Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas (ish) Friday...

Happy Friday,

I hope you have all finished your Christmas cards unlike me lol!  I thought you wouldn't mind one last christmas Friday as I wanted to show some of the cards form my Christmas Stamp release that didn't get shown!

therefore I hope you don't mind me showing a few I made!



  1. Morning John, these are all gorgeous don't mind more Christmas cards keep them coming.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hi John.
    Thank you they are lovely.
    Take care Kitty.

  3. What a lovely selection of cards.

  4. Good morning John, these are gorgeous!!! I know of a really good home for them : ) I still have a couple of cards to make.
    I know I'm always on the last leg!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  5. Morning John, you are amazing, what with all your workshops, demos, shows, TV appearances, background work and everything else, not forgetting the wonderful stamps and designs, then you come up with this stunning array of cards, I would like to bottle and market your talent, stamina and energy we could go into partnership your talent and my marketing skills, we would make a killing.................hahaha no really these stamps are beautiful and your cards are out of this world, I know that everyone who has received one of these are truly amazed and thankful.

    Got the dreaded dentist first thing this quaking in my boots already and it is only a check up.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  6. Your so talented, so many beautiful cards.
    Thanks for all the inspiration you have given us!

    Merry Christmas

  7. Oh John,
    What lovely cards. I am still on the Marathon wrapping and making. Two or theree cards to make but I've got all next week to sort it.
    Need to wrap today tho as the grandkids are coming tonight and everything is on their beds.... ahhhhh!
    Last minute push as usual!
    Have a good one evyone!
    Anne M xx

  8. Fantastic selection of Christmas cards, all lovely.


  9. Hi John, what a fabulous group of cards, really like them all. Mine are still in progress. Last posting day on Monday. Have a good Friday. Bx

  10. Good morning John this is a gorgeous selection of Christmas cards. All the designs are beautiful. I love the stamps and the dies. I ran out of Christmas cards I made eight quick cards yesterday life has got in the way this year. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

  11. Hi John
    Gorgeous, gorgeous cards! I love your Christmas tree stamp. It's so stylish. I will have to treat myself! I had thought I was ahead on my cards, but took my foot off the pedal and am now behind. I'll be writing this weekend and probably buying a few too! Best wishes, Anne O

  12. What a great selection, John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  13. Morning John, I haven't finished my Christmas cards either, so keep them coming, I need all the inspiration I can get haha. Beautiful cards all of them.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Another great selection of cards. Especially like those in the third and fifth photos.


  15. Hi John, oh what a treat they are all stunning.Have a good day .Gloria (sidcup) xx

  16. No i dont mind seeing all your wonderful Christmas cards John, they are delightful .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  17. Hi John
    Love Your Christmas Cards,I'm Still Finishing My Christmas Cards, But There For People I Hand Deliver Too, I Make Christmas Hard Work As I Make My Own Boxes For My Gifts, And My Own Envelopes For My Christmas Cards.
    Hugs From Sam X

  18. A gorgeous selection of cards, John.
    B xx

  19. Good morning John, am off to town first thing. Courier failed to come yesterday to collect a parcel to go to my brother so I have to get it to the parcelshop and just pray they deliver it in time. So annoying as I could have gone in on Wednesday with it. Plus I have the last cards to send. Then I hope I can relax. Hope you have an enjoyable Christmas, love from Jackie xx

  20. Hi John,
    Stunning cards today.
    I must admit I have your paper pad and your Christmas stamps I love them. I couldn't bring myself to use the papers so the pad is still intact lol.
    I'm glad to say I've finished my Christmas cards and all my Christmas paper craft stuff is put away.
    I have one personalised Christmas quilted placemat to make for my new Granddaughter, I have fabric left over from the ones I made last year so it will match the other 14 lol.
    Have a great day, hope you catch up on your Christmas cards

  21. Morning John,
    A lovely array of cards. Thanks for sharing.

  22. A fab selection John. Never tire of looking at your cards. x

  23. Hi John,
    Beautiful cards, it's always great to see your cards and I had finished my cards until Mr T asked for half a dozen for work so thanks for the inspiration.

  24. Gorgeous set of cards John, xxx

  25. lovely set of christmas cards

  26. Great set of cards and I still have a few to do

    crafty hugs Pen x

  27. These are all beautiful, love all your new stamps as well !!
    Sue Mac

  28. Hi John,
    all your Xmas cards are stunning and the ones posted on the day before are no less beautiful. Have been in bed for a few days (too late for flu jab!) and am now just finding my feet again.
    Best wishes, Rose

  29. Happy Christmas John!!
    The cards you make are exceptional and an inspiration to us all. Hope you have time to make and write your own cards for posting and do your shopping!

  30. Your Christmas cards John, are absolutely beautiful x

  31. Beautiful cards John, each one is lovely.
    Wishing everyone Godspeed with the last of their Christmas preparations. I just need my brother to give me an idea for his fiancee and I will be done. Just wrapping and housework to do...
    Wishing good things to all

  32. Lovely cards. Wishing a happy Christmas and Happy New year xx

  33. Lovely cards. Wishing a happy Christmas and Happy New year xx

  34. All of them are just beautiful. SueL x

  35. Hi John lovely cards and so glad you showed us them as they were all worth waiting to see. A great set of stamps.

  36. Hi John,

    These cards are all amazing, I wish I had your talent. Really struggling with fibro and fatigue I've haven't even been in my craft room. I need some energy desperately, can't seem to get anything done.

    Linda xx

  37. Keep 'em coming John I never tire of seeing your stuff and I need all of the inspiration for Christmas cards I'm struggling to finish mine and get them in the post!

  38. Lovely selectio of cards John. I have the holly tree stamp set and it's beautiful. Pat x

  39. Fab set of cards, I love them all.
    your stamps are so beautiful and stamp beautifully every time.

  40. Hello John

    Well what a lovely range of cards you have presented us with today. I really love the 12 days of Christmas stamps.

    Lol Barbara W xx

  41. These are all wonderful John! I knew several weeks ago that I wouldn't have time to make my cards this year, but it has been quite a trial writing in bought cards. Next year I really will have to start in July!
    Tonbridge Sue

  42. Eh up John
    Never too late for a bit more festive inspiration. All postal ones sorted but still a couple of hand ones to make so thanks for the fab ideas.
    Ang x

  43. Beautiful selection of cards John! I do love the set of 3.
    sharon :)

  44. Beautiful selection of cards John! I do love the set of 3.
    sharon :)

  45. Let them come John, I love seeing your cards
    and not least the Christmas once. Hope you get
    some break and will enjoy the festivities.
    Take care Maria x

  46. I am new to your blog but just have to tell you how exquisite your cards are. Thank you for sharing so generously.