Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mixing Shows ...

Happy Thursday,

I hope those of you who watched me being let loose on Hochanda yesterday enjoyed the shows as much as I did.  Dont forget Im back on today with the Justrite One Day Special at 9am, 12pm, 4pm and last chance at 7pm.

I thought today I would show a card that I made yesterday morning for the let lockers loose shows that mixes the amazing Justrite pine tress dies and stamps with the polished silk glitter and some of the techniques I showed.  If you missed the glitter show you can watch on catch up HERE.

Im hoping to show how to make the glitter trees later in one of todays shows.  The background was made using the double sided

adhesive sheets and mask technique I showed.



  1. Morning John, beautiful card today, loved all your shows yesterday, have fun today will be watching x

  2. Lovely card John. Very Christmasy. Thanks for sharing.
    D x

  3. Morning John, a gorgeous card watched your loose shows they were great not caught up with last night yet but have recorded it along with today's will watch them later when I get home.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Hi John
    Very different looking Christmas card.Love it.

  5. Hi John
    what a stunning card love the colours thank you tracyw x

  6. Hi John.
    I still have not caught up yet.
    Beautiful card Thank you.
    Take care Kitty.

  7. Hi John. Great shows yesterday, today's are all set to record so I can catch up tonight. Lovely card, anything sparkly always gets my vote! Sue x

  8. lovely card and interesting shows yesterday with all the techniques

  9. Hi John, your let loose show was great, so much inspiration and great techniques. Love this card, the polished silk glitters are amazing. Have a great day today. Bx

  10. Morning John, I must confess I am sorry but I missed the show yesterday, will hopefully be able to see it on catch up later, today's creation look amazing.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  11. A lovely icy brrr card John .)

  12. Hi John,
    The shows were great! Still got to catch up on one that I missed but settling down to see it now. The card is fabulous.
    Bought the winter trees and can't wait to play!
    Anne M xxx

  13. Brilliant card, really different-lovely.


  14. A lovely card John.
    I have recorded your shows so still need to watch them xx

  15. Good morning John this is a gorgeous card I love the design. Your shows were amazing. I am looking forward to seeing more today. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  16. Fabulous card, loved watching all your techniques yesterday for two hours, hope they can give you a slot like this on a permanent basis you have so much talent. No work for me today so can watch you again. xxxx

  17. Morning John. Enjoyed last night's show but not watched afternoon one yet. Amazing deal on the inks.

  18. Morning John,
    I love this card it's stunning.
    I watched all of your shows yesterday and really enjoyed seeing all the different techniques. Would be nice if they could give you a regular show like the afternoon shows.
    I love the tree stamps and how you can layer them. Trouble is watching my pennies at the moment so can't get them yet.i also love the ink dyes.
    I'm looking forward to watching today's shows and am taping them all,
    Enjoy your day

  19. Beautiful card. Loved all the shows yesterday and looking forward to todays

  20. Hi John, great shows and demos yesterday, looking forward to today. I love this card, it's absolutely gorgeous.
    Hugs, Rose

  21. Hi John, loved your shows and all the tips. It can be very daunting when you get a new product and are not sure how to use it. Great card. Love Rosemarie x

  22. Hi John
    A gorgeous card. I loved your shows yesterday afternoon, your shirt was sparkling with glitter by the end of the 2 hours.
    B xx

  23. Gorgeous, John. I have watched the gilding show so far - must get my flakes out again! Looking forward to watching todays shows.

    Anne (Northampton)

  24. Morning John,
    I did catch part of the show yesterday. Love the card shown here. Hope to catch up later.

  25. Good Morning John, wow what a beautiful card and who would think that all that glitter would look so good. Fabulous TV shows. hugs Shirleyxxx

  26. Loved you being let loose yesterday very impressed with the tips the glitter today's card is beautiful see you at 9am
    Love June Horrocks xxxxx

  27. Gorgeous card and the show yesterday was great, they should make it a regular thing, xxx

  28. Such a beautiful card. I really enjoyed yesterday's shows - especially "Let Lockers Loose". Will be watching today too.

  29. Hi John. This card looks really interesting. I recorded the Let Lockers Loose show so I must watch it between your shows today to see how you did it and at some stage today I must remember to go and vote.


  30. Hi John, still have to watch yesterday's show, but really enjoyed today's show. Cards are amazing.. Looking forward to the next one.
    (Hope you enjoyed your Indian snacks )

  31. I managed to watch some of your show and really enjoyed the demos. Saw this card and thought how lovely it was. On my , dare I say it, Christmas to do list! Luv jxxx

  32. Lots of techniques you showed us on Let Loose, really enjoyed watching, although it was about midnight when I was watching so not all of it sank in. Lovely sparkly card. SueL x

  33. Hi John,
    Stunning card, love the trees. Watching the show now, and enjoying the demonstrations.
    Thanks for sharing,

  34. Gorgeous card john x I love it x
    Theresa w x

  35. Hi John, Just loving all the showa,and I agree with Janine I wish you could have a permanent slot as you are so informative and inspiring. I would be happy to let hochanda know my views not that I think one person could do much,but it's worth a try.I suppose the only problem might be all the sellouts !!! Take cared Love Barbara D xxx

  36. Hello John ,
    I didn't mange to watch " Lockers Let Loose" as I had a migraine yesterday! However I've watched it today on Catch Up! Great Show - I always watch Leonie too as these are the Shows where I have learned most! Some things I knew before but it's easy to get in a rut and keep doing the same things! Thanks so much and thanks Hochanda for doing this!
    Still to watch the Justrite ones!
    Beautiful card today and you are so right about the glitters! I love them , although I only have a couple so far.
    Sorry about War and Peace but wanted to say thank you! X

  37. Hi John
    You were in your element great shows, I will be watching your shows again, lots of info you make it look so easy John, fab projects X X X

  38. Fabulous! Love the shimmer and fabulous bow!
    Linda xxx

  39. Hi John

    Great card today, I missed your previous show when you demonstrated the 'trees' but have the others recorded now!

    June :)

  40. Eh up John
    A real sparkle fest. I love the tree stamps but blink & you missed em lol!
    Great shows today as well. I'm guessing for the last one, you'll only have a perfect medium pad left to demo as that'll be the only thing left in stock lol!
    Ang x

  41. Lovely card John. Not been able to watch any shows so far as Internet compnnection not good. Hope I will be able to watch on Catch up.

  42. John i absolutely love this card, i just love that
    glitter so much especially as it stays put on the card
    and doesn't shed everywhere.
    This just looks so pretty.
    Please can i have it lol
    I know i am being cheeky but my mum did always say if you don't ask you'll never know.
    Thank you once again for the fab shows, i will be the proud owner of some of those glitters soon.