Thursday, 30 August 2018

Under the Sea with Foiling...

Happy Thursday,

As promised its Go Press and Couture Creations day!  I think this makes a real change form all the christmas and allows me time to sort out what is happening with the Instructional video for the Large Lantern, sorry I will get it working!

I spritzed a piece of watercolour card with the Izink Spary inks in Ocean and emerald then embossed this with an embossing folder from my stash.  I then dry brushed gold lustre paint over the raised area to give a real random mixed media feel to the background.

Next I foiled the seahorse hot foil stamp form Couture Creations singly Go Press and Foil onto Kraft card.  I added some gold paint arround the edge of the card and distressed the edges.  I added a die cut of the seashore fare with coloured vellum behind and other pieces cut from the same collection.

I added all the pieces as shown to make a real mixed pice with large mica flakes added for more texture and to give an underwater feel to the piece.



  1. Fabulous John. Lovely colours. Like the distressed/random look to this card x
    Annette x

  2. Hello John, a great card today, has a real mixed media feel to it. Have a good day everyone. Bx

  3. Hi John
    A great distressed vibe to this card, perfect for a beachcomber.
    B xx

  4. Morning John a lovely card for a fisherman or someone who likes beach combing, now what did i do with my rubber gloves ha ha, well you know me John xx

    Stay safe health and happy hugs June Smith

  5. A different style for you John. Has a touch of Leonnie about it! Looks great.

  6. Each time I look at this I see something else! So different for you, John. Beautiful.

    Anne (Northampton)

  7. Brilliant card John. Lots going on here. Must make something like this. Thank you. Take care and good luck with the

  8. This is great John, I love this style, so different for you.

  9. Beautiful John. Love the seahorse.
    Love Valx

  10. Great design John, not quite my cuppa.

    Great shows, you must be a happy bunny again!!!

  11. Hi John this is stunning it is a real work of art. I hope you get the video working lots of people will be waiting for that. Have a great day. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  12. Hi John, Very different for you,but not quite for me, Sorry. Stay healthy and happy Lots of Love Barbara D xxx

  13. Hi John
    I love this card it's stunning I love mix media & grunge so much work gone into the making.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  14. A stunning piece JOHN I would love to do more mixed media like pieces like this

  15. Hi John. What a very different card to your usual style. Love the colours and the way it looks so sun bleached.


  16. Brilliant John. Lots of layers and my favourite colours. X

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