Friday, 30 June 2017

Classic Blue...

Happy Friday,

Today's card uses the same die as yesterday and thanx to my wonderful Blog family I know the name this die ( used as the centre strip) its called Arched Diamond from the Art Deco collection from Spellbinders

Today I used this, cut in silver, across the front of a panel of embossed lines in blue.  To make the background I simply used my score board and scored at every 1/4 inch across the piece of french navy card.  I then added, with foam tape of course, the silver diamond across the front and added a couple of layers of the silver and blue.

Next I made the centre panel using the Twisted metal tags and accents ( this is the die I said was called iron works earlier this week I forgot this is what I call this die in my head!)  I cut this in sliver and blue and cut the centre panels form the section that falls away from the twisted tag making a frame.  I rotated each die cut in alternate colours and added foam tape between each layer.

I then used the feathers die cut in white and silver and arranged these beneath the cameo embellishment shaping the feathers along the spines that emboss on the die cuts.

I finished with a sentiment tag and a row of stick on crystals and a classic blue, white and silver card is finished.  Perfect for a men's card I thought?!?



  1. Lovely card John You are costing me a fortune Had to buy this die yesterday. Have a good day

  2. Morning John, another beautiful card love the colours.
    Nancyd xx

  3. Hello John, I am loving seeing what you are creating with your yet unused die collection. This card is beautiful and I love the colours. Have a great day all. Bx

  4. Hi John.
    Thank you a great card.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  5. Hi John
    Gorgeous card, you are making me look at some of my little used dies in a different way. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Eh up John
    Oh it was going so well, love the Arched Diamond, the scored background, the colour (although I'm getting white, not silver) then I saw them....... the feathers! Noooo, I'd pluck my own out if I could lol!
    Perhaps a nice floral arrangement for me next time lol!
    Ang x

  7. Morning John,
    A lovely card love the blue colour.

  8. Very nice card John lovely. Joycex

  9. Nice to see Spellbinders again. This card is lovely. Like the scored background.
    Annette x

  10. A great background and love the die and colour choice.

  11. Morning John, beautiful creation today, I am liking those feathers more and more, wouldn't they look lovely snipped into strips down each side - but that would be a labour of love wouldn't it.

    Off to Martine's monthly workshop tomorrow - only a month to go.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  12. Good morning John,
    Love today's card .... the feathers!! not so sure, it's ingenious though I have to admit that.
    I think I would have done more conventional style flowers. What you have done certainly makes you think about using Dies in a different way.
    John, I have been through my "old" Dies and having fun using them. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Have a wonderful day
    Patricia xxx

  13. Great card, really lovely.


  14. Lovely design and great colours John.
    Elaine H X

  15. Hi John, great card, I love the scored background, simple but classy. Not altogether sure about the feathers. But it would as you say make a great man's card. Love Rosemarie X

  16. Hi John. I'm in love with this card. Just my sort of thing. I haven't got this die but I'm sure I could substitute it.
    Love Valxxx

  17. Gorgeous John - I love it. As you say, a great card for a man. xxx

  18. I did wonder how Mrs Duck would react to the feathers!
    A great card, John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  19. Morning John,
    A gorgeous card.

  20. A very striking card the Navy and White (sorry no silver in sight on my computer). The feathers would make an alternative to flowers on a mans card but for myself; one of your pretty flower arrangements would have been better.

    Love and Hugs
    Helen xx

  21. Morning John, wow what a great card, very striking.

  22. Hi John
    Wow, this is a lovely card, just my colours.
    Love what you have done with the feathers. I have always loved the look of feather dies but have held off buying any as I was unsure how I would use them on a card, so thank you for the inspiration, might get some now!

  23. Love this card John and the feathers brill !!!!! Love June horrocks xxxx

  24. Hi John

    Love the design and colour tones, I also could only see white and blue card but on a much closer inspection spotted some silver LOL

    Ideal for a male card and female too if they don't have an aversion of feathers hehe... I don't but a friend of mine would be hysterical

    June x

  25. I like it! It would definitely have to depend on the male in my world to receive this They don't like sporty cards but this may be a tad too feminine for them Fantastic card for ladies though

  26. Beautiful card John and stunning in blue, silver and white.
    Bit late posting today as packing for my holiday tomorrow.
    I probably won't be able to comment while I am away but hopefully will pop in each day to see your post.
    Marion S x

  27. Hi John,Love the card design and colours,but think for me I would have used conventional flowers.But having said that I think the card looks very stylish.Stay happy and healthy,Lots of Love Barbara D xxx

  28. Hi John. Lovely card today, however, for me, the spray is a little too chunky, I would prefer something a little more delicate.


  29. An elegant card design. The navy, white, and silver colors are so classic. I, unlike Mrs. Duck, really like the feathers and the way you circled them around the cameo embellishment. You gave your feathers "rhythm".

  30. Rose in Chester30 June 2017 at 15:14

    Hi John,
    Absolutely beautiful. Love the colours, too.
    Hugs, Rose

  31. A beautiful card John. Always like those colours but as mentioned the other day I don't like feathers so would use flowers instead. Have a good weekend. Take carexx

  32. A beautiful card today John xx lots of love and huggs to you xx

  33. A beautiful card today John xx lots of love and huggs to you xx

  34. Hello John,
    I really, really like this card! It's in my favourite colours and I love how you have used the Dies. I like the feathers too! They are different! It's nice to try something new. Says she who rarely does! Lol!
    Love Myra x

  35. Hi John this is a stunning card I love it. Those dies are amazing. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  36. Hello John,
    This card is gorgeous and shows the dies off to perfection. You've used the Iron Works and Feathers dies which I have, keep them coming as you give so much inspiration.
    love Maureen x

  37. Hi John this card is lovely the colours and dies are gorgeous