Saturday, 16 April 2016

Something different Saturday...

Happy Saturday,

Don't forget I am demoing all day today at Crafty Company in Fletwood.  It would be great if some of you pop in and say hi ( if you're in the area that is lol!)  I have to admit I'm quite nervous about today's project as it really is something different form my usual pretty / classic style.  let me know what you think of my first piece of mixed media / altered art!

I will be demoing this tomorrow on Hochanda with a 2 hour show launching the brand new Lustre paints from Cosmic `Shimmer.  I have to admit I have loved playing with these paints the shine and lustre of these along with the high pigmentation is simply stunning!

All the techniques I have used for this will be shown over the 2 hour special.
There is a good  mix of masks, paint techniques as well of use of mixed media and even some microbeads thrown in.

I have added some more pictures of another, lighter coloured, piece I have made for the show!



  1. Morning John, wow they look lovely, looks like fun to make as well xx

  2. How dramatic! Look great fun to make.
    D x

  3. Hi John Wow these sure do stand out they are brilliant.
    Thank you, Take care and have fun Kitty.

  4. WOW!!!!!! John these are wonderful ,I love mixed medium,I'm not very good at it but love to see it

  5. There is no end to your Talent John, these are wonderful love the color and design of the first one especially.
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi John
    Don't be nervous - these would grace any walls. They are great!
    Anne M xxx

  7. Morning John,
    Wow these are stunning, I always say your are an artist and these show you are.
    Ive not done any mixed media yet but would really love to give it a go.
    Have a great day in Fleetwood.

  8. Good morning John. Well these are different from you - shades of Leonie. Hope to be able to catch some of your show tomorrow. Have a great day today.

  9. Good morning John the canvas are amazing. I think I saw them on show at Ally Pally. I hope all goes well at Fleetwood today. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

  10. Lovely projects-first one reminds me of a peacock feather and the second one makes me think of honeycomb.


  11. Hello John, these 2 pieces of artwork are absolutely stunning, I am really drawn to the darker one. Looking forward to the shows to see what else you do. Take care and have a great day. Bx

  12. Great John, Really looking forward to your shows and seing the lovely new paints.Nick xx

  13. Morning John,
    Love your mixed media projects they are stunning.

  14. This really is something different for you
    Love the idea, but it's not for me

  15. The first one is stunning and I love the colours. Have a good day today up north.


  16. Wow! These are great, John. Will have to rely on catch up to watch your shows this weekend.

    Anne (Northampton)

  17. Now thats different, interesting with all the embellishments added but its too dark for me, I prefer the second one. Luv jxxx

  18. Hi John,
    Well this is different!!!!
    You certainly have hidden talents.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's Hochanda - 3 hours of John Lockward.
    Enjoy your workshop.
    Love and crafty hugs
    Tina T xxxxx

  19. Hi John, I love mixed media and these two examples are great, I will be watching your shows tomorrow with interest. Love Rosemarie x

  20. Wow John, this is just my sort of thing. Love both the cards and can't wait for the shows tomorrow so I can see how you did them.


  21. Not the sort of thing I could tackle, but I think you have done a great job. Love them both. SueL x

  22. I can't see me ever making cards like that - just not my style - but you've made a great job of them John. I particularly like the first one.

  23. Hi John very different but very beautiful love it enjoy fleet wood wish I could be there to watch.
    Love June Horrocks xx

  24. Morning John, wow this is different,I think it great, but I don't think I would have the confidence to try something like this

  25. Hi John
    Love your mixed media pieces. My favourite is the first one and I would hang it on my wall any day, it's gorgeous. Looking forward to your shows.

  26. Brilliant altered art I love the top one - more dramatic me thinks

  27. Hi John.
    I'm missing your beautiful delicate cards. It seems no matter what you turn your hand to it works really well.
    If I attempted anything like this, it would look like a cat had up-chucked on whatever it was I was trying to alter, utterly useless & clueless that's what I am with this kind of craft !
    Hope the demo day goes well xx

  28. Hi John,
    I like them both, but the first one is a STUNNER.
    Have a great day in Fleetwood, and shall be watching your Hochanda shows (alas, on my tablet).
    Hugs, Rose

  29. Hi John
    Wow, can't wait to watch the show. These are stunning.
    Regards, Carol

  30. Good afternoon John, Sorry flower they are not for me and i think it is because i just don't do messy. Now i'm not saying anything bad about your projects as i know it takes great guts to go well out of your comfort zone as you have and the first piece would go brilliantly across in my friends home who does minialistic but dramatic. I think that someone in that field would find these fantastic and so exciting but can i have the old John back please, the one with the pretty works of art that doesn't shake my world upside down, lol. I wonder how hard you actually found trying to do so far out of your comfort zone like you have as i think you are very much going towards the Phill crafting style, very neat and precise so it must have been really hard for you to put this together and i bet fret about what reactions there would be to it. It is a very dramatic piece of art and would look stunning on a canvas say 20x30 inches. Have a great day with the people of Fleetwood flower and save journey home,
    crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil Village)

  31. Wow, John ! What great mixed media projects. Thanks for sharing.
    Sue Mac

  32. Amazing work! First one is my favourite though both are great. I am getting more into mixed media at the moment so these are definitely for me. Looking forward to the shows as always.

    Liz Young

  33. Eh up John
    Arrrugah! Me likey very muchly. Now you know I don't do messy but if the results were like this, I'd give it a's that for you inspiring me to try messy! Unheard of lol!
    Enjoy Fleetwood. Used to be a lovely ice cream parlour there in my youth (Not a word!!!!!)
    Ang x

  34. WOW John these are fabulous. Certainly brought out the artist in you. Shame I'll miss the show, Im on freeview and the internet feed is awful.Missed Sue as well, after waiting all this time. Gutted!!!Good luck for the shows.

  35. Oh John,

    I absolutely adore Mixed media and these are STUNNING! Cannot wait for the shows tomorrow which I will record lol! Excited!!!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie Jacobs xxx

  36. Lovely cards John a great mix of inks too X X X

  37. Hi John
    WOW, what a lovely Dramatic piece of art! Will love seeing how this is done.
    Love Angela.x

  38. Oh my!!

    These are stunning, John.

    Particularly LOVE the drama of the first one.

    I definitely want to catch your show
    even if it means watching catch up


  39. Wow these are awesome. Is there no end to your creative talents!! Hope not lol I'm sure today will be as successful as all ur other demo days xxx

  40. Hi John, I love the first one you have made.
    Nice dark, strong colours. The other one is nice too :-)
    Have a good weekend,
    Maria x

  41. What a change from your normal style. The first one is amazingly dramatic, I love it. Pat x

  42. Hi john, when I first saw these I thought what on earth has he being doing. lol
    But I absolutely love the first one and looking to see
    which of my walls it would look best on.
    The second one I really like too but the first is my favourite.
    You are just so talented and I bet whatever you put your
    hand to it comes out stunning.
    I am really looking forward to the shows.

  43. Hi John, Wow, Wow and triple Wow !!!!!! these samples are absolutely magnificent, I love, love, love, them !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  44. I also have to say WOW...WOW...WOW, just love this card John



  45. It's a triple WOW from me too John. Love these creations



  46. wow John this is stunning love the brightness of these projects ,Laura O

  47. Hi John

    Love the one on the darker background. I adore this sort of thing so in between football will try and watch you tomorrow or record shows for enjoyment at a later time

    Hugs, T x

  48. Hi John, absolutely fantastic works love them going to miss the shows with the hours difference in Australia can't seem to catch any of them hope you do more when I get home.
    Nancyd xx

  49. Hi John, just playing catch up, sorry I missed your blogs over the past few days, back home now recovering, very sore and tender though.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx