Thursday, 23 August 2018

Gliding the Shore...

Happy Thursday,

Today I thought it was time too share something other than Christmas and I wanted to start a feature I have had planned for a while now and make thursday the Couture Creations and Go Press foil day on the blog.  This coincides with the launch of the Spellbinders version of the Go Press foil machine.  So they Hotfoil stamps should work in either machine!

For todays card all the items I've used are from the Couture Creations Seaside and Me collection.

I started by hot foiling the Swirling seas hot foil stamp onto oyster pearl card using the Go Press and foil machine.  I then cut this into a square, matted it onto distressed Kraft card and then blue card.  I repeated this to make 4 panels and foam mounted them over a pice of Kraft card I had crackle painted.

Next I cut a selection of dies from the range, again in Kraft card which I shaded with black ink and arranged around a strip of rope tied down the side.  I added a few starfish cut in black to add depth.

I stamped the sentiment and distressed the edges again shading in black ink and added this to the side of the main arrangement.

A different kind of card for me but I really loved making it, I know that the distressed look isn't everyones cup of tea but its fun to do something different and the Foiling really adds a touch of class to the finished card.

Couture Creations
Swirling Seas hot foil stamp
Seahorse and Starfish Die set
Seashells edger



  1. Morning John, I think this card is fab, not everybody does pretty and floral, and could also work as a mans card. Have a good day all. Bx

  2. Morning John, great idea about Thursdays being devoted to certain subjects, like that.

    I am loving the blue swirls on here, and the cracked effect behind it, then the sea creatures, very nice.

    I must admit I have been looking at the hot foil machines on and off for a while but at the moment the cost of them does not justify me going down that route, however, when I win the lottery you never know........

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  3. The card is lovely John. I must admit hot foiling isn't something I want to get into.
    Love Valx

  4. Love this card John. I really like the distressed look, like you said though, not everyone dies. Like the hot foiling too.
    Annette x

  5. Great card, love the background.


  6. Hi John
    A lovely card. Interesting to see different things.
    B xx

  7. Good morning John lovely card I love the shells & sea horses & the distressed look too Don't think I'll get into hot foiling either I'm afraid

  8. Love the effect of the foiling - remember me when you win the lottery, June. Great card, John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  9. Looks great John, very different for you, xxx

  10. Morning John,
    Amazing card.

  11. Lovely card At first I thought the seahorses were mdf!

  12. Love this card John. I do miss living by the sea. Must use the foiling machine more. Good idea for Thursdays. Look forward to next Thursday now. Thank you. Take carexxx

  13. Hi John this is a stunning card I love it. I have seen a demo of the Spellbinders foiling machine. I will have to wait and see. I like this idea for Thursdays. Have a great day. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  14. Hi John, The hot foiling is very interesting,just not sure I am going to indulge myself,although you never know.Very unusual card for you.Stay healthy and happy Lots of Love Barbara D xxx

  15. Great idea John. Will be lovely to see some things done with the foiling machine. I've hardly used mine yet. xxx

  16. Hi John great card love the swirls thank you
    Love June Horrocks xxxxx

  17. Wonderful card and a reminder of the many times I walked the beach picking up sea shells. Sweet memories.

  18. Wonderful card John, really like it. Hugs Rita xx

  19. Hi John

    Fb removed this off my wall. They said it was SPAM. Nutters.

    I love it xxx

  20. Hi John. Love the swirling seas stamp and also what a great idea to crackle paint craft card, that is something I certainly wouldn't have thought of but it has turned our very nicely.


  21. Hello John,
    This is fantastic, I love it. June, may I be added to your list of "friends" when you win the lottery ha ha.
    love Maureen x

  22. I love your card John, must get that seahorse die (so cute) to add to my other seaside dies in my stash. Love your grungy style and the colours go together so well.

  23. Good morning John, it's great to see something other than Christmas. From someone who lives by the sea this is something that would be grante and it on a wall. Great work, thank you for sharing. X

  24. Marie P. from Longridge24 August 2018 at 09:38

    A very beautiful card today John. Reminds me of years gone by when I spent my winters in Florida. I'm afraid hot-foiling is not for me as I only make cards for family and friends so I cannot justify the cost.
    Kind regards.
    Marie P.