Sunday, 1 July 2018

More Scraps...

Happy Sunday,

Another card today made from easter piece s and accidents.  The whole background for this card was literally a scrap piece that I just loved and didn't want to bin.

The background is a piece of black card that I had used to spray glue parts of my Pocket watch die ( Form the time flies die set)  When I was clearing up I split some mica on the piece and noticed it only stuck where the gluer had oversprayed leaving the black where the piece to be glued had been.  I loved the look so I took some more mica in different colours and swept it over the piece which made this background!

I simply added more pieces form the set that were sat on my desk that were cut in Bronze gilt leaf.  I stuck the letters for LONDON onto a piece of double sided adhesive tape and dusted this with bronze mica after adhering it to the front.

A few off-cuts of cogs from other projects and finished.

JND Time Flies
JND Cogs
Space Glue



  1. Morning John, oh what a happy accident this card is, I really love it with the mica in various shades to add to the background, brilliant, yes I say it again brilliant. The cogs set it off to perfection, as do the watch faces. You have done it again.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Great card, my “accidents” don’t turn out so lovely.


  3. Morning John, a gorgeous card love the colours of the mica, a very beautiful accident.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Hi John. What a good idea to use up those waste pieces. It just goes to show that you should think very carefully before consigning them to the bin!!


  5. This is gorgeous John. My accidents don’t turn out like that. It’s amazing what you have done with an accident and a few bits and pieces. Thank you for your inspiration. Take care and have a good

  6. This looks great, John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  7. Now for an accident this is a beauty! I love it especially that neat trick of sticking the LONDON letters onto tape (lifting them out of the die I assume) and using mica - I must try and remember that because I struggle to get things to line up straight

  8. Love this card John it’s great thank you
    Love June Horrocks xxxxx

  9. A great male card.

  10. Good morning John well if only my accidents turned out like this what a great card!

  11. Hi John, what a brilliant card, love it. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  12. Hi John
    What a great mixed media piece made from bits and pieces.
    I would definitely frame this and have it on my wall !

  13. Morning John,
    Great card.

  14. Hi John,
    Oh my word that background is so stunning what a very happy result.
    The glitz is so lovely must remeber to try something like that in future.
    Love all the cogs and clock workings too.
    My DH would love this type of card as he restores old clocks for fun.
    He has restored a 160 year old shelf clock from the US that was given to us.
    I just wonder the things that clock has seen in the years it has been about.
    Lots of crafty regards. Jenny L.

  15. Hi John, Very different and unusual and the mica is beautiful.Stay healthy and happy.Lots of Love Barbara D xxx

  16. A happy discovery. Always a wonderful experience.

  17. Hi John this is a stunning card I just love how you have used the scraps. Just nothing goes to waste with you. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  18. Hello John,
    This is fabulous, I love everything about it.
    Maureen x

  19. Hello John,
    I didn’t expect to like this but I do!!
    Thank you,
    Love Myra x

  20. Good call not throwing out your background card. I love to see you make something out of bits and pieces the way you do. This is a wonderful card rising out of your trash can!
    Stephanie K