Friday, 14 July 2017

More Drama...

Happy Friday,

Well with one day to go there are an awful lots of rumours going round about what my Sam Jelly baby is talking about. From what I've seen on Facebook the cat is out of the bag about some of it but not everything! lol

I thought today I would post a dramatic card ( well that's how it appeared to me) as if there isn't enough drama about!  I stared by making the outer frame from the press cut woodland scene ( really a true favourite) into a square the great thing is the die cuts in the centre and just slots together to make the square.

Next I used the scene section of the die cut in black gloss card and used the Fire and Ice technique with gilding flakes on the back and iced snow on the front to add a little more glam to the card.  I added this to a larger set of black white and silver mats and layers to make the piece more dramatic.

The flowers are the orange blossom flowers and leaves cut form embossed and glitter kissed paper.  I added more of the gold glitter kiss to the flowers and leaves after shaping them.  I added 5mm stick on pearls in the centres of the flowers and added more of the pearls in the corners for balance.

I love the finished look of this card especially as whilst making it I thought id gone too far in mixing the colours and shine!

Here's Sam for the final day and a little more of a reveal!

have you guessed what it is yet?



  1. Love this one John Dramatic yes but not overly so and really like the colours Have a good day

  2. Good morning John. A very theatrical looking card which is stunning only you could come up with something like this. Can't wait for tomorrow to see what you are going to reveal to us. It's lovely to see " John Next Door" as part of it. I remember the days when you and Wendy left each other projects to see what you could make.
    Hazel x

  3. Love this card John- been following on FB and do have to laugh at some guesses, xxx

  4. Love today's card. Very dramatic. Have no idea about the countdown. I'd assumed it was for the craft fayre at Doncaster. Not on Fb so no help to me.
    Have a great day.
    Crafty hugs,
    D dx

  5. Great card John, very dramatic.Big reveal tomorrow can't wait. Joycex

  6. Morning John, lovely card today, very dramatic though.

    Oh and I think I have worked it out, will not spoil it for you but definitely wish you well, I will be the first in the queue at the checkout ha ha xxx

    Stay safe, healthy and happy hugs, June Smith xxx

  7. Hi John, a very beautiful and dramatic card, love the colours. Looking at the comments, I can just keep guessing so looking forward to the big reveal. Have a great day all. Bx

  8. Great card John. Can't wait until tomorrow.
    Annette x

  9. Hi John
    Great card. I'm not on Facebook so I will have to wait until tomorrow for your news.

  10. Good morning John,
    Wow!oh!Wow! love, love, love todays "work of art" it's amazing.
    I am not on Facebook, I will just have to have patience. Hazel and I were chatting yesterday and think we had sussed part of it anyway!!
    Whatever it is I do hope we see you on the Televion showing us how to create our version of what you will create.
    Have the most wonderful day
    Patricia xxx

  11. A very beautiful dramatic card John , looking forward to the big reveal.
    Elaine H X

  12. Morning John,
    A beautiful card very dramatic .
    Catherine xx

  13. I'm just catching up on the last three days blogs - been unable to look at blogs. You are keeping us in suspense to the end.
    Dramatic card today.

  14. Hi John
    Love this card, just the right amount of glitter and sparkle, gorgeous. Really looking forward to your big reveal and wishing you all the luck in the world. You are a very talented man and we have missed you on our screens.
    Love Diane x

  15. Hi John
    A lovely card, the fire and ice technique works well with the image.
    B xx

  16. Great card John! I LOVE the drama and the colours. This may have to be my favourite card of yours so far. It's on the gothic side and that's definitely my bag! I love it.

  17. Hi John. This is a real WOW card. I am so please I have this die set. It is so versatile and while make such great Christmas cards.


  18. Beautiful John
    So looking forward to the big news tomorrow. You deserve every success.
    Love Valxxx

  19. Rose in Chester14 July 2017 at 09:15

    Hi John,
    Dramatic indeed, I probably wouldn't have done that many flowers but I can tell you that I would be over the moon to receive a card like that. Still don't know what you'll tell us tomorrow..... :-)
    Hugs, Rose

  20. Great card, really dramatic & striking.

    Looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow!!


  21. Morning John, a fantastic card love everything about it. Can't wait to see your reveal.
    Nancyd xx

  22. This is fabulous, John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  23. A beautiful dramatic card I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings and I'm going to be good and stay away from FB so that I can have a lovely gobsmacking surprise tomorrow

  24. Still love this die, indeed made a stamp from it earlier this week. Will you be demonstrating this at Doncaster tomorrow? WakeyL

  25. Meant to say, are you going to demonstrate some of your new range tomorrow at Doncaster?

  26. Morning John,
    A lovely card.

  27. Morning John, fabulous card, really dramatic,
    Looking forward to seeing what you have to show us all tomorrow and wishing you the very best of luck

  28. I really love that card. It's very beautiful. xxx

  29. It's a gorgeous card. I love it!

  30. Hello John,
    Striking card today, it reminds me of a Theatre backdrop - I don't know why!!
    I think you are going into sweet production and I'll have a lb of whatever flavour jelly babies you are going to produce ha ha. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!!
    Maureen x

  31. Very dramatic but very beautiful like a scene from phantom brill !!!!!!!!! I think I've sussed you out John I'll be at the check out too good luck
    Love June horrocks xxxxxx

  32. Hi John
    What a beautiful dramatic scene today, I love your design but personally I might have replaced the black frame with white as I'm not a huge lover of too much black on cards but a gorgeous design nonetheless. Looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow.

  33. Hello John,
    A very striking card! Really like it. Whatever you " have up your sleeve!" - hope it isn't jelly babies! Yuk - sticky mess!
    Looking forward to tomorrow as we all are I think!
    Love Myra x

  34. Hi John love the mystery created by the woodland scene sort of misty, did I see something or not kind of thing. Might just be my phone screen not showing it clearly of course!! Well I have seen some things on FB but will be nice to see and hear the full story tomorrow. Love from Jackie xx

  35. Hi John,Very dramatic and stylish,not one I would make myself but appreciate the inspiration you give us.Don't do face book so will have to wait till tomorrow for Sam's big news. Stay healthy and happy,Lots of Love Barbara D xxx

  36. Hi John, lovely card, roll on tomorrow, you, have certainly kept us guessing, good luck with whatever it is, take care, xx Jess

  37. Such a beautiful and dramatic card with lots of gothic feeling to it. You do dramatic like no other card designer. I'm not on FB so I will have to wait for the big reveal. Best wishes to you. I had to look-up the phrase "sussed out", used in some of the comments today, for I was not familiar with this phrase here in the USA. Interesting phrase.

  38. good afternoon john xx such a striking card, its stunning xx have a fantastic weekend and enjoy Donny xxx lots of love and huggs to you and sam xxx

  39. What a stunningly gorgeous card today really love this one and perfect for a male card too
    have a lovely day

  40. Gorgeous card today John. Not on Facebook so will have to wait. May have to be until tomorrow night.😟 Hope it goes well. Take care.xx

  41. Hi John Beautiful card quite dramatic the fire and ice technique always looks good
    Well I too will have to wait until tomorrow for your big reveal how exciting I wish you the very best in your new venture!

  42. Eh up John
    So, has the Bassetts take over contract been signed now? Finally, you take over Jelly Babies, next, the World......cue maniacal laughing!
    Marvellous theatrical card.Lovely sense of depth to it.
    Ang x

  43. I'll loving it!!!
    Creatieve groetjes, Anja

  44. Absolutely stunning card John, beautifully designed, Kate x

  45. WOW, fabulous card, love the new blog heading too John!

    June x