Ornament & Box Tutorial

The ornament can be made with any symmetrical die cut shape, I chose a Marianne heart shaped die.

1, Cut six identical die cut shape, these MUST be symmetrical to work.

2, Score a line down the centre of each shape and fold in half.

3, Using Anita's tacky glue (or similar clear drying glue) sparingly glue the reverse of one side of each shape in turn adhering it to another shape.

4 Continue with each shape until all six are glued and stacked together. 

5, Finally glue the two remaining reverse sides together to create the ornament.

The box is made using the Spellbinders Just Swingin' die with two sheets of card for the sides.

1, Using a pencil mark a sheet of A4 paper to the following dimensions
          Along the long side 2cm 13.5cm 2cm 2cm 13.5cm 2cm
          Along the short side 2cm 16cm 2cm

2, Place both pieces of paper together and place the die in the middle of the first square and run through the Grand Calibur to cut and emboss.

3, move the die to the other side, making sure that they are equidistant and again run through the Grand Calibur.

4.  Stick the 2 pieces together to form 4 sides then adhere the final size making the sides of the box

5.  cut a piece of silver mirror board for the bottom and glue the 2cm seem allowance to the bottom making an open box.

6,  Thread ribbon onto the ornament select the length you want it to hang at.   Cut a piece of card and punch a hole in the middle threading the ribbon through the hole.  Stick the square to the centre of a piece cut to 13.5 x 13.5cm and stick this onto the top of the box.


  1. Hi
    John this is out of this world,it is a work of art,thank you for the step by step.Thank you for sharing this.

  2. H i John

    Wow you are so talented ,and you must have lots patients to work out all the doings and sizes etc Wow im speechless .

    Well Done and thank you for sharing

    Elaine H X

  3. Hi John. Beautiful! Thank you for such clear instructions. Take care.

  4. Hello and hello John,

    Brilliant...I am making this now for my Studio and plan to put a battery tea light inside. I may put vellum paper inside also.

    Your art is beautiful.

    Keep up the great works!

    Cannot wait to see more.

    Happy thoughts,

  5. Hello John, perfect centre piece will have a go as directions v good. Thanks
    X Ros Hodgkins