Friday, 4 December 2015

Stamps away!...

Happy Friday,

I have been promising to sneak peak my new stamp ranges for a while and the day has finally come!  These are designed for the winter season as well as early spring ( I don't mean winter as in Christmas! lol  I wanted to do some ranges that would work for people who have birthdays or celebrations over the winter period, I do feel that with Christmas on the horizon we sometimes forget other occasions or those people born in December, January and February ( especially as February is my mums birthday!)

I have also included a matching corner or flourish for each month as well as, in my usual get as much in as possible style, some background stamps with snowflakes and stars.  The flourishes feature the flowers for each month and also tie in with both the new sets to come over the next few days or previous sets I have done.

I thought I would start with the first set called Winters Child, this is part of a theme that will run through next year as I intend to create a set for each three month period periodically through 2016.  Of course I had to start with Winters Child for December, January and February.

This set contains a sentiment for each month describing some of the attributes that match with each month as well as a poem or sentiment I have written for either the front or inside of a card for the months.  I have to admit this set took a lot of time and thought as well as drawings as I really wanted to research what matches each month.

These and all the other sets will be launching this and all the other stamp sets on Hochanda on Monday at 8pm with shows through Tuesday at 9am, 12pm, 4pm & last chance at 7pm.

I will be demoing a version of this card on one of the shows as I have made one of these for each month in colours that seemed appropriate.  Here's a couple of shots of the other months.

Please let me know what you think of the set, I really value the feedback! More tomorrow!



  1. Morning John, absolutely gorgeous love these stamps you are a very clever chappie really looking forward to next year to all the others that you do and these cards are stunning.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hi John.
    This collection is so very useful.
    The cards are so pretty too.
    Thank you very much.
    Take care Kitty.

  3. Good morning John, I love these the stamps are very clever!!!
    Looking forward to seeing more!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  4. love these John ,one of my sons has a birthday on the 15 dec and my brother has his on 12 jan so thes are doubly welcome as stamps

  5. Hi John, what a fabulous theme, and a great idea for those birthdays over this period, the verses are lovely. More added to the wish list. Take care. Bx

  6. Good morning John. You are right saying that winter birthdays deserve a special something and well done for filling the gap. Love the cards and look forward to seeing you demo on Monday.

  7. Hi John,
    Wow the stamps are worth waiting for I love them what q good idea, I know I will be getting these stamps thank you for designing them. You are so talented.
    I love the cards you have made also. Looking forward to seeing your demos on Hochanda and will tape them all too.
    Have a great day

  8. Wow never seen anything on the market like these stamps before!
    Really unusual

  9. Beautiful cards John. Looking forward to seeing them shown on Honchanda. I have set the recorder! My sister's birthday is in February, so that could be useful!

  10. Three gorgeous cards & a brilliant theme for the stamps.


  11. What a clever idea John , so useful , I think these stamps will be a massive hit!
    Looking forward to your shows and seeing all of the new stamps, cards are gorgeous!

  12. Lovely cards John, and very different stamps. An interesting idea.
    B xx

  13. Hi John wow!! Your cards are stunning .These stamps and stamps take my breath away .Cant wait to see the show .Gloria (sidcup) xx

  14. Congratulations on coming up with something completely different. My sister in law has her birthday shortly but these will be too late - next year perhaps!
    Beautiful cards,John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  15. Morning John,
    Lovely cards the stamps are so different, look good.

  16. Lovely stamps and so useful ,i can see me using these a lot.
    beautiful cards too.
    Elaine H X

  17. Gorgeous cards and fabulous stamps John.
    From a January child!. Gill

  18. Morning John, oh my goodness you are certainly onto a winner with these stamps, I will let you into a little secret I don't do many stamps unless they are exceptional as I prefer dies, but I will definitely be getting these sets, I love them, I really do, looking forward to the next 3 months that come out. Also forgot to say that I like the cards you have made to showcase them as well, will be looking forward to seeing you on Hochanda again, yippee !!!

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  19. Hi John,
    Fabulous cards and the new stamps look great! My two daughters birthdays are January and February and the sentiments are so accurate with their characters. Guess what my next buy will be!!
    Thanks for all the great inspiration and these lovely designs,
    Heather Treble
    (February's child)

  20. Gorgeous cards John, wonderful idea for the stamps, will be after these

  21. Morning John, What a fabulous idea !! it is my birthday this month, so the Winter set would be ideal for me, my hubby's birthday in February, ideal. Your cards to showcase your new collection are fabulous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  22. Hi John,
    Beautiful cards, all of them and what a good idea for stamps!
    Can't wait to see the rest of the year.
    Best wishes, Rose

  23. Hi John,
    Fantastic Range Of Stamps, Looking Forward To Seeing The Rest Of Them.
    Hugs From Sam x
    Carry On Creating ✂️✂️✂️

  24. Hi John, what fabulous stamps and such a great idea - Month Stamps.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of them. Three beautiful cards as well you are spoiling us

  25. What a great idea, these stamps are certainly unique, can't wait to find out what October's child will say

  26. Morning John love all your cards and the new stamps look amazing xx

  27. Afternoon John just love those words, reminds me of my childhood

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  28. Great stamps John, so useful. Clever you xx

  29. Hi John,
    Very sweet stamp set, excellent for all the new baby cards I get asked for.
    Lorna D

  30. Hi John
    Love the new stamp sets, something different for birthday. It's my Mum's birthday on Valentines day so these would be really useful.Looking forward to the shows.
    Love Angela x

  31. Eh up John
    Fantastic idea for your new range. The cards are all delightful and are a great backdrop to the sentiments.
    Just make sure May has nice words or you'll have me and Wendy chasing you lol!
    Ang x

  32. Hi John, What a lovely idea, these would be nice for new babies too. I'll be watching and taping on tuesday. I'm an April baby by the way. x

  33. I really like these "Child of the Month" stamps and designs. I am fond of using "Day of the Week Child" sayings, so your new stamps will fit perfectly into my thinking. Good job. Looking forward to catching a couple of your shows next week on Hochanda.

  34. As I have a birthday the week before Christmas I was always getting combined presents so it is lovely to see something special like this. Never seen anything like this before so well done you and the cards you have made are so pretty as well. Love from Jackie xx

  35. 3 stunning cards in 3 colourways and some beautiful wording, an amazing collection....luv Ursula xx

  36. Oh wow what a fabulous idea and wonderful set of stamps.
    I really love these and can't wait to see the rest of them.
    I love the wording on each of the ones you have shown and love the cards too.

  37. Hi John your cards are stunning. The stamps are amazing. My daughter's boyfriend's birthday is in December and as they are buying a house together I expect I will be making him birthday cards for a long time. Hugs Jackie

  38. I think these stamps are genius. What a great idea, I am always looking for appropriate verse to put in cards and I can see these becoming firm favourites. I will be buying all of them. Thank you.

  39. Hi John.
    Love your new stamps, your cards are stunning and your demonstrations are inspiring, many thanks. I tried to get a question through to you during your last batch of shows but wasn't successful and I've tried to go through your email but it's not working for me. I know you said you can't answer comments in your blog but perhaps you could answer during one of your demos on here or Hochanda. My question is: 'What low tack tape do you use as it hardly ever ruins your card as all the ones I have tried have done?' 'Where can I get some from?' I would be most grateful to know. Many thanks, Penny Burton

  40. Thank you these are lovely cards.

  41. Hi John,

    These stamps are fantastic, great idea.

    Linda xx

  42. Hello John,
    I think all of your new stamps are stunning John and can't wait to see what June holds as i am a twin so think that the Gemini twin signs are apt for my brother and I. These are some stamps that i think will be a must for all those birthdays that you want a card for but not a soppy one. Thank you John for your latest designs
    crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil Village)

  43. Hi John, Lovely stamps (from what I can see with only one eye.)
    Love Nancy xx

  44. Very original John. Will make lovely sentiments for personalising birthday cards. A December child myself I rather like this little legend.
    Tonbridge Sue

  45. Hi John, lovely, lovely stamps and love each sentiment for each month. Beautiful cards made with them too. xx Love Karen xx

  46. Beautiful cards. If you have a spare January card, mines 3rd Jan!!xxxx

  47. Hi John! I just love these new stamps! They are beautiful! Stunning cards. Looking forward to watching you create your magic on Hochanda :-)
    Debs xx

  48. Hi John,
    You have been a busy boy!
    Love the new range and always enjoy your showson TV so will be watching.
    Take care out there.
    Anne M xx