Tuesday, 30 January 2018

You are Gold...

Happy Monday,

Sorry for the delay in todays blog post dot was quite an eventful return form Frankfurt which resulted in getting back home at 4:30am this morning!  Trust today to be the day I hadn't got a scheduled post ready!

I really wanted to start to share some of the samples I have made using the Go Press filing machine from Couture Creations.  I managed to get one of these fab machines for My Birthday and have spent quite a few hours just playing to get to grips with the filing process and Like most Crafters I lovet he new edge this gives to my crafting arsenal!

Today's card is made using just a simple sentiment hot foil stamp for the main  centre panel.  I simply started by making up a card base using the panel die form my sandwich box die set in a repeating pattern around the outside.  I set a panel in the centre using the press cut notched corner squares and plain square sin a mix of white and gold mirror card ( A great excuse to use mirror card again!)

For the centre panel I simply used the easiest technique on the machine by hot filing the Thank You sentiment and placed this in the centre.  I wanted to add  little extra so I folded my Starflower leaves and added these, after die cutting, on the bottom left.
The great thing is about using one of your standards dies is that any deboss lines get foiled and you get a hint of the fooling around the edge.

This was the first Card I made and is a little basic but I thought i would share more with the foiling technique over the coming weeks I thought It best to show the start of the journey.



  1. Morning John, no worries about the lateness, it is quite understandable, you must have been knackered after the show and then traveling back home. I must say I don't have the hot foil machine, it is not cheap, but I do have lots of other techniques for the foiling so I am going to have a go (when I get a minute) to try out something like the sample here today, certainly won't be as good as yours but will give me an idea.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Very nice and lovely with the foiling.

  3. Hi John love your card bet your tired have nod when you can
    Love June Horrocks xxxxx

  4. Good morning, John. I was looking at a YouTube video yesterday on this machine - it looks intriguing. I look forward to seeing more samples.

    Anne (Northampton)

  5. Good morning John I have to say until I had read half the post I didn't know what you were talking about then realised it was foiling!! So hope you catch up on your sleep today. The foiling makes a nice finish though. Love from Jackie xx

  6. Nice card John, foiling adds a richness to the card.Hope you manage to get some me time after getting home at that unearthly hour

  7. Hi John, think foiling is a great idea and the cards are lovely but so far have not tried it. Hope that you are now tucked up in bed.

  8. Good morning John. Don't worry about being late we understand. I am sorry your return journey didn't go smoothly. This card is gorgeous I love the foiling. I am looking forward to seeing more of your makes using the new machine. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  9. A really elegant card. You say it is simple but l say stylish, just right for your sentiment. Looking forward to seeing more of your cards made with the foiling machine. Hope You enjoyed your trip to Germany, l know it was a working trip but l hope you managed to relax as well. Kind regards Sandra

  10. Morning John. I expect you are really glad to have made it home. Nice card today, I am not sure whether I can justify getting a foiling machine at this stage though.


  11. Hi John,Sorry about journey home,hope you recover during the next couple of days.The card is just beautiful.Stay healthy and happy Lots of Love Barbara D xxx

  12. Hi John..you have made my day.....more foiling technics to come, I was lucky to get a machine for Christmas and desperate for inspiration. Love the sandwich dies so in anticipation of some more fabulous ideas XX. P.S. Pleased you are safely back home x

  13. Hi John
    Love the card. Looking forward to seeing more cards.
    Just try and sit back and relax.

  14. Hello John,
    I looked in earlier, Pinned the card and then went off to read about this “ new to me” machine!
    Looks interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing what you produce with it!
    My Sandwich Box Die Set came yesterday. Off to play with that after lunch. Wow you had a late night / early morning! You must be really tired.
    Beautiful , simple card!
    Love Myra xx

  15. Hi John,
    I really love this card! I love the sandwich box dies and the colours you've used today.
    I hope you've recovered from the ha journey back home.
    Jayne xx

  16. Afternoon John,
    A really lovely card.

  17. Evening John,
    I just love what you have done with the Box Die, it's brilliant.

  18. Hello John,
    Last time I was out and about at 4.30 in the morning was about 50 years ago!!! New Year's eve if I remember rightly ha ha.
    Love today's card, elegant, understated but perfectly formed. Thank you for giving us more ideas for using your dies, and the foiling machine looks interesting.
    Maureen x

  19. This is stunning and sustile. Gee you were lucky to get that Go Press for your birthday. All I got was a reclaimed wooden bar stool that I had to distress myself LOL.
    Cheers Annamieke from Kawerau

  20. Hi John lovely card will have to look at this machine Sorry you had awful journey home get some rest!

  21. This is lovely. Sorry to hear about your journey. I’ve been home about an hour from my travels. Christchurch and Sydney seem a long way away but I’ve had a lovely time. V tired after 29 hours travelling today.

  22. Sorry so late when of those days when you are in and out all day. Lovely card today John. Thank you. Sorry you had a bad journey home and hope you have recovered. The foiling machine sounds interesting.

  23. Lovely card John. Thank you for taking the time to show us this when you must be feeling very tired. I have the hotfoil and have been following John Bloodworth's excellent tutorials. X

  24. Marie from Longridge31 January 2018 at 11:32

    Good morning John, Another beautiful card John but I'm afraid I cannot justify yet another machine. Doesn't stop me from admiring your work though.
    I hope you have recovered from your journey.
    Marie P.