Thursday, 3 December 2015

A simple thank you...

Happy Thursday,

I was hoping to start revealing my New Stamp designs today however that will have to wait for tomorrow Im afraid as I have had some technical problems! so its a quick simple card that is a little CAS I think.

I don't usually go in for leaving large areas of blank card but after playing with this design I felt ( along with some help form Creative Tracey) that the impact was in the simplicity.

I started by cutting four pieces of foundation card to the same size, 2 in coconut white and 2 in baby pink ( I do seem to have suddenly got a taste for this could don't i lol)  I stared by cutting the new Indus gemini die with one of the side cutting dies attached form the bottom of one of the coconut white pieces. I then cut the the Thank You expression die into this piece.

Next I cut the same indus die in the bottom of one of the pink pieces moving it up so that it layers over the previous piece.  I then cut the smaller oblong in this piece.  I then cut another indus from the bottom of the top piece of coconut white, again moving it up, and cut the largest oblong form this.   All the way along I used the previous piece to guide m,e as to where to cut the next piece so that it creates a lace affect and a border for the expression.

A simple and quick card however not easy to explain sorry!

Tune in tomorrow for the start of my Stamp Launch!

Creative Expressions Craft dies by Sue Wilson
Thank You expression
Indus Gemini



  1. Morning John, don't put yourself down, you explained exactly what to do, I love all the spelling and predicted text that you right, it really does give me a laugh first thing in the morning. I am also loving the colours that you have been using lately and the new dies certainly lend themselves to this beautiful card.

    Looking forward to seeing your new stamp sets.

    Had good news about my diagnosis yesterday it is not as bad as we thought, still got a problem but will now have to go to GP to see what he says.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Good morning John, I love it!!! Less is more!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  3. Hi John.
    A great card thank you I like a lot of white on my cards. You explained it well.
    Good luck June. Take care and looking forward to your new stamps. kitty.

  4. Great card. As you say cas. Will set the record button.
    June good luck at the Drs.
    Take care everyone and have a great day.


  5. Morning John, a gorgeous card and as Lynda said sometimes less is more looking forward to your new stamps.
    Glad the news at the hospital was better for you June hope everything goes well for you.
    Nancyd xx

  6. Beautiful card John. Love it


  7. Hi John
    Beautiful Card I Love The Colour Palette And I Agree Sometimes We Place Too Much On Our Cards So It's Great To See A Bit Of Both.
    Hugs From Sam x

  8. Good morning John.
    As you sat simplicity is often very effective and certainly this card has impact.

  9. Hi John, this card may be C&S, but very effective in design. Love the detail at the bottom. Looking forward to the sneak peeks. bx

  10. Love this, John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  11. Morning John, I think this card is beautiful and you have explained the making of it brilliantly, Less is certainly more in this case.and I just love the colour combination, Good Luck with the launch of you new stamp set, I am sure it will be brilliant and will no doubt be added to my wish list.

  12. TOP NOTCH ! i just LOVE your card John , looking forward to your new stamps.
    Elaine H X

  13. Lovely card & definitely a case of "less is more "!


  14. Hi John .Don't put yourself down the card is lovely Gloria(sidcup ) xx

  15. Good morning John such a pretty card and don't apologise for it. Very nice design. Love from Jackie xx

  16. Hi John,
    Yes I agree it's a lovely card, very pretty.
    Looking forward to seeing your new stamps.
    Have a great day

  17. Gorgeous card, looking forward to seeing the new stamps

  18. Morning John,
    Lovely card, very different for you.

  19. very effective design. sometimes the CAS cards work best

  20. Hi John,
    A quick card but absolutely gorgeous.
    Lorna D

  21. Hi John,
    Lovely card, I really like the effect of the Indus die cuts. Sometimes CAS is the way to go.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Heather Treble

  22. Good morning John

    Lovely card today. Yes you certainly do have a thing for pink this week!

    Great effect with the die cuts and simple is sometimes just right.

    Lol Barbara W xx

  23. Yes a CAS card and now I know what it means. Lovely

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  24. Oh No, techie problems! Know the feeling. Was looking forward to seeing your stamps - I guess I can wait another day. Lovely simple card today though.
    Tonbridge Sue

  25. Hi John, lovely, lovely card. It's so pretty and love the baby pink.....You can use it as much as you want to for me! xx I love the indus die and how you've alternated the colours. xx Love Karen xx Ps great instructions! :)

  26. Hi John,
    I'm with Tracey - it's a really nice card and I love the indus die. My wish list is ever growing and once your stamps are out, will get even longer.
    Best wishes, Rose

  27. Hi John,

    Same as everyone else, I think it's a lovely card and not so simple for a newbie card maker like me lol!! Love the baby pink as well.

    Linda xx

  28. Simple but oh so beautiful....luv Ursula xx

  29. Hi John this is a stunning card. I do like CAS cards. BTW Keith is home he has a plate and screws in his hand. Hugs Jackie

  30. Eh up John
    My kinda card matey. Brilliantly CAS and cracking design. Lovely bottom.........and the one on the card hahahahaha!
    Ang x

  31. Your cards just blow me away to another land, away from my day job with the MOJ! I would like the house next to yours so I could be a peeping Tom! Big thank you for all your wonderful, awesome blogs.
    Anne aka till ladyx

  32. Oh this is gorgeous John, love the dies and the CAS design, more and more I am liking this style of card, Kate x

  33. I love the simplicity of this and it shows the detail of those beautiful
    dies perfectly.

  34. Lovely card John.
    Unfortunately I wont be able to watch your shows tomorrow as I will be in hospital having my right cataract attended to.
    Love Nancy xx

  35. Hi John
    Such a simple card that is lovely in its simplicity. Love yesterday's card as well.

  36. Hi John

    I think this is a lesson for me to be braver and leave blank space rather than try to pack so much in as this really is quite striking,

    Hugs, T x