Friday, 27 November 2015

Its quick...

Happy Friday,

I sincerely hope all my U.S. blog family had a happy thanksgiving yesterday!

A quick card from me today and another demo card from my Hochanda shows this week.  This one is simpler to make than it looks honest.

I stared by stamping the Apple Blossom stamp to die for with Archival ink ( watering can which is a dark grey so it doesn't look too stark) onto a 13 x 13 cm square of coconut white foundation card. Next I used the summer Garden watercolour palette from cosmic shimmer to paint in all the flowers.  I used a selection of the purple and lilac shaded in the set to colour the image.  The great thing about the mica watercolours is that the mica adds a real shine to the piece which can be seen as you've the card.

  Hopefully some of you saw this on air and know what I mean.  Next I used the outside die from the butterflies in flight mini striplet to cut the stamped image into three equal pieces.

The remainder of the card was just a set of blue dusk layers from mounted onto a square card made with layers of the coconut white and blue dusk.

Next I coloured a piece of coconut white card with the colour cloud and cut it out using the outline die form the classic vase.  I then cut a frame using the insert and outline from the same set and mounted then together to make the base vase.  I cut off the bottom section and added this to the top to make a different shaped, wide necked, vase.

I stuck this over the centre panel to make it look like a 3D vase with the flowers in there.

I finished with a tie and bow made of white seam binding that I coloured using the Decadent Denim colour cloud blending ink form Phil Martin's range for Cosmic Shimmer.
I will announce the winners of this weeks card giveaways tomorrow ( Saturday)



  1. Morning John, a beautiful card saw you demo on Hochanda it was great watching all your shows.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hi John.
    Thank you saw the demo, a pretty card.
    Take care Kitty.

  3. Morning John .I saw this on the show and thought then this is a must have stamp ,beautiful card

  4. Good morning John, saw you demo this card it's so clean looking!!! Talk about less is more!!! I love it!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  5. Beautiful card. Still got to catch up with your shows. Been so busy.

    Have a great weekend


  6. Good morning John. I haven't managed to catch up with all your shows yet so not seen this card. It looks lovely and uses my favourite water colour paints.

  7. Hi John, this card is beautiful and very classy. Love the split image. Have a great day. Bx

  8. Such a beautiful card. I really love your stamps John.

  9. Really lovely card John! The design looks wonderful. Debra x

  10. Good morning John this is such a beautiful card I love the design. There are lots of new things on my wish list now. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  11. Morning John, absolutely gutted that I did not see this yesterday but get the gist of it from your instructions, I will try this because I got the vase and catkin dies after joining Hochanda (on your recommendation), might leave it a couple of days before I try it though.

    Update on my eye surgery: took the patch off my eye this morning, can see out of it but a little bit blurred which is to be expected, looks like I have 10 rounds with Mike Tyson but that will soon go, so pleased everything went well.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  12. Morning John, A beautiful card, I especially love how you have done the triptych, really gorgeous !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Hi John. This is a beautiful car, simple but lovely. I love the colours, the paints are on the wish list! And another great tip from you about cutting the vase die to give a different look, thank you. I hope you aren't too tired after all of the shows this week (I will be catching up with them while ploughing through the ironing ) Have a good weekend. Take care x
    June, I'm glad to hear that the eye op went well, you can relax now : )

  14. Good morning John sorry I've been missing this week but have been food parcel packing all week. 1000 parcels now in store and a few days before the gifts are started. So this weekend is our Christmas tree festival and a small fayre tomorrow, not that I've really had a lot of time to make things this year! Still it all helps. Just love what you have designed here. The tryptich effect is brilliant. Have a good weekend love from Jackie xx

  15. Hi John,
    I watched you making this card and it's simple but elegant, I do love the mica paint sets.
    I wasn't too keen on the vase and these stamps but as usual seeing what you can do with them has changed my mind. So now they are on my ever growing wish list.
    Have a great day

  16. Hi John,

    Just beautiful, I love the way you've done the stamping.

    Linda xx

  17. Eh up John
    Triple terrificness! Very simple and elegant. May just have to do a version, improvising with the cherry blossoms.
    Hope you get some John time today as no doubt you'll be trekking between Lands End and John O Groats at the weekend.
    Ang x

  18. Haven't watched this demo yet but I love this card, John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  19. Hi John. Watched you demoing this card and thought at the time how effective it was.
    SueL x

  20. Yes John, I saw this lovely card on the telly, so know what you are saying.

  21. I saw all your programmes with the help of technology - thank you for the inspiration. Loved all the cards.
    Sue Mac

  22. Hi John,
    Absolutely beautiful card, I love this and it's one of my favourites from your demos. I think the way that you have cut the stamped flowers into 3 is so lovely.
    Fingers crossed for the draw and good luck to everyone.
    Thanks for all the great inspiration,
    Heather Treble

  23. Hi John
    I Truly Love This Outstanding Card I Love The Stamp And The Way You've Created Your Card I watched You Do This On Hochanda
    Hugs From Sam x
    Carry On Creating ✂️✂️✂️

  24. I'm loving the colour schemes you are choosing. This is such an elegant card, very effective and the stamp is a must have.

  25. Hi John,
    I watched you make this card on TV. It is really pretty and I ordered paints so I must order more of your stamps! Great!
    Anne M xx

  26. That is a really clever design. Love it. I do know what you mean about mica paints.
    Tonbridge Sue

  27. Hi John,
    Beautiful card, love the tri panel effect.

  28. Hi John, lovely card. love the blue and the way you have raised the vase so it looks like the flowers are actually in it. I love the panel technique too. xx Love Karen xx

  29. Hello John, very beautiful, saw it on the TV. I would never be able to get the flowers level with each panel, if you know what I mean. Kate x

  30. I also saw this on TV, I love the idea, but sure I too would struggle to get it lined up as well as you have done....luv Ursula x

  31. At last I hove worked out how to leave a comment on your blog which I have been following since you first started demoing for Creative Expressions. Love the inspiration and also watching you on Hochanda giving a different take on the designs created by Sue and Julia. Love today's card. Thank you


  32. Beautiful card John, watched your demo and was well impressed. I love the design. Also have bought 2 sets of the watercolours and they're fab!
    Best wishes, Rose

  33. I really love this card and enjoyed tour demo of it the other day. Still catching up with those shows!

  34. Hi John,
    Beautiful card and love how you made the panels and the vase.
    played with the watercolours, they are lovely
    Maria x

  35. Hi John,
    Beautiful card so simple to do but very effective...must try a version of this one.
    Love Janet X
    From Wakefield

  36. I love this card, so simple, so simply elegant. Excellent demo of it on Hochanda.
    B xx

  37. Hi John, I enjoyed watching you on the hochanda show making this card. It is lovely. The flowers done in blue remind me of the blue forget-me-nots that grow wild here in the creeks of the North Carolina mountains. As a child I really enjoyed picking these flowers to take home to my Mom.

  38. Hello John

    Another beautiful card today. I missed the demo on Hochanda, but it looks lovely and I believe you when you say............simple!

    It is great that you used the outside of a striplet die to cut into parts...........I have never thought of dividing things like that as I have usually cut with my guillotine. Thanks John I will use this method from now as it is more accurate!

    Lol Barbara W xx

  39. I loved this card and your demo on Wednesday. I also loved yesterday's card and the strange thing is when I was on my laptop there must have been a gremlin in my computer as before I knew it the Delicate Garden Frame Die had popped into my shopping basket!
    This happens a lot I find, lol .Have a good night :)

  40. I saw you demo this John and thought it was absolutely beautiful. Love the colours that you used on the flowers and the clever manipulation of the vase die. Pat x

  41. Ooh beautiful card and I really love that stamp.
    Really love the colours you have used too, another beautiful card to brighten up a damp day.

  42. Hi john, fabulous card, the design really looks great. X Ros