Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Show Twofer mark 2...

Happy Wednesday,

I thought I would share another twofer today as I can't decide which card to make first win tonights show so I thought I would ask my Blog family which they would prefer.

The first option is made using the Get Well shadow box accessory die set along with the in the garden Shadow Box die set.

I borrowed the idea from Sue Wilson for the pill bottle using mints and will demo this and the rest of the card.

I used the rest of the dies in the set fro fill the other boxes in the shadow box die and the plasters and get well going over the boxes.

The second card is using the same shadow box die however this time I used the garden accessories that come with the die set to make the card.

I cut the shadow box in colour core card and sanded it back to give the old wood look.

Let me know which card you think I should demonstrate first tonight at 8pm on Hochanda!



  1. Well you've given us a difficult job today as the cards are so different. I love that the get well card is bright and cheerful but I also like the garden one and the colours are very apt. As you're planning to demo both I don't think it's desperate but I think on first looking the get well has the most impact being red and white so that would be my choice. Plus everybody around my locality seems to be ill at the moment!
    Have a great day and hope the shows go well.
    Happy crafting.
    D xx

  2. Morning John, two smashers today, I would love to see you do the get well card, I think it is brilliant.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  3. Hi John
    Two lovely cards,both great in their own way.I think I am favouring the get well card.

  4. Morning John, two fabulous cards but I do like the get well one too.
    Nancyd xx

  5. Hi John
    Two amazing cards, but I favour the garden scene.
    Many thanks and look forward to the shows and all the great techniques.

  6. Two lovely cards John but I definitely like the get well card best. Will watch the show with eager anticipation. Best wishes Loraine Jefferis xx

  7. Hi John.
    Thank you two brilliant cards.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  8. Love both these cards and I don't think I can choose so I will enjoy watching whichever way it goes! Thank you

    Maggie B xx

  9. Morning John,
    Two very different cards, I like the second one the most.
    Looking forward to watching your shows

  10. Well John, how can one choose. I think the Get Well card, its so cheerful and bright.
    Annette x

  11. Two great cards John,however I love the garden one.Looking forward toshows.Joycex

  12. Good morning John, two stunners but I think I would like to see you demonstrate the get well card.
    Marion S x

  13. Good morning John,
    Thank you for your twofer today.
    Number one is favourite for me as it is always difficult doing get well cards.
    The second is lovely and as I have the Sheena Douglass garden dies and stamps this has given me some inspiration.
    Looking forward to the shows, Sky+ already set.
    Love and crafty hugs to all.
    Tina T xxxx.

  14. The get well one is very clever, but I think on the whole I prefer the garden one. Looking forward to the shows. xx

  15. Hi John. Two lovely cards, but I think the second one does it for me. Love Rosemarie X

  16. Good morning John both of these cards are gorgeous the dies are amazing. I rather a slight preference for the garden theme card maybe that would be a good one to start with. Have a safe journey. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  17. Two amazing cards-Get Well card tonight please.


  18. Hi John two brilliantly designed cards and love both of them, however, the get well card is so very novel,just that wee bit different with all those medical elements, love to see you do that one, 😉 xx

  19. Hi John. Both of the cards are amazing and it looks as though you had a lot of fun making them. I think it would be appropriate to make the Get Well card tonight as it is approaching the season of coughs and sneezes.


  20. What a choice! Both cards are great. I really don't mind but I love the pills!

  21. Hi John
    Two great cards. The get well card is guaranteed to brighten someone's day so that would be my choice. But I love the gardening card too, an idea for my brother maybe, (a retired head gardener).
    B xx

  22. Morning John,
    Both are lovely so I don't mind which you demo. I love the shadow box dies.

  23. Morning John, two great cards and it is so difficult to choose between them - I keep changing my mind, so I a just going to say that I think whatever you decide to do will be great.

  24. Hi John,
    Both cards are fabulous, my favourite is the gardening one but the get well one probably has more impact colourwise. Whichever you do will be great.
    Thanks for sharing,

  25. Eh up John
    Both are brilliant cards and as you'll be demoing both, maybe I'll sit on the fence about which should be first ......... mind you, fences are to do with gardens and if I fall off, I'll need a get well card ........ decisions, decisions lol!
    Ang x

  26. Two gorgeous cards John, but my fave is the garden one

  27. Love both these beauties this die is a must for me thank you John xxxxx
    Love June horrocks xxxxx

  28. Love both of these but I think my favourite is the first one.

  29. Morning John, Oh Wow !! I love these cards, I adore the red and white freshness of the first one.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  30. Fab die and 2 lovely cards, I like the Get Well card as I am sure it would bring a smile and cheer a patient up !!!! Anne from Calne

  31. Two great cards but I think the garden one is my favourite. I have a shadow box die set coming for Christmas so will watch the demos with great interest.

    Anne (Northampton)

  32. Both brilliant John but I love the bright Get Well one. Looking forward to you shows.
    Love Valxxx

  33. Hi John,
    both lovely in their different ways. But as I'm a red person, it's the first one for me.
    All set to record (and watch of course), you always have such great tips on how to do things.
    Hugs, Rose

  34. Both cards are great John, so either one for me. Xx

  35. They are so different. I think though that the first is such a fun "Get Well" card and so different to anything I have ever see before that it has to start the show with a WOW. Tried to be good and not read anyone else's opinion first so now going to read back and find out what the others think lol.

    Have a happy day everyone

  36. Hi John

    These cards are fabulous. The first one is so different and would make any poorly person smile on seeing it. The second, and I think this just to say leads a fraction, is stunning. I think it's a difficult decision to make!

    Good luck for tonight!

    June x

  37. Both cards are fantastic! I love the get well card as it is so unique from any others I see.

  38. the garden one
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  39. Hi John, I'd go with the garden themed card if it was me. Will be watching later for more hints and tips. Good luck for the shows.

  40. Hello John, both cards are great but the garden one has such an effective look with the sanded frame - love it.

  41. Hi John, both beautiful cards for different reasons. Bit of a cop out but it will be a pleasure to see either. Wakey L

  42. Hi John two Fantastic cards i love the shadow box dies
    the garden one for me but love the pill idea great
    I will be tuning in have a good show i will enjoy what you show us
    Thank you jeanie.e xx

  43. Looking forward to your shows on Hochanda. Both shadow boxes are great. Tough choice to make as to which one I prefer for you to start with on Hochanda. I'm a flower person, but the Get Well one is so bright and amazing.

  44. John these are both so lovely, i would love to see you demo the second card as i love the aged wood effect and would love to see how you have done it.
    Looking forward to the shows as always.

  45. Hello John,
    I'm sorry I missed yesterday again! It's that time of year when distractions happen!
    Yesterday's cards were lovely as are today's! My favourite is the first one ! It's great!
    Thank you! I will watch with interest whatever you decide!
    Love Myra

  46. Poop! I can't decide (although I'm probably too late to make a difference) they are both gorgeous

  47. Hi John,
    what brilliant cards they are both so very different and lovely.
    Super idea the Get Well one.
    Lots of crafty regards. Jenny L.

  48. OMG forgot on were on telly tonight. Phew, just in time to watch the 10 o'clock repeat. Must set Sky+ ready for tomorrow. SueL x

  49. Thank you for two lovely cards. Think I like the second one best. Watched you make these cards on Catch up.