Sunday, 28 August 2016

Even Simpler...

Happy Sunday,

A demo card form this weeks shows, Im also pleased to let everyone who has asked that the stamps are now available for preorder  They should be widely available form next Wednesday.  I love the simplicity of this card and if you want to see how this one was done simply watch the demo on catchup at

I covered a plain piece of card using the Fern green metallic gilding polish.  next I added a layer of enchanted gold gilding polish over the top and embossed the whole piece with the silhouette tree pinpoint embossing folder.  Once embossed I added a layer of graphite gilding polish and polished the piece with kitchen roll

I added fern green gilding polish to the autumn wreath stamp and stamped it on coconut white foundation card.  I polished it after leaving it for a minute to dry as the stamping leaves a thicker layer of polish that can smear if not left to dry off.

I cut the wreath out by hand and taped the edges with more of the enchanted gold polish.

I made up the card as shown with a long bow of canvas ribbon.



  1. Morning John, today's card is lovely x

  2. Morning John, a gorgeous card watched you demo this and all your shows were fab.
    Nancyd xx

  3. Fabulous card. Thanks John
    D x

  4. hi John,
    Watched you use it and then cut the tree out - still not sure how how you did but I'll have a go. This mask is so effective!
    Hugs, Rose

  5. Morning John, todays card is beautiful. Marion S x

  6. Hi John.
    Just Brilliant Thank you.
    Take care Kitty.

  7. Beautiful card John. Joyce x

  8. Hi John
    A great card, loved the demo.
    B xx

  9. Very effective. An unusual embossing folder.

  10. Hi John
    Very dramatic. I love this folder and managed to get the new colours so will be trying this one soon. Love it!
    Anne M xxx

  11. Great card, love the wreath.


  12. Hi John and crafters all,
    I to watched you demo this card, the pinpoint Tree embossing folder is lovely and the use of the gilding polish really gives it a shine.
    Love and crafty hugs
    Tina T xxxx

  13. Morning John, lovely card, I saw you using the metallic gilding polish on Hochanda on the embossing folders, wow you made it look so easy, when I try it I seem to smudge the background instead of just the pinpoints, I think I must be heavy handed so will try again more gently like you did it. Wished I had ordered the MGP when I saw them as they sold out so quickly, will try AP soon.

    Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  14. Good morning John this is a stunning card. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  15. Hi John, this card is fabulous, love the embossing folder, great technique with the 3 colours of gilding polishes, must try that. Have a great day. Bx

  16. Morning John,
    A great card, love the way you have used the wreath.

  17. Hi John. Just finished watching you making this card. Great technique. SueL x

  18. Hi John. Great card. I have got this embossing folder. It is lovely to work with. Love Rosemarie X

  19. Hi John great card, simple but elegant.

  20. Love those new gilding Polishes, this card is gorgeous, xxx

  21. Love the card John have s nice weekend
    Love June Horrocks xxxxxx

  22. Good Morning John oh my thats such a fab card for a man, love the background and your grogeous stamp. hugs Shirleyxx

  23. Good morning John, the wreath stamp looks so different on this card from yesterday's card. Saw you demonstrate these techniques yesterday, very interesting, love from Jackie xx

  24. Love the effect of the gilding polish on this embossing folder.

    Anne (Northampton)

  25. Lovely card john x the gilding polish looks beautiful over the tree x
    Theresa w x

  26. Hi John
    Great use of gilding polish, love the tree embossing folder
    another fab card for men.
    Thanks Jan

  27. Hi John. Well, this card certainly has plenty of drama. I really must have a go with some gilding polish at some point. The results are stunning.


  28. Good morning John,
    I love this folder and i am waiting on it coming along with eh..... a few stamps, well all them then as well as the polishes, colour clouds and card from your shows. This folder makes a card for so many reasons, one of them could be those dreaded cards that we all hate to make but need to, to show someone that we are there is they need us. You realise that i am blaming you for all my purchases that day as each card you made was lovelier than the last. I love how you have kept that rustic feeling going in this card with the linen ribbon as it just finishes it off perfectly and doesn't really turn the card girly, Thank you flower for so much inspiration and the way that you actually show how you get a look on tv and not just tell it after the fact like a few others do. You make the impossible attainable by all, so thank you so much,
    love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil Village)

  29. Hello John,
    A really beautiful card. It's very elegant and I love how you have incorporated the ribbon! I've got so much to watch on Catch up!
    Take care, Love Myra

  30. Eh up John
    Nice effect mixing the polishes on the background.
    Ang x

  31. Lovely card. Enjoyed the demo of this. Mixing gilding polishes is great fun and can result in some lovely end products can't it?


  32. Hi John

    Love using gilding wax/polishes and you do achieve quite an effective card as shown!

    June x

  33. Lovely effect with the polishes I like the folder but cannot see me using it very often

  34. OOH i love that background with the gilding polish.
    It really brings pattern out on the embossing powder.
    Also love how you have layered this one up.

  35. Lovely card John, those pinpoint embossing folders are exquisite X X X