Saturday, 3 September 2016

Something Different Saturday...

Happy Saturday,

Today I am demoing at Grafton Crafts in Huntingdon.  If you are around please feel free to pop in and say hello!  Back to today's card and I thought Ir was time for a Different Saturday how about a trifold card that stands ion its own?

I made this card in 2 different versions and kept intending too demo it on Hochanda but I really haven't had the chance!

This uses just one die ( and the flowers of course) and is made using the same die that I had so many Emails about that I used for my Birthday Seasons cards a couple of weeks ago.

I stared by making 2 card blanks using the outside oval from the Geneva die, I then stuck these 2 together to make a trip panel card.

Next I cut the outline oval the pierced section and the next oval from Black foundation card.  I then cut the next 2 sections in the die using bright white foundation card cutting the last oval in the middle.  Finally I added rich red in the centre ( again with the oval cut out, and stuck this to the centre panel of the card blank.

For the second card I used pixie Powdered card for the backing piece and stamped the sentiment using my Larkspur everyday sentiment clear stamp set.

The flowers were made up using the Exquisite poppies die and the olive branch for the foliage.

Hopefully a different way to construct a small card but one that's effective.



  1. Morning John, loving today's card, it's gorgeous xx

  2. Morning John, both cards are beautiful today, hope you have a good day at Grafton cards.
    Nancyd xx

  3. Morning John and crafters all,
    Wow!!!! Two beautiful cards using the same dies but how different they look.
    Can you show us sometime on Hochanda how you make the trifold card please.
    Lucky Grafton Crafts in Huntington having you demo-ing!!!!
    Love and crafty hugs,
    Tina T xxxx

  4. Hi John
    They are both beautiful cards today. I love to scroll down and see what your next creation is going to be. Really nice.hAnne M xxx

  5. Morning John,
    Wow this card is stunning, absolutely gorgeous. I love it.
    We definitely need to see how you make this trifold card please.
    Enjoy your day

  6. Hi John
    Both great cards just stunning.

  7. Hi John.
    Thank you two beautiful cards.
    Have fun today Kitty.

  8. Morning John, two great cards, really like the second with the pixie powder. Would be great if you could show us how to make this card. Marion S x

  9. Two fabulous cards, love the first one.


  10. Both cards are lovely,John. A demo of the tri fold card would be great please and more of your small card samples.

  11. Hi John
    Stunning cards, would love to see them demoed.
    B xx

  12. Beautiful cards John I too would love to see you demo this one love em!!!!

    Love June Horrocks xxxxc

  13. These are both lovely, John. Have a good day.

    Anne (Northampton)

  14. Good morning. A truly stunning dramatic beautiful card. As previous stated would have loved to have seen these cards demonstrated. Kind regards Sandra

  15. Good morning. A truly stunning dramatic beautiful card. As previous stated would have loved to have seen these cards demonstrated. Kind regards Sandra

  16. Gorgeous cards, the. Second one is my favourite

  17. Really different cards john x they are lovely x
    Theresa w x

  18. Morning John, wow two gorgeous cards today, I think the first one just edges it for me but really love them both. I agree that would be nice for you to demo the card on Hochanda if you get a chance.

    Enjoy yourself at Grafton Crafts, only 2 weeks to go before AP.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  19. Gorgeous cards John, so not you, had to look twice when I saw pic. xxxx

  20. Hello John, 2 incredible cards, love the idea of a free standing panel card. Would love to see a demo of how you put them together. Fabulous colours too. Take care. Bx

  21. Good morning John this is a stunning pair of cards they are gorgeous. Have a great day today I am sure that you will have fun. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  22. Hi John,
    Two gorgeous cards, thank God I don't have to pick a favourite because I would be unable to do so. They are stunners.
    Hugs, Rose

  23. Hi John, love these cards, it is nice to do something different for a change. Have fun at your demo day ! Love Rosemarie X

  24. Good Morning John, I love that second card the colours are really striking and the design its gorgeous, the first one is very classy. hugs Shirleyxxx Enjoy your day at Grafton Crafts.

  25. Morning John, two fabulous cards for us today, love the second one and your use of Pixie Powders.

  26. Two lovely cards. On balance, I think I prefer the boldness of the first.


  27. pretty cards,like the colours in the second one ,Laura O

  28. Eh up John
    I, like Wendy, had to do a double take lol! A lot of black but the florals are terrific.
    Happy demoing.
    Ang x

  29. Love both I sort of get how you've made the triple but then can't work out how you've managed to "cover" the "seam/fold" if you see what I mean So, a demo would be great please
    I loved yesterday's card too but I just know when I go to try this it'll die cut more than the carrier sheet lol!
    Have a great day at Huntingdon Still out of my reach but getting nearer, me thinks ...

  30. Hi John. So nice to see an actual card!!! I like both of them but I think the one using the pixie powders just edges it.


  31. Both cards are great but the first one just edges it for me. As other people have said would love to see you demo this.

  32. Morning John,
    I think I'm being a bit dim, I can'y work out haw you have made this into a card.
    Love the end result.

  33. Hi John

    I love these designs and the colour combo and would also like to see you demo them

    June x

  34. Hi John,
    2 superb and wonderful design cards.
    I love the fab sahpe and you wonderful designs.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  35. Absolutely love this xx Its stunning!

  36. Absolutely love this xx Its stunning!

  37. love these cards john but i would love to see a demo too.
    They are both beautiful but i absolutely adore the colours in the second one.
    I love seeing the backgrounds you do with the pixie powders
    as everyone is different but so pretty and you chose your colours perfectly.

  38. Lovely card today John. As lots of people gave said a tutorial would be great! Thanks for sharing this.

  39. Hi John,
    Beautiful cards, I love the poppies they are very realistic.
    Thanks for sharing,

  40. Oh my goodness, not only two fabulous cards using Sue's fabulous poppies, but fabulous shaped cards as well. Not overdone it on the 'fabulous' have I? SueL x

  41. Hello John,
    I'm a bit late today - actually that happens a lot! I think your poppies look very realistic! I like both cards but the first is my favourite. Thank you.
    Love Myra

  42. Lovely card John, tfs :-)
    Maria x