Sunday, 6 April 2014

Gilded Gate My Style...

Happy Monday,

A mix of dies and styles today, Sue Wilson and Spellbinders which seem to go together in my mind.  Today's card is made using the Sue Wilson Spanish Background (I LOVE her background dies they are just so versatile)  and Spellbinders Gilded Gate die.

The Sue Wilson is cut and inked through the die and then I cut out the centre section and mounted it onto Bronze Glitter card, also with an aperture.

I cut two of the gilded gate die in cream and stuck them together across the middle before mounting these, bowed out, across the aperture.

In added a strip of cream sheer ribbon and a bow to highlight the cut edge.  Finally I added the sentiment onto a strip of acetate attached with some of Wendy's beautiful hatpins.



  1. Morning John,
    Sorry John, but this one is not for me, I'm not a fan of big bows so that's probably why.

  2. Wow John, this is a stunner. For a long while, I thought of Sue as Mrs. Spellbinders, then she seemed to lean in other directions a bit. Never the less, I still love her style and wish I had all her dies. Have to record her shows today as I have a visitor. I think we need to see you on C&C next!

  3. Beautiful card-again! You did have me confused with your days for a while. I too have always thought of Sue Wilson as "Spellbinders"!! I'll be recording her programmes to watch when OH is out.


  4. Hi John. Everything's caught up with after the holiday and I can concentrate on the things I love best. Looking at blogs is obviously one of them.
    LOVE what you´ve been creating in the last couple of weeks John. You sure have a gift. Love todays card and specially loved yesterdays box and card.
    Take car´.
    Love Val x

  5. Hola John
    I can comment now that the palpitations have stopped after reading "Happy Monday" I had a bit of a lie in but thought I'd slept longer than I planned lol!
    I love the design and everything but I'm not big on the gate die (on anything, not just this card). . . Soz. Clever doing the sentiment onto acetate. Can I ask what ink you use on acetate as I've read conflicting info on the subject.
    Have a great day matey.
    Ang x

  6. Hi John,

    WOW! this is gorgeous, you should have your own show, no offense to Sue, Julia or anyone but your creations are just as good as theirs, they are always so elegant, decorative, so clean. they remind me a bit of the work off Becca from Amazing grace, hers are always like that. Excellent work, such beauty. You always embellish them just right too, not too much, not too little. Great work.

    I would like to know what ink you use onto acetate like Ang please, its a great way to add a sentiment without it looking out of place.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Hi John. I'm catching up on the last couple of posts and just want to say how beautiful yesterdays was. Yes Please, I would love a tutorial : ) Todays card is another beauty too. Take care.

  8. Hi John
    Another beautiful creation, i agree with the above ,you should have your own show , you are so inspiring and your work is so original .
    Have a nice day
    Elaine H X

  9. Hi John,
    I'm a bit late today as I've just got back from a craft show...Today's card is anther beauty...I love Sue Wilson's dies and you are doing her proud. Fabulous!

    Love Sheila xx

  10. Hi John
    I love this card, and until I read your blog, wondered how the wording seemed to dance in front of the card. I'd too like to know about the best ink to use on acetate.
    Best wishes, Anne O

  11. Hi John,
    Enjoyed the card, as usual.

  12. P.S. Just seen the top of the blog - like it!!!!

  13. nice addition to your blog ,lots of fantastic cards ,stunning card ,love the Sue Wilson dies especially the background ones ,Laura O