Sunday, 4 October 2015

Gift Bag Giveaway!

Happy Sunday,

I thought, as promised, I should give the measurements for the gift bags I made On Hochanda using the Craft Consortium decoupage papers on Friday.  I also thought I would give a couple of them away along with a couple of the baubles we made.

The measurements for the first A4 bag are:
Score at 2cm, 4cm, 14cm, 16cm, 18cm, 28cm.

This creates all the score you need across the Landscape paper.  Next turn the paper so that it is Portrait and score across at 4cm.

To win one of these bags simply leave a comment on toadies post and I will draw a couple of winners on Monday for announcement on Tuesdays blog.

The winner of Fridays giveaway was Teresa, if you email me on with your address I will end the aqua and white pear; card to you.  There will be another card giveaway tomorrow.

Don't forget I have a 2 hour masterclass on Stamps to Die for today on Hochanda at 2pm with Alex.  This show is designed to show different tips and techniques for using some of the stamps that have been designed to match the Sue Wilson die range exactly!

See you at 2pm on channel 39, Sky 663 or in HDTV live on



  1. Hi John.
    Brilliant projects, Thank you, I hope the channel is up and running today it was down last night. Take care Kitty.

  2. Thought these bags were great when I watched you demo them so would be thrilled to win this.
    Recording the show as I am with my 3 week old granddaughter and rest of family of course!

  3. Morning John, great projects thanks for sizes watched you demo them and kept recordings to watch again and have set to record today's shows as always looking forward to them. Well done Teresa congratulations on your win.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Hello John

    Thank you for giving the measurements this paper is ideal for covering bags as you said ordinary shop paper tends to split on the creases which are needed to be burnished to look professional it also will make the bags stronger! Can't wait until mine arrives.

    Looking forward to your masterclass!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  5. I'm afraid I missed this show but I will have a go with the measurements given - thanks for that. Hopefully I can watch the masterclass.

  6. Would love to try one of these, looking forward to your show today. Take care, Linda.

  7. Morning John,
    Thank you so much for the measurements for the bags. I enjoyed all your shows John, you are becoming quite a TV star in the crafting world.
    Thanks for the times of your show today, I have set my HD box ready to tape both hours.
    Have a great day

  8. Thanks for the clear instructions. I love the Craft Consortium papers and must try making these with some. Looking forward to recording the show.

  9. Hi John
    Thanks for that John. I also love these papers but I missed your show as the TV lost signal and I forgot to watch online. Wished I'd seen the show these are lovely!
    I'm off to record todays shows!
    Anne M xx

  10. Missed the show with these bag :(. They look so lovely. I'd love you to do a tutorial video for them. Debra x

  11. Good morning John I love these gift bags and tags. I have made a few of the gift bags since the workshop in June they are nice and easy and go together so well. I will be watching your show this afternoon. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  12. Hi John,
    These bags look amazing, I too missed the show, but I won't be missing today's!!!
    Your creativity knows no bounds!!
    Lorna D

  13. These bags are lovely, John. Have recorded the show this afternoon to watch later.

    Anne (Northampton)

  14. Hi John, I'll set up the recorder for your show today. I really like Alex because she doesn't intrude in the demo but does the selling in the natural gaps.
    B xx

  15. Lovely bags, really enjoyed your shows on Hochanda.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Sue mac

  16. gorgeous bags love the shows on Hochanda.

  17. Eh up John
    The bags were a great demo piece as they will be incredibly useful.
    Hope there's no technical problems today as the channel was down yesterday afternoon.
    Off to work so will sadly miss the shows but as you would say, enjoy!
    Ang x

  18. Love the bags John and glad you are back on Hochanda again , looking forward to it!

  19. Morning John,
    Love your gift bags, and will be watching today. Need all the help I can get on stamping.

  20. Morning John, These are absolutely gorgeous !!! Thank you for the measurements, although I will have to convert to imperial hahaha.
    Looking forward to your masterclass, although I will have to record to watch later.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  21. Hi John
    Wow, just love these bags. Thanks for the measurements. I'll record your shows as usual.
    I'm so glad your on with Alex today. A lot of us done think much of the chap with glasses you were on with before as he talks to much, and keeps interrupting while your talking. Alex just seems to get it right.

  22. Really useful instructions John, love these!

  23. Morning John,
    I am really enjoying your shows on HOCHANDA (at least the ones I see when I'm not at work). Am really looking forward to watching you today. Thank you for all your wonderful demonstrations.

  24. Very pretty bags John, and so useful.
    Looking forward to the shows
    Elaine H X

  25. Good morning John, very nice, very useful!!! I missed your demo : (
    Will try to watch today but the channel was down yesterday!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  26. John, it was so good to see your shows on Hochanda. As always, you are so generous with your ideas an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing more soon.

    Julie L.

  27. Hi John. Thanks for the measurements. See you at 2pm (hope they have things fixed) SueL x

  28. Hi John,
    Beautiful gift bags, I love the idea of making things like this. I do make my own gift wrapping paper, especially for presents to men as a lot of paper in the shops is more suited to ladies/girls.
    Will record today's shows as we are having a family Sunday lunch and don't want to miss it.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Heather Treble

  29. Morning John
    Thank you so much for these measurements - looking forward to your show and more to come in the future - you give us so much inspiration
    Many thanks
    Carol x

  30. Morning John, hope all is well with you, lovely to see you on Hochanda making all the baubles and trees and all the tips and techniques you so willing give.

    Like everyone else I would love to win one of your creations. See you at 2pm today

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  31. Looking forward to the stamp show later today. X Ros

  32. Morning John, I have you on record as the Girls and the grandchildren are coming for my eldest grandsons birthday party. I watched you making these bags and just loved them.

    Many thanks for your fantastic programmes crafty hugs Pen x

  33. Hi John, beautiful bags! Love the look of the papers and "thank you" for the measurements x Hope to watch you today at 2pm! "Thank you John" x Congratulations Teresa! Wonderful! :) xx Love Karen xx

  34. Great looking bags John.
    Like everyone else I wouldn't mind winning one of them!
    Many thanks John
    Love Nancy xx

  35. Love your bags john, looking forward to your 2pm show too!
    I would also like to take the time to thank you, you are so helpful to everyone that asks you questions when out and about on demos, you never complain, you take the time to explain things clearly and in a way that people understand, you always do it without hesitation, even if it's nothing to do with the demo you are doing!
    It's a lovely quality John, I felt that it deserved a mention!
    Thank you
    Sandra xxxx

  36. Love these bags, not had a chance to watch the shows yet but, recorded set for the Stamps to die for one's as well.....has been mad here and probably another week before I get any real crafting done and get to watch the recorded shows ;(

  37. Hi John, love these bags and what a great way to give matching gift and car set. Looking forward to your demo on Hochanda today.

  38. Love these bags John. Thank you for the measurements. Hope to watch at 2pm but like others have said there were problems on Friday and Saturday. No way of recording anyway don't suppose it would work if the channel wasn't working.

  39. I really like the gift bags, they are super for special gifts and special people in our lives. Thank you Dorothy

  40. I did see you do this one on Hochanda. The papers are so tough even though they look just like tissue. I was impressed and love the bags! Will keep the measurements 'on file' in case I get time to have a go!
    Tonbridge Sue

  41. Hi John. Love the gift bags, you show just how easy they are to make. Thanks for that : ) I am recording your Masterclass to watch later. I hope it is going well and you are enjoying it. Take care x

  42. Hi John these are just gorgeous little bags, makes gifts all the more special, Kate x

  43. Hi John,
    Lovely gift bags and thank you for giving the measurements.
    Hochanda have some technical problems quite a lot but so glad
    not during your fab. program.Really enjoy watching you good
    and clear instructions
    hugs Maria x

  44. Fantastic 2 hour show. Have recorded so can watch again. Hope you get some rest lol.
    Have just tried your tip for texture paste, using an old plastic card as the spreader. It's amazingly easy ( why didn't I try it before). No more struggling with the palette knife.

    Thanks again for being the most down to earth crafter I know


  45. Beautiful bags. Your creativity leaves me speechless. Just had a fun afternoon with some of your goodies. I have been making the Christmas Gingerbread wreath - well trying to. Firstly painted the houses on the wrong side! Burnt my fingers with the lollypops and then thought I would have a go at decoupage papers - well - craft room sticky, messy and I did not manage to "champher or is it chamfer" the edges very well and took the skin off my thumbs!! Had a few tears//tears of paper and eyes!!
    Better luck next time - will aim to be half/quarter as good as you
    Best wishes
    Till Lady aka Anne xx

  46. Been out most of the day - just got in from Salsa! Recorded the show so will watching later I loved watching you do these and will def be having a go (again)

  47. These gift bags would make any gift extra special, Have recorded your shows. Pat x

  48. hi, I found the right place after watching some really lovely shows I wanted the dimensions for these bags, and now I see I have a chance to win one! bonus!!
    im really enjoying the new calmer craft channel with all those demos, and loads of great tips, you can keep those coming please!
    thanks john!

  49. I love these gift bags and the little MDF tags are so cute, I really enjoyed watching
    the demo you did.
    And there are so many possibilities with all the craft consortium papers available.
    I have just bought two led candles ready for the lanterns I am going to decorate, I just need to buy the lanterns now.
    I was wondering though if the gilding flakes have to be seeled afterwards.

  50. Hi John, the bags look lovely an the MDG tags are really cute, today's shows went really well loved seeing the stamping demos as I am rubbish at it. Take Care Melody xXx

  51. Hi John,

    These are fabulous makes, pretty papers too.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  52. Beautiful, beautiful card on this wet Monday. Off to finish my sleigh.
    best wishes
    Till Lady - aka Anne

  53. A great way to give an expensive look to a little the papers..