Sunday, 6 September 2015

What another Sneak Peak?...

Happy Sunday,

Today's project is, again, a sea peak of next Monday / Tuesdays One Day Special on Hochanda!  This is part of a winter decoupage special so there will be more paint. stamping and embellishing workshops headed your way (if i can think of nay more lol)

Today's piece is a storm lantern, that looks to me at least, as if its been made of wrought iron rather than MDF.  If you want to see how I did this you will need to tune in at 8pm tomorrow (Monday) Freeview 39, sky 663 and freesat 822 or online at

I used the range of shimmer paints and other cosmic items I have on the show to get this effect and this is one part of the One Day Special hopefully (if I get an samples finished today) I will sneak peak the other special offer item tomorrow.



  1. Hi John.
    It was good to watch you at Colemans yesterday You were so busy. I could'nt even get to say hello. take care Kitty.

  2. Hi John,
    Wow this is lovely, I know of one Of my Daughters who will love this. Will make a great Christmas present.
    Will this be available from anywhere else other than Hochanda? Also will the others be available elsewhere, I love the sleigh as well.
    I will be tuned in,or probably have to try and watch on my iPad and tape on the sky box as my Husband won't be happy watching a craft show on TV. Lol
    Now I need to start collecting the shimmer paints as well my list is ever growing and it's all your and Sue's fault lol.
    I just pre ordered a load of the new dies coming out and some stamps finally found someone to get me the stamp for the poinsettia you did with gold.stamping. Also got another set of your Christmas stamps yesterday.
    Have a great Sunday

  3. Morning John, oh I am loving this blog, not only do we get to see some of the samples but we get lots of inspiration as well. Now I will be watching on Monday but I want to know how you did the flowers, I didn't know you could get scotch patterned vellum or are my eyes deceiving me (I bet they are), but all will be revealed tomorrow. Love the rustic look of the lantern, gorgeous.

    Enjoy Sunday, stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  4. Hi John
    loving this blog to this storm lantern looks stunning thank you tracyw

  5. What lovely demos at Colemans yesterday. Thanks for the tips. It was great to see you demoing for real as opposed to TV and be able to ask you questions as you progressed.
    Today's project is very different - look forward to seeing this. You must be shattered by your recent activity. When do you find time to craft?

  6. Really like this one John, the poinsettia's are stunning, will be watching tomorrow. Linda.

  7. Morning John, a fabulous work of art and the poinsettias are gorgeous.
    Nancyd xx

  8. Hi John,
    I Just Love This Magnificent Lantern I Love Your Stunning Poinsettias And I Will Just Be Able To Catch Those Shows As After Tomorrow I Won't Be Commenting For Around A Month As I'm Going On Holiday I'm Extremely Excited
    I Don't Check Out Internet Or Anything Like That!! I'm Glad Your Keeping Busy With Hochanda And Workshops.
    Hugs From Sam xx

  9. This looks amazing! It really looks like metal and the tartan poinsettia are just lovely. Debra x

  10. Good morning John this is stunning I love the storm lantern and the flowers are amazing. I will be on my way to work when you are doing your first show tomorrow. I expect there will be more shows for me to enjoy. I hope all the prep goes well today. Hugs Jackie

  11. Can I get these products anywhere else John? Hochanda won't send to Ireland!

  12. Hi John,
    I haven't crafted 3D/MDF but this lantern and the sleigh are gorgeous and might just have a go.
    Lorna D

  13. Hello John, this lantern is so beautiful, it really does look like metal work. Will record the shows. Hope you manage to get your prep done. Have a good day. Bx

  14. Eh up John
    The lantern is beautiful.
    Hope Horse Chestnut have got their website sorted now. At work Tuesday but will be watching tomorrow.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  15. Certainly does look like metal John-beautiful.
    The poinsettias are amazing.
    Good luck with the prer today.
    Love Val x

  16. Hi John,
    Great sneak peak! It's lovely! might treat myself to one for the window - but like you I'm up to my eyeballs in stuff to do - Hey - ho! Enjoy1
    Have a good day everyone.
    Anne Mxx

  17. Morning John I love the sneek peek . Another early morning show .Oh well I can have a sleep in the after noon to make up for it .Gloria(Sidcup) xx

  18. Love this sneak peek and wished I lived closer.... those poinsettia's look amazing!

  19. I don't usually do this type of thing but I love this and it would great in any home at Christmas.
    Good to see you yesterday - I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer but was demonstrating lace in the afternoon.

    Anne (Northampton)

  20. Morning John,
    A lovely lantern, gorgeous.

  21. You're so clever!
    Looks so realistic.

  22. Hi John, love the paper used for the poinsettia. X Ros

  23. Hi John,
    Brilliant lantern, love the flowers...Gorgeous. I have your show tomorrow down as 8PM( not 8AM as some people have commented) am I right!
    Love Janet x
    from Wakefield

  24. Brilliant lamp and I love your tartan Poinsettias. I keep recording shows from the Sky epg and they are not as advertised so unfortunately I have missed some that I wanted to see. Luckily all yours have been correct - so far! SueL x

  25. Great project. Love the tartan poinsettias.


  26. Fabulous project John, love the tartan! Pat x

  27. Good morning John, I love this it looks so real I have two storm lamps in my lounge windows that look similar!!! Without the poinsettias of course : )
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  28. Hi John, This is lovely, the tartan poinsettias are stunning.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  29. Wow, looking at this lantern, you'd never guess is wasn't metal. Absolutely love it! I like the pointsettias too. They make it look so festive.
    Can't wait to see you make this item.

  30. Hi John.......oooooo this is t! I love lanterns and I would have them all over the place! I love the poinsettias especially in the tartan (my mums Scottish and it would be rude not! ), it really brings them to life. Love the " nay" by the way! I have cousins (obviously) in Scotland and I love how they talk. Once you've got over the speed that they talk you're on the right track! Lol! Have a good day! xx Love Karen xx

  31. oh wow this is stunning and those flowers are gorgeous.
    Can I come and stay at yours for Christmas lol
    As I bet your house is fabulously decorated with all the beautiful things you make
    I so love Christmas and watching all the things you come up with and all of the inspiration you give.

  32. Hi John,
    Absolutely stunning, you would never know that it's MDF it looks very realistic. The poinsettias are gorgeous too.
    Thanks for all the inspiration,
    Heather Treble

  33. Wow! This is stunning! It looks so real! xxx

  34. Hiya John,
    What a superb lantern, and the tartan poinsettias are a gorgeous "full stop" as you put it:-) I am really enjoying your demos with mixed media, I have bought some shimmer paint and the easel from Julia's website and I am looking forward to playing. I know that it featured on one of your shows at C&C but I missed it unfortunately. I have a little request, could you please show us more paint techniques and embellishments for items like the easel cos I want it to be a feature for any cards I make- I'm like you and Sue, I tend to do bigger card fronts rather than the traditional folded card. Good luck- as if a pro like you will need it- for your shows, I'll be watching:-)
    Love and crafty hugs,

  35. Wow, really nice. I was sure it was metal when I first looked at it. And I love the plaid poinsettias. Very different.

    Thanks for all your wonderful project ideas!

  36. This is stunning John, hopefully I can find the website to be able to order something lol! Good luck with the shows

    Love & hugs
    Jacquie J xxx

  37. Hi John I've been so enjoying your demos, and have learned such a lot.
    Your lantern is gorgeous, and I love the tartan blooms.
    Looking forward to more demos, Kate x

  38. Looks just like wrought iron Will have to record shows work and teaching Salsa will be in the way!

  39. hi John this is great, love the poinsettias. Looking forward to the demos

  40. Hi John

    I have to say the lantern is my favourite of the Christmas MDF. I shall look forward to the shows

    Hugs, T x

  41. Hi John
    Great, looks just like wrought iron as you say. Will miss the shows, which is a shame.

  42. Hi John, love the lantern have already brought it for my grandaughter to decorate so will watch your shows to get some ideas, good luck with the shows have fun. Take Care Melody xxx