Saturday, 31 October 2015

Miles More...

Happy Saturday,

I'm in Strikes Garden Centre in Northallerton today so if you are around pop in and say hi!  I will be demoing all the dies form this weeks shows as well as a little Christmas!  Its a short post today I'm afraid as i seem to be racing from one location to another again lol

I thought you might like to See one of the samples from yesterdays shows on Hochanda,  I demoed this in the blues but I have to say whilst i love my china blues I think this came out really well in this peach, white and black combination.

I coloured the stamped images in the markers I had on the show and used the fabulous resist ink form Creative Expressions and cosmic shimmer to remove some of the colour form the centre flowers to give the washed out look.
More tomorrow...



  1. Morning John, oh where do you get your energy from, all the wonderful shows on Hochanda yesterday, yes I saw them all and liked the mention thank you, (I feel like royalty now). The shows were truly amazing and I learnt so much with all those little tips. I have one for you (which you probably know), when I use my GC plates I keep one side of the cutting plate only for white card and the other side for all colours, you would be amazed how much longer the plates last that way..............I am not teaching granny to suck eggs am I?. I also have a big shot and an eBosser and I do the same with the plates for them.

    Enjoy your day at Northallerton .

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx
    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. Hi June

      Never thought to keep one side of the GC cutting plates for white card. Thanks for the tip I'll remember that for when I get new plates.

      Linda xx

    2. I do the same as you June, I learned the hard way wasting a lot of white card! T x

  2. Morning John, a very pretty card but must admit I prefer the blues have
    Managed to catch some of your shows hope to watch the rest today.
    Nancyd xx

  3. Hi John.
    Thank you great shows, and beautiful cards.
    Watch out for the ghosties Happy Halloween. Take care Kitty.

  4. Beautiful card. I really love that die and the stamps. I feel a purchase coming on!

  5. just love these dies and stamps ,I think I like this one better than the blue

  6. Morning John,
    I love this die, and really like the stamps that go with it. You are bad as my fingers are itching to buy the stamps now.
    I watched almost all of your shows yesterday but have taped them all.
    Have a great day.

  7. Hi John
    It works well in these colours too. Dashing here dashing there - remember what I said!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  8. Good morning John this is a stunning card I do like this colour combination. We are staying in Boston, Lincolnshire I did look to see how far Northallerton is from here but it is too far. We are probably going bird watching. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

  9. Love the card, John, You will be ready for a break, I heard you have a day off on 12th Dec. I leave on 11th shame. xx

  10. I love this version of the card, John. A bit different. Have a good day.

    Anne (Northampton)

  11. Beautiful card, I like it just as much as the blue one & that's my favourite colour.


  12. Wonderful card John! Love your colouring of the stamped frame. Debra x

  13. Another lovely card which look good in both colours. Enjoyed what I caught of your shows. Dec 12 seems a long way off for a day off! Have a good day in Northallerton. As for me, Anne and I are at Nene Lacemakers lace day - lots of natter and hopefully some lace for a few hours!

  14. Morning John,
    Love this one in peach, it was a job to see on the blue one on tv it was very pale.
    Enjoyed what I was able to watch, some great demos.

  15. Hi John, I saw you demo this card in blue, brilliant demo. I missed your 12 o'clock demo because the recorder had a gremlin, but reset it for the remainder of your shows. You deserve a rest, but there you are on the road demoing! Hope you have fun.
    B xx

  16. Good morning John, great card!!! I've seen all the shows from yesterday : )
    Loads of tips you're a star!!!
    Safe journey and have fun!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  17. Hi John, I love the colours on this card, they really look lovely together, great layout. Shows were great. Have a safe trip and enjoy the demoing. Bx

  18. I liked the card you did on the show but I do have to say the use of the peach is really gorgeous. Have a good day today.


  19. Nice card loving the color used.
    Elaine H X

  20. Hi John,
    I love this card and I think both the blue and the peach ones are beautiful. I think that whatever colours you used it would look lovely. Your shows yesterday were great, take care while you're out and about. I hope you get some time to relax before December 12th.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Heather Treble

  21. Hi John,
    Oh wow John, I have ordered the Heraldic die and this stamp, cos I loved the blue from a couple of days ago, and today's card just proves what a brilliant purchase I have made. Thanks for all your designs and inspiration!
    Shows were fabulous yesterday.
    Lorna D

  22. Lovely cards, John - have been away for 10 days and had the pleasure to come back to your offerings all in one go. You've shown us so much inspiration, thank you.
    Best wishes, Rose

  23. Wow, Lovely card today John.
    Love Nancy xx

  24. Hi John, love this card in both colours. Watched all your shows yesterday. I learnt lots with your wonderful tips and hints. Don't work too hard. Rosemarie x

  25. Oh John,
    I absolutely love, love, love, this card. This stamp is beautiful, and yellow is my favorite colour. A perfect combination!!!!!

  26. Hi John,

    Didn't comment yesterday as I was ill in bed so I'll say now I loved yesterday's card. And today's is just as beautiful.

    Managed to watch your flower tutorials the other day and all I can say is brilliant!! you were amazing on your own and you should have your own show well done!! I've recorded the recent shows so I hope that it's more of the same, just you on your own.

    It's not good for you all this rushing around so be careful.

    Linda xx

  27. Have watched your shows, amazing cards you did....this one is no exception....luv Ursula xx

  28. Hi John
    This is such a beautiful card? I don't normally gravitate towards this colourway, but this is gorgeous. Must go outside my 'go-to' colours. Best wishes, Anne O

  29. So pretty, but I think I like the blues better.

  30. Hi John, I have never done a peach card, but after seeing this pretty card, I think I will give it a go.
    Have a good weekend. Don't know where you get the energy hahaha.
    June, I have always done the same as you with my plates, I had one incident where I cut a die on white card, the plate had previously been used on a dark colour, and I got bits of dark on my white card, so every plate used since then has a designated 'side' specifically for cream/white card and the darks for the other side of the plate.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  31. Hi John, this is so so gorgeously pretty x I love the colour combination of this so much. I like the blue too but the sunflowers I always say are "a little ray of sunshine!" "Thank you John", hope you've had a great day today xx Love Karen xx ps "thank you" for the tip June! x

  32. Eh up John
    Not my first choice of colour but beautiful design. Missed yesterday's shows due to work, sadly so didn't see the resist ink that you've mentioned.........looks very interesting.
    Safe journey home.
    Ang x

    Ps.......perhaps you should have got a motorhome last month lol!

  33. I like this colour way I saw u demo the blue one I had gremlins like Brenda And I swear I set it all up correctly You can imagine I also swore when it hadn't worked! CS resist ink.... Interesting I hope I get to see a demo of that at some point

  34. Loved your demo John and the stamp and die sets are now on my wish list! I think of the two colourways I prefer the blue, it's really beautiful. Pat x

  35. Think this works so well in this colour as it did in the other. Crafty hugs Pen

  36. Wow what a beautiful summery card, those colours I would never have put together but I will now as they go so perfectly together.
    And I do love the rubber stamp, very pretty and another must have.
    Just love this one.

  37. Hello John, super show last night really enjoyed it and your lovely card arrived today, so thank you.
    Now todays card is beautiful and I love the colours, Kate x

  38. Lovely card and lovely colours. SueL x

  39. Hi John,
    Loved this card in blue when you demoed it on Hochanda but think I like it even more in this peach colour....GORGEOUS!
    Love Janet x
    from wakefield

  40. Lovely card John. Wish I could have seen you demonstrating this..

  41. Hi John great card am loving that die, so glad I brought it an a set of stamps lol even though I don't do stamping because I am rubbish at it. Take Care Melody xxx

  42. Hi John

    Lovely, Not colours I turn to as I'm very into blues and purples but I will try this out as it looks stunning. Thoroughly enjoyed your shows John, looking forward to the next ones

    Hugs, T x