Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Happy Tuesday,

I thought you might like to see one of the demo card I made on Hochanda on Sunday, this card is not a neat as I would like I blame the pressure of making it on live TV!

 I stared by stamping the Flower Pop Stamp to Die For (it was a stamp to die for masterclass after all!) onto Taupe foundation card using perfect medium and heat set it with detail white cosmic shimmer embossing powder.  I repeated this three times then cut it out using the matching Montreal die form Sue Wilson's Canadian collection.

Next I added black PVA pearl dots on to some of the centres of the flowers to make the flowers actually pop!  I then cut 3 frames from black foundation card using the same dies from the set which I kept (using low tack tape) in the same set (this was a lot easier to show on air).  I cut the black frames in half and added them as shadows on each side of the stamped buckles.  The centre buckle I added back the centre piece from one of the black frames using foam tape at the back on the top and bottom.  This created a backing for the ribbon to pass through.

I then threaded the grosgrain ribbon, from Creative Expressions, through the loop of black at the front and slid on the other 2 frames on their side (the pic shows what I mean better)

I simply tied the ribbon at the back and added a simple bow on the front.

Hopefully great idea for men's cards?!?

Creative Expressions craft dies by Sue Wilson
Stamps to die for Flower pop
Taupe and black foundation card
Black pearl PVA
Cosmic Shimmer true white detail embossing powder.
Ivory / Black grosgrain ribbon



  1. Morning John, Oh I saw you making this card on Hochanda and loved the way you did it, perfect for a man's card too. Want to see more of these please.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxxx

  2. Hi John

    This looked stunning when you made it. I particularly like the way the two outside sections were turned sideways making for a more interesting composition.

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  3. Hi John
    lovely card Thank you take care Kitty.

  4. Morning John, a fabulous card watched you demo it very informative.
    Nancyd xx

  5. Hi John
    what a beautiful card love the colours thank you tracyw

  6. Gorgeous card! Love the colour combination of the taupe and black. The pearl centres for the flowers look wonderful. Debra x

  7. Good morning John, saw you demo this card you did great!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  8. Hi John, such a fabulous card, love the colour combo. Have a great day. Bx

  9. Beautiful card, nice for a man's card .

  10. Good morning John this is a gorgeous card. I do love these buckle cards. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  11. Great card, quite different. Perfect for people that don't like "fussy " cards.


  12. Lovely for a mans card .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  13. Perfect. I watched you put this together live on air. It looked like you needed octopus arms. But it does look rather striking.
    Have a great day


  14. Eh up John
    Didn't see the show but I'm sure I'll be in the minority when I say this ones not for me chuck. It's a wee bit ribbon heavy for me but I do like the buckle design and stamp.
    Have a great day and don't touch that piggy yet!
    Ang x

  15. Not sure about the bow on a man's card. Dicky bow perhaps. However the buckle style is a great idea.

    Seems as as if the gremlins have managed to get some c..p into your blog replies. Hope you will be able to block them.

  16. Morning John,
    I love this card, haven't got the Canadian dies yet, but I think I can use another die.
    I really need to try this technique, there are so many different techniques you've shown its a good job I've taped all your shows.
    Workmen have already arrived for another day to finish off our shed roof, should have taken a day but this lot have managed to spread it out over 3 days. They spend more time sitting in their vans blocking the footpath and road than actually working.
    So today I'm doing some crafting to keep me calm.
    Have a great day

  17. Hi John,
    Love the colours in this card and the buckles are beautiful. I'm not keen on the bow, but maybe I would prefer to see it in the middle of the centre buckle as it's a very symmetrical card.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Heather Treble

  18. Morning John, Great compilation, I love it !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  19. Not one of your prettiest John, but still a great design, xxx

  20. I saw you do this on Hochanda and I'm sort of in two minds about this one I think it's because the dies are big.... Or is it the ribbon ... The stamp is lovely and like you say it was a stamping master class I need to see it in real life to appreciate it

  21. Sorry, John, this one is not for me. I find the ribbon rather heavy looking.

    Anne (Northampton)

  22. Hi John, I dont't normally like beige but it looks great on this card with the darker colour.
    Its difficult to mak a male card without a sport theme so without the bow I think it would be great for any man.
    love Val x

  23. Morning John,
    Not one of my favourites, not keen on the die cuts, they look a bit too big.

  24. Now this one I saw you make! And it's gorgeous

  25. Hi John, lovely card, I saw you demo this on tv and loved your advice about cards for men.
    B xx

  26. Morning John
    Stunning card john- love it

  27. I don't know how you work on live TV John. Don't think I could do it. I always have to smile when you stick something down and it's not quite straight - I often have the same problem! This is a lovely card.

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  29. I'll try and get it right this time !!
    Thanks for ideas for men cards
    Sue Mac

  30. Hi John,
    Interesting card, but not my style. I was unable to watch you and wish I could have. Please John, who won yesterdays card?

  31. Hi John saw you demo this card and really enjoy watching you - you always give so many good tips. Thankyou

  32. Morning John I watched you on Hochanda and think the shows are just great and to see the card close up is great...Looking forward to more shows. :)

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  33. Hi John
    Love the card but would leave off the ribbon for a mans card. I haven't watched these shows yet as I've a lot to get through at the moment.

  34. Saw you make this card and really like it. Colours go well together.

  35. Definitely a good card for men. I like it when I can squeeze in some ribbon or some such thing to dress it up. Thank you Dorothy.

  36. Hi John, this is a lovely card and yes a very good card for men. I'd maybe change the flower stamp for a car, a plane or golf club whatever the chap is into and randomly stamp them around. Love the ribbon and how the white embossed on the taupe card stands out......and with the black pearls and the off set black card too. x "Thank you John" xx Love Karen xx

  37. Hi John,
    I love the way you've done this card it's so effective. I'm just about to watch some of your shows I recorded so may see this one.

    Linda xx

  38. This is a gorgeous card and I love the stamp but for me I am not sure about the ribbon especially the centre of the middle buckle. I am sure I am in the minority when I say this.

  39. I like this card John, watched my recording to see you demo it. Pat x

  40. Saw you demo this John.
    Great card!!
    love Nancy XX

  41. Hi John,
    Lovely, lovely card.
    Lorna D

  42. A really dramatic card. Have the program recorded to watch when I can so look forward to seeing how this was done.

  43. Hi John,
    good card for a man yes but sorry find the grosgrain bow
    a bit to big. Great shows and really like your way's on tele
    hugs Maria x

  44. Hi John, great card loved the demo of this one on your show. Take Care Melody xxx

  45. Hi John,
    Nearly caught up on watching your shows - work is all over the place and the waeather was aweful on the A1 yesterday afternoon. Massive thunderstorm and torrential rain - slowed everyone down so much. Love the idea of this card.
    Have a great day
    Anne M xx