Thursday, 4 January 2018

More Blue...

Happy Thursday,

Another card in blue, I'm sure everyone knows my love of blue by now!  This time using the same Yale Blue Lustre print card again along with the silver lustre.

I stared by embossing a piece of the Yale blue using the Crafts Too sweet lattice A4 embossing folder.  I then sanded back the raised pattern using a sanding block to reveal the white beneath.  I then studded this with 5mm pearls at each junction on the embossing.

Next I cut a set of panels using the press cut rectangles die set to give a plate area in the centre.  I then added the sentiment form my everyday clear stamp set and cut this with the matching mini tags die set of mine.  The ovals in the set have 3 different layers allowing for a triple mounting making and small sentiment hold prominence.

I then cut the two largest starflower dies twice each in the silver lustre card and shaped these mounting 2 together to make the flower with a 5mm pearls in the centre.

I added these at the top and bottom  of the panel with a spray of the matching starflower dies ( I love the fact that you get a mirror image of the leaves in each set making it easy to make a balanced set.

Finally i added a set of mats and layers in the Yale blue and the Lustre card to  make a statement card that is, hopefully, elegant in its simplicity!



  1. Hi John.
    Thank you another beautiful card, a very pretty colour.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  2. A lovely card John,I’ve said it before these dies are so versatile.

  3. Mornings John, a gorgeous card and more beautiful blue.
    Nancyd xxx

  4. Oh John
    What a fabulous card, it's simply gorgeous,love the blue.

  5. I do like this John. Yesterday's and today's cards show how versatile all your products are. I am finding that your starflower and leaves are my 'go to' dies.

  6. It is elegant John. I haven’t got any of the lustre card yet, (too much other cardstock to use up) but it does look really nice.
    Annette x

  7. Hi John
    Another beautiful card.
    B xx

  8. Good morning John,
    Another great card.
    I love the starflower and leaf dies they are so versatile.
    Have a great day
    Patricia xxx

  9. Another beautiful card John
    Marion S x

  10. Beautiful Blue John. I am borrowing this flower die from Val next week, xxx

  11. Morning John, oh this is fabulous, yes I love the Yale blue card as well. Yesterday I did my version of your card on Monday's blog, it was the first time I had used the dies and oh my word they cut out a dream, the flowers are so crisp and pointed - usually you get them rounded on the ends - but not these.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  12. Gargeous card. Love that starflower , might have to treat myself!! Xx

  13. Another beautiful card, John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  14. Good morning John really lovely card the blue colour is gorgeous I love the star flowers

  15. Morning John, a great card and a great colour.

  16. Hi John,I just love this card and yesterdays,both are simply stunning.The blues are really really nice.Stay healthy and happy,Lots of Love Barbara D xxx

  17. Good morning John,
    Lovely card!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make on Hochanda on 8th and 9th!
    Have a good day today.
    Jayne xx

  18. Hi John this is a stunning card I love it. Blue is one of my favourite colours. I am looking forward to your shows next week. I hope the prep is going well. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  19. Hello John,
    I just been Pinning the weeks lovely cards! I too love blue and I’ve loved all the cards this week. We have been away and Internet Signal was a bit hit and miss so couldn’t alwaysleave a comment!
    I really love these shades of blue and today’s card is gorgeous . Thank you!
    Love Myra xx

  20. Lovely card John. Thank you for sharing this. No doubt you are busy prepping for next week. Good to see you back Myra. Missed you. Take carexxx

  21. Lovely card John I’ve probably said this before - but I would have never thought to sand back lustre paper It’s a lovely effect

  22. Hi John,
    what a superb card and your design is awesome.
    Love the colours used they are so brillant.
    Sorry I have not been around for awhile I have been unwell for quite a few weeks now.
    Lots of crafty regards. Jenny L.

  23. john this is gorgeous and i am so in love with those star flowers.

  24. Beautiful card John as usual happy New year.

  25. Marie from Longridge5 January 2018 at 11:39

    What a lovely card John. It definitely makes a statement and I love the matting too.
    I guess you are busy preparing for next week's show and I hope it goes well.
    Hugs to all.
    Marie P.