Saturday, 13 February 2016

Something Different Saturday...

Happy Saturday,

Today finds me with the lovely people of Keep on Crafting in Bury St Edmonds leading a workshop! I have been so busy preparing for the launch of my new Spring Collection including a new paperback that all my spare time seems to have been taken up with making samples of them! I thought, therefore, that I would show another card I made with the new Perspective dies designed by Sue Wilson for Creative Expressions.  Again I hope you agree that this is a different card type and style for me!

I cut the new Zig Zag bar into a strip of coconut white card, I then removed the die cut shape and placed a piece of double sided adhesive sheet behind the aperture however I left the protective sheet in place.  With my craft knife i carefully cut into the protective sheet in lines across the piece removing each section at a time too expose the adhesive.  I used various shades of polished silk glitter in each section in turn to create an ombre effect down the piece.

Next I placed the die cut zig zag back into the waste space using spray adhesive keeping back the individual pieces for another project ( more of that on Monday)

Next I cut the thank you perspective die form coconut white card with the outside circle that comes as part of the set.  I then cut, form coconut white card covered in double sided adhesive sheet, the smallest and the outside dies form the set.  I removed the protective sheet and added the dark blue polished silk glitter on the exposed adhesive.  For the centre ring I cut the larger circle and the inner leaf motif again form the white and added a circle of adhesive covered card behind this.  I then added silver polished silk glitter in the adhesive with a small clear dazzler in the centre.

To finish I mounted this with from tape to the left of the striped section and mounted the whole thing onto cobalt and white layered card.

Something that I hope you will agree is very different for me, clean and simple without any flowers, foliage or a bow!


On another note It has been asked if I could do a revisit day on my blog for some of the older dies in my collection.  It would be great to know what you think and any ideas where I should start!


  1. Morning John, a very different striking card with a different sentiment it would make a great card for the guy's as you are so hard to make for. It would fabulous to do a revisit of your old dies as we all have loads I'm sure and it would help us regenerate them.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hi John.
    A great card thank you.
    Yes a look back would be good.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  3. Hi John
    I Love Today's Clean Looking Card, I Am So Looking Forward To Your New Stamps And Also Your "New Paperback WOW" You Have Been Extremely Busy, That Means I'll Spend More Money.... Lol!!!!
    I Also Think It Would Be A Great Idea To Return To The Old Dies Just For A Change...
    Hugs From Sam xxx
    ✂️ Carry On Creating ✂️

  4. Beautiful card...quick and easy

  5. Morning John, I like this one, in all honesty I was unsure about the zigzag die as to whether I would get much use out of it but this looks really effective on the card, I might have to change my mind.

    With regards to revisiting old dies I am all for that, I like many other crafters out there have so many dies that we sometimes forget those that we have had for a while.

    Enjoy yourself at Bury St Edmunds xx

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  6. Good morning John this is a wonderful card. I love how you have used the dies. A revisit day sounds like a very good idea. Maybe you could start with the first release of Sue's dies. Enjoy your day. Hugs Jackie

  7. Very different for you John but boy what a grand card ,i love it !
    My New Year resolution is to use all my old dies so a revisit would be just great John.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Elaine H X

  8. Hi John
    A great card, a good one for the guys.
    B xx

  9. Hi John,
    Great card. Having a bit of trouble undestanding how it was done but I am distracted by the grandkids!
    will read it again later.
    Love it!
    Anne M xxx

  10. Hi John ,I love the way you have used this die. Great idea to revisit old dies. I agree with Jackie start at the beginning .Gloria (sidcup) xx

  11. WOW-stunning card, I love it. I have just bought the zigzag die so this is perfect inspiration firms.
    I'd love to see some older dies used on your projects as it might help inspire me (& others) to use what we already have in our collection.


  12. I like the simplicity of this card, and its effective.
    I agree with the others, start at the beginning and see where it leads.....
    Luv jxxx

  13. I like the zig zag finish although I, too, am a little uncertain as to how it was done. It makes a clean card that lends itself for men.


  14. Hi John,
    Very different, but really nice!
    I'm with everyone else, start at the beginning and nothing will be missed.
    Lorna D

  15. Hi John. You showed me this card last Saturday and I was bowled over. It's lovely on screen, but seeing the real thing it was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. SueL x

  16. Good morning John, wow talk about less is more I love this!!!
    The zigzag die looks gorgeous done in pastel colours too!!!
    Yes to using older dies!!! We forget what we've got or at least I do : )
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  17. Morning John,
    A great CAS card, love it.

  18. Brilliant design, Wouldn't know where to begin on a revisit day, xxx

  19. What a great card, John. The zigzag die was my favourite from the latest die release.

    Anne (Northampton)

  20. Eh up John
    Brilliant CAS card and the graduation on the glitters is super.
    With the older die thing, how about you give a choice of 3 older dies and folk comment on which they would like you to use......most votes wins kinda thing?
    Enjoy your workshop.
    Ang x

  21. Hi John,
    I love today's card it's so different.
    I think Mrs Duck's idea is great about showing older dies again.
    Have a great day at the workshop

  22. Hi John sorry I can't be with you today had already arranged so.ething before Mandy let me know you were coming. No doubt you will have a good time so safe travels. Really like this die more and more when I see the samples. Love from Jackie xx

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  24. Hi john love the card very clever love the ideas about old dies often put away and forgotten. Have a great day love June Horrocks xxxxx

  25. Loving this card John , the dies are brilliant!

  26. Wow what a stunning card - very modern. I love it.

  27. Such a striking card today John, very handy idea for those difficult male cards. Love the colours (blue and white again). Thank you


  28. Afternoon John, different looking card today, its still nice though x

  29. Hi John, It is different - but I absolutely love it !!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  30. Hi John,
    beautiful card, I love its CAS design. However, looks to me as if you have put A LOT of work into it. I don't like spray glue, won't use it, so I would amend it slightly (make it easier for me LOL)
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Rose

  31. Afternoon John, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. A very striking card! Love the colours and design.
    Linda xxx

  32. Lovely card John. I like the colour combination and that zigzag die. :)

  33. Hi John

    Definitely something different and I really like it, would make a great man card.

    Hugs, T x

  34. Just love todays card John. Very striking.
    Love Val x

  35. Hi John this is certainly different for you but lovely nevertheless. Looking forward to what you will do with the cut-away pieces.
    Would love you to re-visit some of the older dies.

  36. This is different John. Lovely card.

  37. This is very different for you John, I still love it though!
    Love Nancy xx

  38. You are so right about it being different for you but it is still fab and I love it.
    There are some cards that are nicest without the flowers and bows and this is
    definately one of them.

  39. Hi John, you have such a patience. Fab card for the man folk
    What was the very first die out from Sue ?, could be interesting to see. Have fun over Sunday !
    Maria x

  40. Love the card Live the idea of using older dies I have lots of items that I'd like you to showcase! My first choice would be...Lacy Doiley Accents I bought this set after seeing one of your cards using them Need more ideas please but any of the old ones You never know I might just have it in my collection

  41. Hi John,
    Lovely card, I really love the different look you have created here, I particularly like the ombre effect.
    Thanks for sharing,