastel colours I thought I would turn up the volume with today's offering a simple blue and white card for a house move!

When chatting to a friend last week she mentioned that when she had decided to go down the Spellbinders route she had decided to base her collection on Labels four.  It was only after this that I realised I had done the exact same thing as not only do I have the dies but all my recent stamp purchases are labels four friendly.  I ordered, some weeks ago, a couple (OK a few) sets of stamps from Waltzing Mouse and it seems that nearly all of the fit within labels Four.  Today I have  used country labels four as the focal element on this card.

I actually started this one by stamping the white embossed border first onto pale blue cardstock before cutting it out with 2 dies from Spellbinders standard labels four.  Next I cut a larger dark blue matt, using Core'dinations cardstock, using the larges die in the set and stamped / embossed the Home Sweet Home sentiment from the same set.  I gently sanded this piece to give it a shabby-ish feel, and foam mounted the frame over it.

The backing paper is from an old Do'crafts goody bag and I simply ran a strip of Lace accent border (spellbinders again) cut in the same Core'dinations cardstock and sanded with a strip of ribbon over the top as I don't like raw edges.

Finally a bow, Hat Pin and old pearl button from my Mums button stash (now my button stash as can't remember last time my mum sewed a button on!) and finished. 


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tutorial Time (again!)

Hi Guys,

I've been working as fast as I can to get the tutorial for this box on as quickly as I can as the response for it has been really affirming.  Sorry if the pictures are not usual standard I simply took them as I worked rather than staging them as I usually do!  Enjoy

To create this box you will need:-

2 sheets of sturdy A4 cardstock
1 sheet sturdy A5 Acetate (I use printable acetate that is used in offices)
Spellbinders Elegant Labels four die
Glue etc!

Step 1 Measure first piece of cardstock to 19cm x 27cm and cut out.  Next Score along the short edge at the following measurements, 1cm, 10cm, 18cm.  Along the long edge score in 1 cm from each edge.  In the pictures I have drawn in the lines so that you can get a good idea of the way the measurements go.

Next mark a point that is 3cm in from the short edge and 9.5cm in from the side.  I have marked this in the picture (if you look carefully)

Place the middle die from the elegant labels die set up to this point.  There is a natural point on the die and run this through the GC (it needs an A4 Machine for this.  If you have a smaller machine cut a front panel 19cm x 9cm and mark, cut the same way then attach this panel to the front.

In the picture I have shown the wrong die DO NOT use this one use the next one down, I have tried and cant seem to replace this pic with the right one!!!!

Next on the 1cm seam allowance cut up to the main section on both sides and fold.  This will start to look more like a box and should, hopefully if you used the right die and not the one in the picture, look like this one...

Cut 2 side panels 9cm x 8cm and one of the biggest die shapes using the next size down in the centre.  This should give you pieces that look like this...

Using a wet glue (I use Anita's Tacky Glue as it seems to stick anything to everything) stick the die cut 'lid' onto a sheet of acetate and cut out around the shape.

Next mark and score the REVERSE of the piece at 3cm from one long side and fold.  You should then have a piece that looks like this...

Stick, again using wet glue as double sided tape is not strong enough, the 'lid' to the 1cm flap at the back opposite the die cut lip.   The piece should then look like the next picture with all four sides stuck together in one long strip.

 Add the sides sticking them to the 1cm flaps that are there for the purpose.

Finally decorate you box however you want.  I always place a piece of patterned paper on the base and back of the inside of the box to hide the joins and flaps.

Finally the recipe for the Caramelised Onion Relish.

4 Kilos of white onions peeled and sliced
1 Dessert spoon Balsamic Vinegar
1 Dessert Spoon Red Wine Vinegar
75 g Butter
1 Teaspoon salt.

Melt 2 thirds of the butter over a very low heat in a heavy bottomed sauce pan and add all the onions.  I always add the final third of the butter on top in small cubes.  Add the teaspoon of salt and place on the lid, adding salt to onions make them release their natural water and stop them frying or browning.  After 30 minutes give the mixture a good stir then, replacing the lid, leave on a low heat for another 2 hours.

After 2.5 hours cooking time remove the lid, add the vinegars and gently simmer for a further 30 minutes until all of the moisture has evaporated.  Add to sterilised jars and keep in the fridge for months!

I use this as a base layer on my quiches (I have an emergency Something Different Saturday Piece on making my caramalised onion quiche ready to go when I am short on time)  It is also realy nice served with cold meats and strong cheese and goes down great at Christmas!

I will leave this post as It is for a couple of days then I plan to move it to the tutorials page. (sorry if it's too long) Enjoy...

Monday, 29 July 2013

Cherish A New Colour

Good Morning All,

After last weeks Pinkfest I though I'd change the volume (or is that Channel) and go for something different colour wise.  Todays card is made in Cream and Turquoise (I promise it is turquoise and not green as it may look on some peoples computers)

The base card is made with Spellbinders Bracket Borders one which I backed with a darker blue card to show the filigree on the edge.  The topper starts with a piece of Turquoise card which was embossed with The Spellbinders Harlequin embossing folder and studded with pearls.

The next layer is simply cut from Spellbinders A2 Filigree Delight die set.  I left the centre whole and used the oval you get with the set to cut a piece of spotted paper which I edged with Broken  China distress ink.  The final piece is the centre section from the filigree set with another oval cut in the same paper.

I added a double strip of matching gingham ribbon and a simple bow.  The whole card is a little Pearl-tastic ( gotta stop using these on everything) but it does work, I think!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Mojo The Final Coutdown!

Hello Everyone,

As Wendy and I will both be in The U.K. at some point in August (separately I promise!) we have decided to take August off from the Mojo to recharge our craft batteries ( read doing lots of crafty shopping!!!)

Todays Mojo is therefore the last until September.  It was Wendy's turn to crash the goodies, this is what I found this week (this time strategically placed on my draining board somehow!?!)

The contents were some papers, ribbon and a baby food jar.  This immediately screamed to me tea light holder so that's what I made lol

I die cut the green card with The Spellbinders Lattice expandable pattern die and the patterned paper with a random Spellbinders lace edge die ( I bought this set on eBay unpackaged)

I simply stuck, using my hot glue gun, the die cuts around the jar the added a ribbon hanger and hid the join with a strip of the ribbon a bow and the button provided.

Finally I added a tag using the middle die from Spellbinders Resplendent Rectangles and finished with the feather and final button.

I have to be honest I used everything but the Hippo charm which just wasn't me, sorry Wendy!

Click over to Wendy's blog to see what she made with the same stuff, Mojo will be back in September if you would like to participate, we will post out the goodies, then email me or Wendy.  It would be great to see this get bigger and I have to admit it really does work your mojo!


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Something Different Saturday

Good Morning All,

Todays something different is, again, a box I'm afraid!  Whenever I receive a new die I look at it to see what 3D projects I can make with it.  I lot of the time this results in a box however this box was created a different way round. 

I made a batch of Caramelised onion relish and found these small mason jars to put it in.  As I like to give things like this as gifts I needed some packaging so I started by making the contents first then the box.

The box is made with Spellbinders Elegant Labels 4 which is one of my favourite die sets. I love the shape of the labels 4 and have stamps and allsorts in this range.  The stamp is from Waltzing Mouse Rescue remedies stamp set and I thought the label (Labels 4 again) looked great with the brand Superior Hand Baked goods.

I have added quite a few photos of this one to give you an idea of scale size etc. and will do a tutorial, hopefully next week, when I have time on Sunday to take the photo's. 

When I make projects like this I usually measure out the idea and the prototype therefore has pencil marks etc. on it.  so a new one is needed!

I hope you Enjoy...

Friday, 26 July 2013

Pink Butterflies last one I promise

Hello All,

This is, I promise, the last pink offering for a while whilst I don't want to annoy my audience there is only so much pastel I can take! Lol

Again this is a pretty simple card, a piece of pale pink (yep same as yesterday) cardstock was folded over and the bottom edge cut with Spellbinders Bracket Borders One die set.  The backing paper is one I printed off from 'tinternet a while ago, I think its is actually a wallpaper sample!  This was cut to fit the front using the edge die from the same set.  I edged this with a light pink chalk ink to give some depth.  A simple sentiment, from Waltzing Mouse, stamped directly onto the baking paper and a strip of ribbon added.  Finally two butterflies cut from Spellbinders Les Papillions 2 decorated with Pearls.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Keeping it Pink

Morning Guys,

It seems that Pink has been really popular so far this week so I'm not going to go against the flow!  Todays offering is using some leftover die cuts that I didn't know what to do with.  The main elements are cut, in white card, from Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles.  I cut each of the dies in the set in order to create a set of layers that fit onto each other.  The first filigree section was mounted onto Pink cardstock to give a soft backing.

Next I cut one of the main elements from Spellbinders Twisted Metal Tags and accents, in a First Edition paper, which I tucked in behind the central oval.  The sentiment is cut in the same paper with the smallest die from the rectangles set.  The sentiment is another old one from Creative Expressions (had this set for ages not sure if it's still available)

Finally I added a simple bow, with heat sealed edges, and a few pearls.  Pretty simple but, Enjoy...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Petal Power?

Morning Peeps!

Following on from yesterdays inspiration from Heather's roses and petals creations todays crafty offering is made using some real lavender I've had hanging about for an age.  I made this card to, hopefully, make a focus of this bunch of lavender I picked and dried (its easy to dry flowers etc. here as anything you hang up dry's in a couple of days thanks to the heat!)

I started by embossing a cuttlebug embossing folder (creative expressions I think I am terrible with packaging) using the faux letterpress technique in a lavender ink to add a subtle hint of the colour.  I then matted this onto a stronger lavender card before finishing in a white layer.

Next I added a matching strip of ribbon and a messy bow.

TIP ALERT to stop the cut edges of my bows / ribbon from fraying I gently 'melt' the cut end using (very carefully) a lighter which seals the cut. 

I simply tucked the real lavender under the bow.  The whole piece was then foam mounted onto a piece of My Minds Eye paper which married the colours of the stalks and flowers which I had layered in the same lavender / white combo. 

It is difficult to see but the whole piece is stuck to a white base card made by folding an A4 sheet in two.

This picture should show the Faux letterpress technique better.

To complete the card I cut a piece of the paper using spellbinders Labels die (cant remember which answers on a postcard) and stamped the sentiment, which is my view of what craft blogging is for to Enjoy, and foam mounted a frame cut in the same colour as the layering using two of the dies.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

In The Pink?!?

Morning Guys,

A mixed reception yesterday especially on the paper and colours, my favourite was that it reminded someone of their fathers old pyjamas!  I thought, therefore, I should make something a little brighter for today!

I made this using the pieces of card, paper and dies I had lying on my desk and some paper roses inspired by the happenings over at Heathers!

Die cuts are all from Spellbinders Twisted metal tags, the bottom is cut from Spellbinders Bracket Borders and foliage from the foliage set.

Really a simple card but hopefully something bright to brighten everyone's day, the sentiment says it all, Enjoy...

Monday, 22 July 2013

I Must Try Harder!

Good Morning All,

After my spell of lines yesterday, and the lovely comments from Heather giving me absolution I did try harder and came up with this...

This is a gatefold card with a double fold, its easier to see what I mean on this next picture...

I used a collection of Spellbinders Labels Four dies, standard, Elegant and Gold.


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Excuses, Excuses!

Good afternoon!

Sorry it's late, sorry it's not my usual standard, sorry!!! lol

Left for work yesterday at 08:30 and got home at 02:00 this morning (Sunday) so I had no time to make my Sunday mojo project ahead of time, especially as I ended up working Friday night as well!  I know excuses, excuses!  I have cobbled this together in the last hour but didn't want to let Wendy or my lovely blog friends down so here is the quickie version of Sunday mojo!!!

My turn this is what I gave, I thought I would be nice this week as Ita was joining us however the post let us down and she didn't get her goodies!  Planning to send some new stuff for a date in September so will give you plenty of time Ita (I'm hoping it becomes a regular thing as I'd love to get my hands on some of her embellishments, if you haven't seen these wonderful creations click here!

And this is what I made, hope you like will try harder for tomorrow!  Let me know heather if I have to do lines (Must try harder, must try harder x 100)

Take a look at what Wendy has made HERE she has managed three creations!! lol

Take Care,

John x

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Something Different


Todays something different Saturday is heavy on pictures and low on explanation.  It is a variant of the triptych I made that is on the tutorial pages using Spellbinders Adorning Squares die from Margaret (see yesterdays post below)

I have not added much description as I intend to remake this in more detail as a Christmas project and also because I was called into work at 6:30 this evening and have only just got home (it is after 11pm Friday night when I am writing this)

I started by cutting 6 die cuts from Adorning Squares with a circle die added in the middle cut with White cardstock. 

Next I added acetate behind all the pieces and stuck two back to back using foam pads.  Finally I slid the pictures cut with a smaller die and edged with broken china distress ink and decorated the frames with matching gems.  These were the stuck to a strip of matching grosgrain ribbon with a bow at the top.

To answer a few peoples questions I use a simple wooden Bowmaker to make all my bows! 

More tomorrow, Enjoy...

Friday, 19 July 2013

Thanks Margaret!

Morning All!

Todays card was made last night to say a Heartfelt thank-you to Margaret from France who comments on my blog via email every day.  We have some really good crafty and other conversations.  Yesterday I received a package from her in France containing Spellbinders Adorning Squares die. She had been given one as a gift and already had it so she sent it to me.

I have used the die to make this card to say thank you, I hope she likes it the colours are a little bright (as per Mrs Duck) but I thought the contrast would work best.

I cut the smallest, next smallest and the next die up (using the spellbinders system #1, #2, #3)  I cut the square in each colour five times then used the next piece as either an embossed design or a die cut.  The interesting thing thing on this die is that it has a tuck and fold section.   

This next picture shows how I have arranged the dies better.  I used alternate colours and cut the smallest of the dies with either the centre piece or without and used a pearl in the very middle of each one.

This was finally finished with a strip of printed Thank You ribbon and a Wendy Hat Pin.

Hope you all, especially Maggie, Enjoy...

Thursday, 18 July 2013

How Many Die Cuts

Good Morning all,

I recently saw a snippet of a C&C show where Sue Wilson was demoing the Spellbinders twisted metal tags and accents.  I was so taken with the way these dies work with the newer ones I had to have the set!
This arrived just as the Oh was flying in from work in the U.K. for the weekend so this has been sitting on my craft desk just Begging to be used.

 As soon as I returned form the airport I ripped open the packaging and made this...

Now there are quite a few die cuts on this one, over 10 I think, but worth it IMHO.

I started by making a filigree card base using another new die Spellbinders Elegant Labels 4 which I had to add to my collection as I love labels four.  This time however I used Spellbinders Gold Labels four to create a cut out on the front.

I then cut the smallest die in this set which has a great label / ribbon threader and stamped it, in detail white embossing powder, with an old Whimsy stamp.  I then cut 2 of the largest die form the twisted metal tags in cream cardstock and cut these in half.  I edged the sentiment with these, threaded it with matching ribbon and attached it so it 'floats' in the aperture.

Inside I used a collection of all three sets to make an interesting background this is more visible in the next picture. 

I hope this all makes sense although the pictures should help give you a good idea of how I made this creation.

Its hard to see against the white background but all the filigree sections can be seen through!

Finally, I received quite a few questions on yesterdays post however I am unable to respond personally as most people have their comments marked as no reply email address.  Val if you want to email me using the contact me button I can reply also I have news on Pearls and no I don't have all of them!!

for today, enjoy...

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Its Wednesday, time for a quickie!

Good Morning,

Honest Mrs Duck this has not become a dodgy website!  As my regular followers will know Tuesday is a double shift day for me with a really late finish.  Therefore its time for another quickie!

This card is the one I teased my Design Team post form yesterday.  I made it in the same colours but this was an also ran as It didn't contain the three colours required!  It wouldn't do for me to break the rules would it!

Enjoy, longer post and new design tomorrow, promise!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wendy House Box Tutorial


The naming of the box contest was won by Heather who suggested the name Wendy House Box  Congrats and thanx I will send one of these out as a prize if you send me your address (use the email me button unless you want everyone to know where you live!)

This is the tutorial for the box I have chosen to show the Tall Blue box however the measurements can be scaled up to any size!

The basic measurement is in thirds, for example on this box the main body is 10cm whilst the fold top is 5cm.  The size of the base / bottom is not important however to make a rectangular box I use one third measurement for the base for a square version use two thirds. Hope this makes sense!

Make the box from one sheet of heavy duty cardstock, plain or patterned for this box the sheet measures 22cm x 20cm.  Measure out across the long side at 2cm then every 5cm and score these lines.

Next mark 5cm from each of the shorter side, hopefully this can be seen in the above picture, and score these lines.

Cut each of the 5cm lines up to the first cross scored line and cut out the rectangle in the corner (the smallest one)  hopefully the picture shows this better.  Decide which die to use as the window and place this just above the bottom line in the second panel, this ensures the flap is not visible in the window.

Once cut adhere a piece of acetate behind the cut window.  Then stick the flap to the other side using a wet glue, double sided tape is not strong enough! 

Glue down each of the base flaps as shown in the picture making sure that the final flap stuck down is the one that folds from the front.  This gives a nice neat line on the front.

Next pinch the two sides with the window facing you (I really am struggling explaining this one)  The idea is to fold the sides in to a point where the front and back tops line up.  Hopefully this next picture gives you a better idea...

The score line at 5cm across the top will make this easy I tend to fold in the two sides across the fold line which ensure the box stays square.

For the holes for ribbon I use my Aldi Belt hole punch (it was cheap and relatively heavy duty)  and just punch through all layers at the points I think they should go!

Finally decorate your box as required I edged the window with liquid pearls and added ribbon and die cuts to decorate.

I hope this makes sense any questions please email me! I've added a picture of mixed boxes more tutorials to follow,  Enjoy...

Quick addition, The winner of my House Of Cards Design Team candy is.....

Jannice - Picked by The OH by phone from the U.K. Last night! (Still the 15th Heather just lol thanx for the reminder)

Jannice if you email me your address I'll send the goodies straight out!