Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Day 2...

Happy Tuesday,

I hope those who managed to tune in yesterday to the launch show enjoyed the show as much I I did!  Today I am sharing another samples form the shows as I am back today at 9am, 1pm, and final call at 5pm.  Don't forget to can watch the shows, either live or on catch up, at www.hochanda.com on any computer, device or tablet.

A lighter card today this time made very simply using the Passiflora cut and emboss folder ad my starflower and matching leaf dies.

I simply embossed a square of white card using the folder by allowing the card to overhang each side.  SAS these are soft folders the lines on each side don't emboss into the card, even when cutting, so you can extend the design easily.

I shaded over the pattern using the Izink Circe ( Wax) colour dye based ink shading around the oval aperture as well.  I then added a spray of flowers with the starflower leaves cut form honeydew lustre print card and the flowers cut from primrose card.  I shaped the flowers with the same Izink ink when made up and added a stick on pearl in the centre before arranging these around the floral border on the folder.

I added the sentiment using my new Alphabet clear stamp set ( Thanx Steph for the idea) which has the individual months allowing me to make the sentiment on your February Birthday really easily great for when you are selling your cards.

I added layers of the white and primrose to balance the card.



  1. Hi there John. Great show yesterday, well done with all the sales and of course the brilliant demos. Your samples are just amazing, Mrs D's too. Kate x

  2. Hi John
    What a great show and today's card is simply beautiful.

  3. Hi John.
    Thank you a great show, thanks for the little pig tip.
    Take care and have fun, oh beautiful card too. Kitty.

  4. Hello John, have not caught up with the show yet, love todays card, beautiful spring colours, hope to catch some of todays shows live, although recorded for reference too. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  5. Lovely card John. Great shows, ordered the embossing folders. Wow they sold out so quick. Your starflowers and leaves are also on the way. Looking forward to the shows today.
    Annette x

  6. Hi John, The show was simply amazing and the samples were breathtaking.I am really looking forward to the rest of the shows today although I doubt there will be much left to buy.Well done you.The card is beautiful stay healthy and happy Lots of Love
    Barbara D xxx

  7. Great shows yesterday John! Whatever are you going to do today? This is a lovely card. I thought so when I saw you show it on TV. xxx

  8. Great shows John and today's card is beautiful
    Marion S x

  9. Gorgeous card John. Only seen the first show so far, absolutely brilliant. Xx

  10. Good morning John,
    Love todays card, my kind of thing.
    Fantastic shows, amazing folders well done you!!
    Lots of great samples to give us ideas.
    Have another super sell out day.
    Patricia xxx

  11. Lovely card in a nice cheerful colour and boy do we need it with these dark dismal days!

  12. Morning John, well what can I say, you have done it again, ODS sold out, these are amazing stamps too. I was lucky enough to have got the embossing folders and they really are amazing, loved watching you do your demo's last night, got to get ready quick so I can catch the 9am show, then quick pop to shops and back for lunch time one,. got it all planed.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  13. Hi John
    I've recorded your shows so will catch up with them later today, sounds like you had a great launch of your new products.
    This is a gorgeous card, your flowers and leaves go perfectly on it.
    B xx

  14. Brill shows John, you will have to start taking more stock on your shows, always sell outs, !!!!!!

  15. Morning John, a gorgeous card and fantastic shows caught up with them last night but couldn't order anything as we are away on holiday Friday so didn't want parcels hanging around,hopefully craft world will them in stock when I get home.
    Nancyd xx

  16. Great shows John.Amazing sell outs. Just watching you now with your lovely boxes.
    Such a pretty card today.
    Love Valxxx

  17. Stunning card John and with the lovely Spring look, its cheered up a cold winter morning. Will catch up with all the shows tomorrow as that will be the first time I have chance to sit and watch tv.

    Hugs Helen x

  18. Hi John this card is being shown on TV as I was reading your post. Congratulations on all the new items - and the sales!! Love from Jackie xx

  19. What a fabulous card, John. Loved the show yesterday just wondering if you will anything left to demonstrate today! Congratulations.

    Anne (Northampton)

  20. Love the card John shows were great thank you see you later xxxxxx
    June Horrocks xxx

  21. Morning John, a lovely bright cheerful card. Missed the shows but will watch today.

  22. Morning John, This card is stunning !! I missed your shows last night, and was miffed to see you had sold out yesterday, well done. I will be watching yesterday's shows on Catch Up.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Gorgeous fresh card, so springlike.
    Will be watching today.

  24. Gorgeous card John. Just what we want on a miserable day. Thank you. I ordered my folders from Mrs Duck yesterday so shouldn’t have to wait long for them. Love her cards and the box as well. No doubt you will have another sell out today. Brilliant. You must be so pleased. Take care.

  25. Hi John this is a stunning card. I love the embossing folder and the dies are amazing. I bet everything has sold out now. I am always a bit late to the party. That is the trouble with not working. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  26. Hi John,
    Absolutely amazing cards by you and Mrs Duck on the shows.
    Loving all the designs and I'm not surprised everything sells out!
    Congratulations on another success!

  27. Very pretty card. I will have to watch your hocanda shows on catch-up. Looking forward to see what you are doing.

  28. Hi John lovely card the spring like colours and do fresh Loving your shows great tips & demos Congratulations on the sell outs!

  29. Hi John. Such a pretty card today. Perfect colours for a spring birthday, or any other celebration in spring.


  30. Love the card today John, and well done on the show. Love the starflowers
    Maria x

  31. Hi John Gorgeous card loved the shows and all the new goodies ordered some from mrs Duck so looking forward to those arriving.

    So pleased for you well done
    jeanie xxx

  32. Hi John,
    missed your show last night and first thing this morning, but managed to record the other 2 shows.
    I boght some goodies from Ang and can't wait for them to arrive now.
    Hopefully she will have your box dies in soon as I always have trouble with Hochanda and purchasing.
    For some reason it they don't like my debit card and have never had probs elsewhere.

    I love this wonderful card and the design and colours are so beautiful and spring like which we are all waiting for I'm sure.
    I bought a couple of the cut and embossing folders and will be making my Granddaughter's Birthday card with one of them.
    Been playing this afternoon with my media plates as I haven't had time before due to a lot of commitments before Christmas, and then I was ill.
    Lots of crafty regards. Jenny L.

  33. John this beautiful, bright and sunny card has really cheared me
    up today, i love it. now off to catch up on the shows.