Saturday, 20 August 2016


Happy Saturday,

Well I'd love to report that the internet is all up and running and Im back on track but I can't.  Within 10 minutes of the engineer leaving the speed had dropped nothing and it's gonna take Sky nearly a week to send someone out to sort the time that doesn't work!  Im hoping this post goes live! lol

I thought I would are the 2 projects I have specially made for tomorrow craftathon with the brilliant Mr Phill Martin tomorrow.  The idea of the day is you spend half the time with me making 2 projects and the other half with Phill making further 2!  This has meant a lot of recutting to ensure everyone gets time to finish the projects.

Todays is the first card made using Pixie powders and Dies by Sue Wilson Here Ive used the Stitched lattice set along with the Equate Poppies and the Antwerp die.  I have also used my Nasturtium Elements clear stamp set for the sentiment which, as you may have noticed matches the centre shape form the Belgian collection of dies.  This makes getting the right sentiment so easy!

The card is made up as shown using just one sheet of watercolour card and the Silver Dream, Purple Violet and Midnight blue pixie powders.



  1. Morning John, today's card is very pretty xx

  2. Morning John
    My son went away from Sky because their service was rubbish. Hope you have more luck than him! Card is lovely today. Sorry can't get there as no one got back to me when I enquired.
    Anne M xxx

  3. Morning John,
    Beautiful card today, love the pixie powder colours also.
    Sorry to hear about the problems with your internet, hope it's sorted soon.
    Have a great day

  4. Beautiful card John, love the colours. Have a good day with Phil and all the crafters. Joyce x

  5. Hi John
    Gorgeous card today. Must get the lattice die. (my next treat)

  6. Hi John.
    A great card Thank you.
    Hope you get sorted soon. take care Kitty.

  7. Great card, love the background.


  8. Morning John, oh no why have you got to wait nearly another week for an engineer, that is disgusting and very poor service indeed and so frustrating for you, hugs.

    A stunning creation today for the craftathon, so vibrant with the pixie colours.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  9. Good morning John this is a stunning card I love it. People are going to have so much fun making this. I would love to be there the whole day sounds brilliant. I hope your internet gets sorted out it must be so frustrating. Have a great day today. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  10. John I love this card. Sorry to hear your internet isn't working properly. It sounds like ours but with a different provider. We are always calling out the engineer. He tweaks things and it's okay for a short while and then it goes again so I very much hope they sort yours out better than ours. My OH doesn't want to change his email so won't change provider but makes it hard to watch Hochanda as can't get it on tv.
    Good luck.
    D x

  11. Love the colours you have used and, once again, my faveLattice Window die, xxx

  12. Gorgeous card John, just love those pixie powders. Sorry to hear you are having problems with internet. I think we all take it for granted nowadays and when it doesn't work it is so frustrating. Good luck with the Craftathon. Marion S x

  13. Hello John, what a stunning card, gorgeous colours, and the background behind the lattice die looks fantastic. Have a great day with the Craftathon. Bx

  14. Morning John, a fabulous card and love the colours you have used, hope you can manage with the little wifi you have, and have a great day at your craftathon.
    Nancyd xx

  15. Eh up John
    Terrific card. The background looks fabulous. Hope the broadband gets sorted soon. I'm guessing there's a wait as its Summer and folk have holidays.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  16. Hi John and crafters all,
    Very pretty card today, so bright and cheerful! Love the exquisite poppies.
    So to here about your broadband with Sky!
    Where I live you in Hull you can only use one provider KCOM for home broadband, all new homes have it put in automatically. The service is excellent.
    Good luck with your duo workshop with Phill Martin, you lucky people it should be a barrel of laughs.
    Love and crafty hugs,
    Tina T xxxx

  17. Hi John
    A gorgeous card. My daughter and son-in-law waited ages for a phone line and broadband when they moved into a new house, but an extremely nice neighbour gave them access to his wifi and became a very good friend.
    Enjoy the craftathon, sounds brilliant.
    B xx

  18. Morning John,
    Beautiful card.

  19. It must be so frustrating not getting the Wi-Fi sorted.

    Love the card today - which I could be there for the workshop.

    Anne (Northampton)

  20. Good Morning John sorry to hear about your Wi-Fi, when we had ours upgrated the actual phone line was leaking so had to have the PO to come and sort it out, hope its not the same for you.
    Stunning card this morning I do love that choice of colours in the pixie powders. Have fun with Phil. hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  21. That's a lovely card. I used the Stitched Lattice Frame for the first time yesterday and I love it. It makes a complex looking card very simple!

  22. Love your card, it has all my favourite components. Excited!!
    Isn't Broadband frustrating. I would like to upgrade to superfast but afraid the Engineers will mess up and leave me with no service. SueL x

  23. Stunning card love this one the colours are brill sorry to hear about your internet. Thank you John
    Love June Horrocks xxxx

  24. Beautiful card John, oh how I wish I lived nearer and I could go to these things. Sorry about your internet. I have Sky and it is very temperamental. Love Rosemarie X

  25. Woooh sorry to hear you're having Internet issues I'm without a laptop at mo at find that so frustrating To be without Internet would be like cutting my right arm off IPod is ok but not the best
    Love the card The Lattice dies are on my wish list

  26. PS the craftathon sounds interesting and I expect with the pair of you together it'll be a lot of fun

  27. Morning John, I can understand your frustration with broadband speeds !!! I've just switched from sky to BT, who promised me a minimum of 30mbps but I'm only getting 20-25mbps. Engineer been once and checked and repaired the line...but no better. Waiting for another engineer to come on Tuesday to see if he can do any better. It's frustrating having to speak to someone in India everytime....but hopefully will be resolved soon. Great cards as always John. Hope the move went smoothly apart from your internet problems... Janice xx

  28. Good morning John and yes here I am again eventually. When I came back the builders had cleverly cut off my phone line *^^^###!!!! Fortunately my friend's husband got things up and running for me - I'll worry about getting BT in once all the work is done. Love the pixie colours you have used on this card and hope you have a great day, love from Jackie xx

  29. Hi John. I wish I could finally get this move out of the way so that I can start adding to my crafty stash again. I feel so inspired by your recent creations using pixie powders but simply have no room to buy any more products at the moment.


  30. Lovely card John. Just love the use of the pixie pwders.
    Love Valxxx

  31. Hello John,
    What a lovely card! Everyone will enjoy making it - well I know I would!
    Should be a fun day! Sorry about the Internet problems - why can't they get it right first time!
    Love Myra

  32. Beautiful card John. I have just got the Lattice Frame die and already have the poppies. Haven't got the die you used fir the sentiment but will use some thing else instead. Sorry to hear about the Internet. My son and daughter in law had the same problem when they moved recently. Took weeks to sort. Still not brilliant. Would like to upgrade but don't want to be with out Internet for weeks.its my lifeline

  33. Hi John

    I really like this card and love the colour palette

    June x

  34. Very pretty card. Like the colour choice.

    Sorry you are still having problems with your internet. Like anyone not using cable, the majority of Internet users are at the mercy of Open Reach who control all land line set ups (regardless of telphone provider) and this has an appalling reputation for unreliability and making people often wait for months for a connection. Even paying extra for so called fibre optic connections is often meaningless as the fibre only goes to the junction box and one is then reliant on copper cabling from box to pole to house so theoretical speeds aren't always achievable. My wiring was over fifty years old and unreliable so I have gone back to cable. ....... Upside great download speeds. watching you and the rest of CE demonstrators live on Hochanda. Upside....... I am not watching so much craft telly. LOL


  35. Lovely card John, the pixie powders are brilliant and the lattice die is one I particularly like.

  36. What a coincidence you showing this card as got i the lattice die this morning.
    John this is gorgeous, those colours are just so stunning.
    I have definately got to get myself some of those pixie powders.
    I absolutely love this card.

    Sorry that you are having problems after waiting all this time to get the internet connected, you must be so frustrated.
    I will keep my fingers crossed that you get it sorted.

  37. Hi John
    Love today's card using the stitched lattice. Haven't bought any pixies as friends do have them, and in their words they just make a mess.
    Isn't that just typical of any new internet, it's working while someone is about but stops as soon as they leave. Hope it gets sorted sooner than in a week.

  38. Hi John. It's been ages since I've left you a comment and I do apologise. I won't bore you with all the in's and out's and wherefore's, but one reason is missing mojo and the lack of interest in all things craft, so just blogged on the one I've followed for some time, but have popped in for a quick looksie, but I've just had a longer look and I'm so glad I have as there are so many beautiful samples. CE are constantly offering us so many new goodies, and it's so helpful reading how you put them to use, I need to start and do the lotto again I think ! I loved your 'craft cave' the 'old one' I presume if you've moved since posting that before and after a tidy up photo lol, I was really envious of all your wonderful goodies (once we got a better view) how you manage to work in that I'll never know lol think I'd have a melt down lol. Anyway John, good luck in your new home, and have far too much pleasure in your new 'craft cave' !! and I bet there will be non-stop laughter with you and Phill at the craftathon, have a great time xx

  39. Lovely card John. Pixie powders make such beautiful flowers.

  40. Hi John,
    Sorry your having trouble getting up and running flower but i hope that you will be very happy in your new home and craft cave.
    I can't do this messy crafting and sorry but i can't work out which bit starts and stops. I like your precise, clean cards, your fantastically beautiful boxes and the gifts that you make for inside them, your beautiful intricate out of this world cards that take so much work that they are a masterpiece no word of a lie, but the pixie powders are not me flower, sorry. I hope that things start to look up for you next week and that you can finally get truly settled in and get up and running once more,
    love and crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil )

  41. Lovely card john x the lattice die is beautiful x hope your internet gets sorted soon x enjoy your craftathon with phil x
    Theresa w x


  43. Lovely card John love your background X X X