Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Die Cutting as well...

Happy Tuesday,

I thought I should share some of the die cut demos and samples form todays shows as I went a little mad own ASlochol inks yesterday Ive just had so much fun with them lol

This first card simply uses the quilted blocks striplet and the Alexandra frame and tag.

This next project uses the tiled squares petite striplet and the alcohol inks as they make such great
backgrounds and intense colours!

Join me today at 9am, 12pm, 4pm and last chance at 7pm too see how these and many others are made!



  1. Morning John, beautiful cards today, I haven't watched last nights show yet still have it to look forward to.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hi John.
    A brilliant show last night, great cards too Thank you.
    Recorder set for today.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  3. Morning John great show last night and looking forward to seeing you do these wonderful cards.
    I love the designs of both of them.
    Have a great day and I'll be watching.

    Debs xxx

  4. Hi John,
    Haven't seen the show yet but love today's cards. Might even have to buy some inks!
    Have a great day.
    Happy crafting.
    D xx

  5. Hi John, have not seen the show yet, but will catch up with that and watch todays. Love the 2 samples. Have a great day. Bx

  6. Hi John and crafters all,
    Beautiful cards again using striplet dies. I have never used alcohol inks !!
    Like previous comments not watched the show but recorder is set , so will watch the all as a block session.
    Love and crafty hugs to all,
    Tina T xxxx

  7. Hi John
    What great night it was you were having so much fun (that's what crafting is all about.) Thanks for sharing. Love your sample cards.

  8. Just a quick look at the blog this morning then off to watch last nights show (recorded of course as all todays will be). Yesterday I used the centre from the Ornate Octagon to make my first striplet background like this and was thrilled with the results. I did as you had shown us and really "faffed" until I was sure each section fit into the previous one correctly and oh what a relief when the last piece fit right lol. Oh and recorder is already set for next weekend wow 24 hours of solid Create and Craft.

    Have a lovely day everyone.
    Helen xx

  9. Great show last night, missed 7pm show, didn't know you were on then. Hopefully taped it on the repeat shows. Loved all the cards.
    Annette x

  10. What a great show last night and glad you got my message! Lovely to see Ang's cards too. You made Super cards with wonderful techniques. Hope you enjoy today's shows as much - I'm recording to watch later as I'm with my granddaughters.

  11. Good morning John your cards are gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing your shows. I really enjoyed the take over Hochanda video it was such fun. Have a great day today. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  12. Two lovely cards, looking forward to watching your shows tonight.


  13. Amazing cards John, unfortunately I'll have to watch your shows later, but certainly something to look forward too.
    Chris xx

  14. Good morning John

    Two gorgeous cards and great shows! Looking forward to watching today's delights!

    June x

  15. Hi John, lovely cards. Unfortunately missed your show last night, but will watch on catch up today, along with the others. Oh dear, that doesn't sound like I will have much time for housework, what a shame!!!! Love Rosemarie X

  16. Good morning John, two great samples. Looking forward to the rest of your shows today.
    Marion S x

  17. Morning John, 2 stunning examples using the striplets, which I love using, so versatile as your samples show.

    Will be watching later.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  18. Hi John,
    Happy New Year to you.
    Love these wonderful cards and the designs.
    The alchol backgrounds looks super too.
    I love the wonderful dies used on these super designs.
    Lots of crafty regards. Jenny L.

  19. Hi John. Great cards and great shows yesterday. Looking forward now to days. SueL x

  20. Hi John
    Great cards, looking forward to watching your shows. The takeover weekend video is fun.
    B xx

  21. Good morning John striplets are always winners. Will watch last nights shows later but will be there at 9 this morning love from Jackie xx

  22. Great cards John. Loved the video.!!! Xx

  23. Eh up John
    Missed the alcohol bits as didn't realise you were on at 7 as well.
    Love these two cards as they showcase the Striplets beautifully.
    Have I mentioned that I like Striplets? Lol!
    Looking forward to the shows.
    Ang x

  24. Morning John
    Loved the shows and all the demos, fascinating the ink and fire technique.
    You might have to show more us in a workshop.
    Off to Daisys with my Sister this morning first card class this year feels like ages since our last class.
    Enjoy your day

  25. Missed quite a bit of the first hour's show yesterday as I had visitors so didn't see your post on FB. I wish Hochanda wouldn't make last minute changes. Anyway, will find in on Rewind. I like these cards, the red one especially.

  26. Beautiful cards TV set up to record as I'll be at work

  27. Great show last night John loved the striplets the cards were lovely will be watching later
    Love June horrocks xxxxx

  28. Morning John,
    Lovely cards, managed to watch most of the show last night.

  29. Good Morning John two beautiful cards and it really gives those striplets a brilliant showcase, I love the alcohol ink effects to, I love that we are using things we bought so many years ago and that havent had a outing for such along time. hugs Shirleyxxx I really enjoyed your show to.

  30. Lovely cards john x enjoyed your show last night although missed your early hour ! Will catch up between other shows today x looking forward to the takeover really funny ad xxx
    Theresa w x

  31. Gorgeous John, love the LOVE YOU; xxxx

  32. Hi John,
    Gorgeous cards, love them both, the colours in the second one are stunning.
    Thanks for sharing,

  33. Hi John,
    Beautiful cards. Blown away I was by your first show and the second one is no different. Just fantastic, and seeing I'm like you (have got the old colours which always tend to go muddy with me), will have to get the new cols as well..............
    Not sure whether I'll be brave enough to light the alcohol ink but one day...............
    Hugs, Rose

  34. Absolutely love the background on the second card, John. I am going to have buy some of these bright colours to liven up what I already have!

    Anne (Northampton)

  35. Lovely card John and enjoying the shows.
    Love Valxxx

  36. Lovely cards John. Enjoyed both shows last night and the ones today. Looking forward to the 4 and 7pm shows later. Have lots of the older alcohol inks. Perhaps will have to get some brighter ones.

  37. Hi John. Lovely cards today. Not only have you used some of my favourite dies but I also love the backgrounds as they are so vibrant.


  38. Lovely cards John, especially the gorgeous red one.

  39. Hello John,
    I'd like to say thanks to you and Littlelamb, Brenda, who not only reminded me of the Shows but advised me to watch an hour earlier! Trouble was, my IPad just wouldn't play ball last night! I'm still on catch up! Today's card is lovely! I will keep trying!
    Love Myra