Saturday, 20 May 2017

Goldne Oldie Box again...

Happy Saturday,

Another box today this time with a centre piece that is die cut instead of an easter egg!

As I have been looking through my older posts and files of photos ( you wouldn't believe how many photos i have of cards and projects loads Ive never blogged!) Ive seen how many different 3D projects I have made.  I have found these a real inspiration and will be making lots more boxes and 3D projects in the coming months!

This post was made using the Spellbinders Filigree delight I die I used for so many different projects ( always a sign of a good value die to me)

The box is made of acetate which is one of my favourite mediums to make boxes for as the contents can be protected and seen at the same time.

I made this originally as a gift for a good friend who left Spain ( where I was living at the time) the original post can be seen HERE

I have had some lovely comments over the last week and I just want to say Thank you all so much and to reassure everyone That I am Ok and just taking a small break as I have been crafting non stop ( or so it feels) for over 2 years!



  1. Gorgeous box. I don't make much 3D stuff so am looking forward to seeing what you come up with over the next few months. I've really enjoyed looking back this week. I think it does us all good sometimes.
    Glad to hear you're okay and just taking a well-earned rest. I've been amazed at your stamina. You seem to have been continually on the go, all over the country for ages.
    I'm going on holiday today so comments might be hit and miss over the next two and a bit weeks.
    Have a great day.
    Happy crafting.
    D xx

  2. Hi John
    A beautiful project.
    Have a great weekend.
    B xx

  3. Morning John, glad you're okay this is a great project, I also love 3D things so looking forward to see what you come up with. Have a good rest you deserve it.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Lovely project John.Enjoy your well earned break, you really have worked hard.Joycex

  5. Morning John, another cracker............I remember making a card just using the spellbinder dies like this but it was quite flimsy, although I did sell it to a friend of mine. I like the idea of the acetate dome, going to check this out later.

    Enjoy your rest and relaxation, and will see you very soon xxx

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  6. I am so pleased you're OK You deserve a break It does us good to have these "holidays" If our hobby/job becomes pressure then it's not enjoyable and then our mojo takes a hike - does any of that make sense
    Anyway enjoy the R&R and it's great to see your older projects especially as it appears I have some of these dies you're showing and they're giving you renewed inspiration xx

  7. John, firstly I am so happy to read you are just taking a little "time out" to re-charge your Batteries. No matter which kind you use they do run out of power after a while. Please don't rest too long though, we need to see you ... not just on the telly but hopefully in the flesh visiting us around the country. Just don't forget Scotland!!!!

    I love making 3D projects, this one appealed to me, It took time and patience but it was all worth it. I struggled a bit with the Acetate Box. Now you have shown it again, I might just have another go.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world with what you plan for your future. Just remember your talents are amazing and people love your down to earth approach. You pass on all your wonderful Hints & Tips that are extremely useful. Well they have been to me anyway.
    Have a great day and weekend.
    Patricia x

  8. Stunning project, really beautiful. Glad to hear you're ok & hopefully enjoying the mini break from crafting etc.


  9. Hi John,
    Love your boxes, actually love all your projects.
    You deserve a good rest, take it easy.

  10. Pleased to hear you are ok and taking a well deserved break .
    Lovely stunning work of art John.
    Elaine H X

  11. Good morning, John! I'm pleased you are alright and that you are taking a well deserved rest. I hope we might see you again in the not too distant future. It's wonderful to see some of your crafting projects from earlier years. This one today is amazing. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations again. Take care. Craft Owl by the Sea, north Norfolk. xx

  12. What a beautiful box, John. Like many others I don't venture into 3d very often but I think you might persuade me to have a go.

    You are being very sensible giving yourself a break but, on a purely selfish note, don't leave it too long before you are back with your wonderful inspiration.

    Best wishes
    Anne (Northampton)

  13. Good Morning John, glad to hear you are ok and enjoying a well earned break. Today's project is great and I look forward to seeing what you create in the coming months.
    Marion S x

  14. Hi John. Really pleased to hear you are OK and having a well earned rest, take care of yourself and have some 'me' time. Love this box, a real stunner. Love Rosemarie X

  15. That's really beautiful John. I bet your friend loved it. Great idea to put it in a transparent box too. xx

  16. Morning John,

  17. Hi John another beauty love it thank you enjoy your rest and a bit of me time
    Love always June horrocks xxxxx

  18. Morning John,
    What a lovely project to try over the weekend.
    Thank you for reminding me of forgotten dies and methods, we go on to get new and set aside old ones. X

  19. Hi John

    Another gorgeous box! I must try these

    Enjoy your well earned rest

    June x

  20. Hi John, Glad you're having a good well deserved rest. We need you fit and strong for whatever wonderful things life holds for you in the future.
    Beautiful box. Shows your talent off to the full.
    Love Valxxx

  21. Gorgeous John, as are the pins used !!!!!

  22. Hello John, what a fabulous gift, very lovely and intricate. Have a great day. Bx

  23. Hi John. You have my utter respect for making this as I tend to lose patience when working with acetate because it is so slippery. However, the results are so stunning I should really persevere with it.


  24. Hi John,
    Another exquisite masterpiece by you. I take my hat off to you, wouldn't even attempt to do it. Which is shameful because I have got the SB Filigree, too and therefore no excuse - well, being dumb might qualify.
    So good to hear that you are taking a break and recharging your energies, I had been wondering whether you'd ever sleep!!
    Thank you for all you've been showing us and looking forward to seeing you again .
    Hugs, Rose

  25. Hi John, gorgeous box, I'm not really into 3D items, but this just appeals to me.
    Please look after yourself, we need you back on our screens soon and at demos around the country.
    Take care, xx

  26. hey john xx gorgeous masterpiece xx take care sweetie and relax and enjoy your break xx

  27. Hi John. Pleased to hear you are ok and are having a break. Hope to see you back soon. Lovely project today. Don't have this die but perhaps I could use a different one. Thank you for sharing this. Take carex

  28. Hello John,
    It's good to know you are having a bit of a break! I did wonder how you kept going sometimes as you seemed to be here, there and everywhere! We are benefitting too by seeing some of your lovely work from the past. Today's is gorgeous! What a lovely gift! I like making 3D things too and am making one of Patricia's Lanterns at the moment - it has a lovely SB Die as well.
    Thanks for letting us know you are alright! That's so good to know.
    Love Myra x

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  31. Sorry about the deletes. Seems I can't type with a cast on my wrist. I will try this again.
    Thank you for letting us know you are ok and keeping us in your thoughts by posting some golden oldies. You have definitely been in my thoughts and prayers. Please refresh yourself for I am a bit selfish and want to see more inspiration from you. You have been so unselfish with your ideas and techniques. And I am so grateful to you for sharing those with others, especially with me. I like 3D crafting and look forward to more ideas from you. This bird in a cage in a clear box is a brilliant idea. I am sure your friend Hazel thinks of you and your kindness everytime she looks at it. Take care John.

  32. Hello John,
    Love this and I find this particular die very useful - not in your league naturally, but still I try!!!
    love Maureen xxx

  33. Eh up John
    This is as delightful now as it was three years ago.
    I bet Hazel still has it.
    Ang x

  34. Hi John this is amazing such a beautiful intricate box
    Glad to hear you are alright I'm sure your ready for a well earned rest after the hectic schedule you have had over the last year or so. Take good care of yourself recharge those batteries and then you'll be ready to inspire us with oodles of crafty masterpieces. In the mean time we are enjoying your golden oldies so keep them coming!

  35. Delighted to read you are ok and just re-charging your batteries by having a little break it will do you the world of good and you will come back full of even more inspiration and ideas to share with us all.
    You really are such an inspiration and can make what appears so difficult so very easy with your fantastic demonstrations, please don't stay away from our screens too long, we miss you.
    Today's project is right up my street so to speak thank you for showing itbonce again.
    Have a lovely weekend, take care
    Margaret x

  36. Hi John this is a stunning box. I am just going back to the original post. I am so pleased you are okay. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  37. amazing project john x glad to hear you are ok and enjoy your well deserved break x looking forward to whatever the future brings you , you have taught and inspired me so much x
    Theresa w x

  38. Such an amazing piece of work.