Friday, 19 February 2016

In the pink...and blush...and white...

Happy Friday,

I think a few of you got it right that I am on a bit of a pink kick at the moment!  I don't know why but its a colour I rarely use however it just seems to keep coming out of the card stash at the moment, today a colour i didn't think I would use but am loving Baby Pink?!?

This card, rarely for me, uses only one die of course its one of the striplets I really do have stripletitis!  I started by cutting the rococo triplet inner and out die in coconut white.  I then cut just the outer die in Baby Pink and blush foundation card, I cut the centre from the blush one and adhered it behind the centre of the triplet, I then added the baby pink cut behind this so that the colours change.

For the background I cut just the centre die form the rococo striplet on each side of a square of baby pink.  I then added strips of coconut white and blush across the back so that the colours complement the stripes behind the front piece.  Finally I added 8mm white stick on pearls in the centre of each triplet cut and foam mounted the centre panel in the centre.  A few layers of white, blush and pink finish the card.

Card Size: 21 x 21 cm
Colours: Coconut White, Blush & Baby Pink foundation card
Dies: Rococo Striplet
Stamps: None
Inks: None
Embellishments: 86 white stick on pearls



  1. Hi John.
    Thank you another very pretty card.
    I too like the striplets.
    take care and have fun Kitty.

  2. Morning John, a gorgeous card love the different colours you have added to the main striplet very effective.
    Nancyd xx

  3. Hi John
    what a stunning card love the colours and the die thank you tracyw x

  4. Morning John, you get a thumb's from my grandchildren who like pink, but I think it's beautiful x

  5. love the cards you have been showing these last few days pink isn't a colour I use much but these have been stunning

  6. Morning John, this is a lovely card today, yes I mean it, it is. I like the baby pink and the way you have incorporated the blush pink in the centre, this style could be done with all number of colours, say black, white and grey, that would look nice, oh you are a clever sausage aren't you.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  7. Good morning John, fantastic card I love it!!! Less is always more!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  8. A really pretty card. I love the Rococo striplet. Couldn't believe how beautiful it was the first time I cut it. You've certainly shown it off beautifully here John.

  9. Hi John, a really pretty and feminine card, love the centre panel, very effective, and lovely colours. Have a good day. Bx

  10. A lovely card John I like the two different shades of pink .
    You could always do it again in blue... maybe

  11. Beautiful card,, really pretty. As June says, this would look also great in black, white & grey/silver.


  12. How effective this looks, John and I agree with the other suggestions about colour combinations.

  13. Morning John,
    This card is gorgeous, I do like the striplet dies but I haven't got this one yet.
    You always show me something I need to add to my must have list.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Morning John, A very pretty card.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Pretty card. I like the variable coloured backing for the central striplet. The design lends itself to a variety of colour combinations.


  16. Hi John,
    Lovely card. Will play with this one later today. Love it!
    Can't wait till the launch on Monday!!!
    Anne M xxx

  17. I love this card I am a fan of Striplet dies I have to say that not only is it a super card it doesn't take a million and one products to make it

  18. lovely card striplets are great ,Laura O

  19. Hi John
    A deceptively simple gorgeous card. I just love the striplets, they are so versatile.
    B xx

  20. Hi John. Pink and Striplet? Another winner for me. Enjoy your weekend. SueL x

  21. Very pretty - love the striplets as they are so useful. You have really gone to town on the pink -well done you !!
    Thank you,
    Sue Mac

  22. Good morning John striplets seem to be everyone's favourites and this design is great. Love from Jackie xx

  23. So so beautiful, Ironically, as I type this I see you are online !!!!
    How weird is that?xxxxxxxxx

  24. Good morning John this is a gorgeous card. In pink it would make a great Mother's Day card change the colours and it would make a wonderful masculine card. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  25. Amazing beautiful card , the more Stripletitis you have the better John, i love the striplet dies .
    Elaine H X

  26. I like this pink and the design is great. I will try this but with another striplet as I haven't this one yet! Luv jxx

  27. I like this pink and the design is great. I will try this but with another striplet as I haven't this one yet! Luv jxx

  28. What a versatile design. Will have to try it with another striplet as I don't have this one.

    Anne (Northampton)

  29. Morning John,
    A lovely pink card, love it.

  30. Hello John

    Wow.......... a really pink girly creation today!

    I am imagining this card in other colours and it appears to be a simple method. Therefore, I will give it a go in my favourite colours of blue and white.

    Lovely card with a stunning die.

    Lol Barbara W xx

  31. Hi John,
    Love this card, the baby pink and blush work really well together and the striplet is shown off brilliantly in this gorgeous card.
    Thanks for sharing,

  32. Morning John.
    Love the card !
    Rococo striplet on my wishlist, tick.
    hugs Maria x

  33. Love this stunning card John the die is lovely thank you for sharing
    Love June Horrocks xxxx

  34. Hi John! I really like this card, and it would look equally stunning in so many pastel colours! Love Gilly R x

  35. Hi John, well I certainly like your pink period, Love this card and the Striplet is so pretty

  36. Hi John
    Well, I'm liking this pink card John. The striplet is looking very and I like how you've added the blush card as well.

  37. Hi John,
    what a lovely card. I'm not a lover of pink but I do like this one.
    Hugs, Rose

  38. This is fabulous John.
    Linda xxx

  39. Lovely John. Just love the Striplets.
    Love Val x

  40. Fab card John. I have to agree with you that this shade of pink is very pretty. I think that the Rococo is one of the nicest striplets and will have to put it on my wish list.


  41. Oh I do love this beautiful card John....luv Ursula xx

  42. What a beautiful card to show this lovely die.
    I really like the baby pink card and this card is just perfect done in pink.
    love it.

  43. Eh up John
    Less is definitely so much more with this gorgeous card. This Striplet is on the list, when I get round to any crafty shopping lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  44. Hi John
    This is a lovely card. I love to see two colours cut out and then reversed. It's a great way to show off the detail in the die. Now, did you use the fallaway to fill the holes or an embossed version of it? Either way, very pretty. Best wishes, Anne O

  45. Oh my gosh - I love this, what a fantastic idea!

  46. Hi John,
    Great card, love this Striplet.
    Love Janet X
    From Wakefield