Thursday, 4 August 2016

Die cutting Essentials...

Happy Thursday,

I meant to blog this a couple weeks ago but again time and show schedules got the better of me!  This is the card I made for the latest edition of die cutting essentials using the exclusive die designed by Sue Wilson for the magazine.  As you know Sue loves the configurations dies and I love the usefulness of these.  For this card I only used the free die although I did have to cut it 18 times lol

Full instructions on this card can be found in the magazine along with cards by Sue Wilson, Julia Watts and Tracey Laughton.

The only dies I have added are the centre ovals and the peony cluster used to centre the card.

a few more shots in case you want o work out how this one was made.  I have to admit its a classic me card as Mrs Duck would say so should be easy to emulate lol



  1. Morning John, today's card is gorgeous x

  2. Great card today John. Thanks.
    D x

  3. Morning John, love this card, yes a lot of cutting out but well worth it. I have not got this free die, don't tend to get magazines, I will have to see where to get one from.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  4. Hi John. Thank you a lovely card, I shall have to look for this magazine.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  5. Good morning John,

    This card is absolutely stunning! Love everything about it!

  6. Morning John, a fabulous card and very you.
    Nancyd xx

  7. Morning John, beautiful card and shows what can be done with one die. Thank you. Marion S x

  8. Beautiful card John, love it . I have got this magazine and for the ladies wondering where to get it I got mine at Morrisons, it was a few weeks ago. Joyce x

    1. What's the magazine called please

  9. Hi John
    A lovely card, great impact of colour and pattern.
    B xx

  10. Hi John
    Great card. Such a good way to use configurations. Great colours.
    Anne M xxx

  11. Can you please tell me what is Die Cutting Essentials you refer to and where do you obtain it\/

  12. Hi John and crafters all,
    Thank you for this card!!!
    I subscribe to Die Cutting Essentials and received this die, very versatile .
    Love your inspiration.
    Love and crafty hugs
    Tina T xxxx

  13. Stunning card, it's gorgeous. DieCutting Essentials is a magazine that is out every month, comes with a free die. I've bought it from Tesco & WHSmiths.


  14. Hi John. My what a lot of cutting, but it was worth it, lovely card. Love Rosemarie X

  15. A lovely card John. Just got round to looking at yesterday's blog as I had an early start then, loved that one.

  16. Morning John,
    Wow this card is gorgeous. It's amazing what you can create with the configuration dies.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. Thanks Michelle I havent seen or heard of it I will look

  18. Good morning John this is a stunning card I love the design. The die is amazing. Have a great day today. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  19. Lovely John. Thanks Miichele, never heard of this magazine.
    Love Valxx

  20. Yes, John, this is more like you - love the blue colours you have used.
    Sue Mac

  21. Not sure about cutting the die 18 times, John! I have the magazine but haven't played with the die yet.

    Anne (Northampton)

  22. Am in two minds about this one. I like the colour combo and the overall design but it seems a little crowded for me. Perhaps it is my bete noir - the bows. As for cutting s die out that many times....... only you John!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done for your perseverance.


  23. 18 times!!!! Flippin heck John still gorgeous though, xx

  24. Good morning John, yes I can also relate to having to cut more than 2 times I created 10 birthday cards yesterday and my the die cuts just went on and on and on, anyway pleased with the end result. And your card is just stunning I did treat myself to that free die and will have to thing again as to how many times I want to cut it out. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  25. Love this card John I have this die it's beautiful I have used it s lot my card was not as lovely as this one but I could try to copy yours now thank you John
    Love June Horrocks xxxxxxx

  26. Rose in Chester4 August 2016 at 11:33

    Hi John,
    you are more patient than me, cutting one die 16 times! I simply wouldn't do it. But the resulting card is lovely.
    Hugs, Rose

  27. Hi John
    Tremendous Card I Love The Colour Combination, I'd Never Heard Of This Magazine!!!!!
    I Will Have To Look Into This, I Stoped Buying Craft Magazine's Years Ago As They Became Full Of Adverts Rather Than Actual Information On Card Making
    Hugs From Sam xxx

  28. Hi John
    Lovely card John, but my word fancy having the patience to cut this out 18 times. And I thought you liked easy.

  29. Wow John what a gorgeous card and just the right colour. Must look for this magazine but perhaps too late now.

  30. Lovely card john x bought the mag wouldn't normally but must be a magpie when it comes to sues dies ! Really like the sentiment x
    Theresa w x

  31. Absolutely stunning card John xx i am so looking forward to your workshops this weekend x

  32. Absolutely stunning card John xx i am so looking forward to your workshops this weekend x

  33. Hi John, what a great card, just using the one die. Love it.

  34. John this is fabulous and love all the beautiful detail and the colours.
    Absolutely love this card.

  35. Dear John
    do we have a date in August yet for your Autumn's child stamps on Hochanda (which I am saving up for!)? Love
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  36. Beautiful John. Wow, you must have lots of patience!! Xx

  37. Eh up John
    Going to be a bit controversial matey. I wouldn't actually say this is a classic John card, per say, as its a wee bit full on for a classic John. Perhaps if the dies cuts we're toned in rather than in white it would look a little less busy by that's only IMHO.
    You must have an arm like Popeye unless you used your Gemini lol!
    Ang x

  38. Hi John. Well this card has certainly achieved what you set out to do - to showcase all the dies, but for me the result is just a bit too busy. I suppose you can't please all of the people all of the time. Sorry.


  39. Hi John, like this card and the die used. Also the colour is lovely. Have been looking for this magazine but as it was a few weeks ago, not easy to get hold of.
    Maria x

  40. Hello John,
    I stumbled across this magazine a few weeks ago. I haven't used the die as yet as been on holiday. Thanks for reminding me!
    Love Myra

  41. Please help where can I get the magazine from this card is stunning

  42. Gorgeous card John, very striking X X X