Thursday, 10 September 2015

How to Make Christmas?!?...

Happy Thursday,

Firstly a quick note to all recent winners, if you haven't already could you email me your address to  Those who have your prizes will go out tomorrow.  I am sorry for the delay I simply have struggled to get time to go to the post office!  I will make sure I clear the decks for next week as there will be a new giveaway on Monday!

Back to today and I have added a load of pictures of yesterdays workshops at Crafty Company in Fleetwood to Facebook.  WE had a brilliant time and don't forget I am there again today for a free demo day so if you have any questions just pop in and say Hi and I will try to answer them!

I have loads of emails asking how I decorated the Happy Christmas for the shows on Hochanda and so I thought I would give you a mini tutorial !

I stared by painting one coat of the Cosmic Shimmer paint (for the Happy Christmas I used russet Red) all over the piece as in this picture.  I hasten to add it is wresting against a bag of display snow!

Next I added a liberal amount of Vintage Holly gilding wax around the edges.  Using my fingers I rubbed this in around the tops of the letters and added some, in patches, on the front.  This gives and aged look to the piece.

Next I took some of the 2 sizes of MDF holly from the accessory pack and painted them with a single coat (the great thing about the shimmer paint is that they cover MDF with no base coat required in one coat) of the peacock green shimmer paint.  Next using a large wash brush I added aqua gold shimmer paint to one side of the holly leaves, in one stroke if possible, to add some variation to the holly and make it look even more 3D.

finally, using enchanted gold gilding wax, i rand a thin border with my finger around each leave.  I attached them randomly to the happy Christmas using cosmic shimmer dries clear glue.  I added berries using vintage berry twinkles for that glitter sparkle and finished.

For the winter wishes I used a light silver shimmer paint and pewter gilding wax to give a completely different look adding a bit of bling with a CE stick on sparkle.



  1. Morning John, as usual cracking pieces love them all.
    Nancyd xx

  2. You are really spoiling us with these them all want them all. Need them all
    You must be ready for another holiday, after doing the workshops and all these lovely pieces!

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  4. Morning John, these are fabulous, love them all. Great shows recently too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Looks an interesting project. Just about to check Facebook but guess you had fun.

  6. Good morning John thank you for all the inspiration. The finished projects are amazing. You are so busy. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  7. Really like all of the MDF samples you have demonstrated and will be trying! to decorate some for the family for Christmas. Had a great day at your workshop yesterday and will be popping in for your demo day today. I picked up so many tips! Linda.

  8. Morning John, Fabulous tutorial and great piccies. Have a great demo day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. A lovely decoration, John.

    Anne (Northampton)

  10. Hi John
    Thanks for the tutorial on how you decorated the Happy Christmas. They'll look good on the shelf at Christmas. Have a great day.

  11. Fantastic creations! That Cosmic shimmer shimmer paint is going on my wish list as it looks so good on the mdf. Debra x

  12. Hi John,
    Love these sentiments, they would look fabulous on any shelf.
    Lorna D

  13. Hi John,
    Great to see these and what colours you painted them, I've gone and ordered the wreaths and stuff to make the gingerbread wreaths with my Grandchildren, you are costing me a fortune lol. Seriously though I think it's gorgeous and am looking forward to trying these paints.
    I must have missed the winners announcement will have to.go back on your blog to find it.
    Don't forget to take time out for yourself or you will get too exhausted. We worry about you rushing all over the place and having no days off.

  14. Saw this! I have the silver shimmer paint and pewter wax bought during another life in Spain I think and still not used them much Itching to have a go at decorating some MDF They look beautiful

  15. Hi John, really like the winter wishes one I don't recall seeing that one before, all your demos on the MDF have been fantastic. Take Care Melody xXx

  16. Hi John. Your makes are beautiful and thanks for the written instructions for the Happy Christmas, always a useful reminder. SueL x

  17. Morning John,
    Lovely project.

  18. Good morning John, I enjoyed watching this demo on tv when you did it but it is nice to have the details here. Hope you enjoy today love from Jackie xx

  19. Good morning John, glad you had a lovely day yesterday!!!
    Love your MSG projects!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  20. Morning John, thank you so much for giving us the instructions, saw the demo, but sometimes forget what you did so it is so nice to have the instructions to refer back to. These are lovely and a must have for Christmas

  21. Hi John,
    Great projects, the creative expressions MDF kits are superb quality as I have got part way through the lantern and the paints cover so easily. I have done another brand of MDF kit and it's nowhere near as good quality.
    Thanks for all the great inspiration,
    Heather Treble

  22. Hi John, these are beautiful! What a great technique! Love the look of the shimmer paints and "thank you" for the tutorial and inspiration. Great idea of the Happy Christmas leaning on the bag of snow to dry! You've reminded me that I have a bag of it......somewhere....! Lol! Have a great day at Fleetwood! "Thank you" xx Love Karen xx

  23. Brilliant projects and great demos, Kate x

  24. I love learning the little tricks you use to make your projects look great. Thank you. I really enjoy watching you and reading your posts.

  25. Very Christmassy. Shame I don't have the space for such things as they look like fun to decorate!

    Hugs, T x

  26. Oh wow love them both and thank you for going over the instructions again.
    I was taking notes from the demos but missed some bits out lol.

  27. Hi John, I love both of these they are fab. All this rushing around your going to catch yourself coming back lol!!

    Linda x

  28. These look lovely John, that paint looks fab. Pat x

  29. Hi John, they both look great they are going to be loads of fun to decorate with the kids when they come down for there weekends here. Hope you manage to get your self some rest. Take Care Melody xxx

  30. Very nice, but I cant get interested when I can't buy from Hochanda because I live in Ireland!

  31. Very nice, but I cant get interested when I can't buy from Hochanda because I live in Ireland!

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