Writing Set Tutorial

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Step One - Make the box
Cut three pieces of very thick chipboard or similar (I used the covers off old hard backed books) to the following sizes, 2 x 17 by 13.5cm 1 x 13.5 by 5 cm.  Cut one strip, you may have to join the paper, in the patterned paper you wish to cover to 50 by 18 cm (this allows for the seams).  I Neatened up the seam between sheets with contrasting ribbon on my box.

Step 2

using Anita´s Tacky Glue, or similar, spread a THIN layer of glue on one side of each piece of card.  Allowing for a 2 cm seam at the end and sides glue down your pieces leaving 1/2 cm between them, as in the following picture

Step 3

Cut up to the card in all 4 places where the card edges the 1/2cm allowance between the pieces, see picture.  Glue these pieces in. 

Next using a thin layer of glue fold in the corners (this will give a neat finishing point).  Following this glue and fold in each side.

Step 4

Cut a piece of coordinating paper 13 cm wide and at least 52 cm long (again use 2 pieces stuck together if needed.  Glue this to the first piece of card as shown however it is important to stick this piece into the crease use a bone folder lightly to make sure it follows the contours.

Step 5

Fold the pieces where you left the gap, this creates the base, back and lid.

Step 6 - Inside

Take a piece of thick card and cut to 19 cm by 24cm, score each side 5cm in from the edge and cut as shown

Step 7
Glue the flaps created with a wet glue (double sided tape won´t work on this and clip the sides to dry.

Step 8

Decorate / cover the box with matching paper.  then stick to the base leaving a gap around three sides but on the edge of the side with the back ´flap´ stick down the base and the back, this creates the box and lid.  Embellish as you wish

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  2. Not sure if it just me but the links dont work to your inserts and notebook and envelope tutorials in the above post