Saturday, 5 September 2015

Demo Time...Christmas...

Happy Saturday,

Once again thanx to everyone who emailed in and watched yesterdays shows if you caught them I hope you had a s much fun as I did! Getting Charlie to stamp was so much fun! lol  Today I am demoing at Coleman's Warehouse in Rushed, If you are around it would be great to see you.  Today's card is one of the samples that I will be taking with me and demoing.

To see how this card was made, or at least the techniques used to make it you will have to pop in! (spoilsport aren't it?)  I love the soft blue and white of this non traditional card which I thought would make a perfect Christmas or winter birthday card as its not, overtly, Christmas.

I really like the winter rose I made using the peony complete petals die from Sue Wilson against the snowflake background.

There will be more MDF form the show tomorrow as well as news o More MDF shows with a couple of new special items coming along!



  1. Hi John.
    The shows were great thank you. Have fun today, If my parcel comes this morning I shall come over to say hello. Take care Kitty.

  2. You must be shattered! Excellent demos and tips yesterday - thank you. Will be at Colemans later today after going to craft club, to see what you have to show everyone. Really looking forward to it.

  3. Hi John
    what a stunning card love the colours thank you tracyw

  4. Morning John, amazing card, I can't get to Colemans but I wish you well, I know you will be going down a storm, loved the shows yesterday, you have a real passion for crafting and it shows in everything you do.

    Enjoy Saturday, stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  5. Good morning John this is a gorgeous Christmas card I love the design and of course the dies are stunning. I enjoyed your shows yesterday I really want the MDF Christmas shapes with the matching stamps. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  6. Morning John I do like what you have done with the peony die and your choice of colour .Thanks Gloria(Sidcup ) xx

  7. Good Morning John,
    Another beautiful card I love these dies.
    I also love the way you've made the peony into a rose now all we need is you to show us how, as we are not all as talented as you are.
    I loved your shows, and love the Santa sleigh especially but Hochanda are not cheaper than other shops and I've read many messages on their Facebook page from many who have joined their club that are cancelling. A friend of mine had to phone them about her order last week she was on the phone 5 hours, not good. Demos are great but prices are not, nor is customer services it seems.
    Hope they pull their socks up and take heed or we will just watch the demos and buy elsewhere.
    enjoy your demoing today, and I hope you manage to get a day off soon.

  8. Gorgeous card & not just as a Christmas card. Would look great is other colours.


  9. Hi John,
    Lovely card today. I like a bit out of the ordinary in christmas colours. Loved your shows yesterday - so funny in parts. Great collection and will be watching today.
    Have a good weekend!
    Anne Mxx

  10. Beautiful card John! Love the blue and white for a Christmas card. Debra x

  11. Lovely card and that rose is stunning. Put the tv on a couple of times yesterday and I see there were technical troubles again. I hope this didn't affect any of your shows as I have them recorded. Sounds like you had fun though. SueL x

  12. Morning John,
    Lovely card, I got this die yesterday will be having a play with it today. Did mange to see some of your shows

  13. Lovely card John and I enjoyed the shows I could watch yesterday.
    Loved the decoupaged bottle !

  14. Hi John,
    Stunning card today with my favourite Christmas background die, although I think it could be used for other occasions as it doesn't shout Christmas....Beautiful!
    Love Janet x
    from Wakefield

  15. Lovely card, John. Looking forward to seeing you this morning - that is if you are still awake! You are so busy at the moment.

    Anne (Northampton)

  16. Hi John, the shows yesterday were great, love what you did with the mdf items. Looking forward to many more. Have a great day at Colemans. Bx

  17. Hi John, loved the one show I got to watch yesterday. Lovely card today.
    Love Val x

  18. Hi John
    A lovely card today. I just love the snowflake background die. Love the colours as well.

  19. Good morning John, just love this card especially the flowers, enjoyed the shows yesterday and looked like you were having fun, love from Jackie xx

  20. Less is more and this is definitely more!! A fabulous card, beautiful colour and your rose is lovely. Didn't get to see yesterday's shows and forgot to set recorder so really annoyed with myself. Pat x

  21. Hi John,
    Lovely card, you really spoiling us!
    Lorna D

  22. Hi John,
    Just beautiful, this card. I love it.
    Best wishes, Rose

  23. Your shows were great I taped them and caught up this morning I really must have a go at this craft I've had a little dabble but I'm now looking at all of the stuff in my house that I can slap paper on! I too have Christmas decorations that my kids made about 25 years ago
    Today's card is lovely Could certainly be used for a winter birthday as well as Christmas

  24. Gorgeous card john. Great shows yesterday x

  25. Hello John,
    What a fantastic idea to make it a winter card used for any occasion rather than just Christmas. Loved your shows yesterday. You do well on camera. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  26. Hi John,
    Yes you are a spoilsport, what about all those of us that cannot make it to your demo's?
    This is lovely.
    Love Nancy xx

  27. Saw your shows John, but it's nothing like so much fun when you know you can't buy anything, just because you live in Ireland! Are they trying to redress that yet?

  28. Hi John, I think this is a fabulous card, dies, colours and the flower just finishes it off. Hope you will share your techniques with those of us not lucky enough to attend your demo.

  29. Beautiful as always, John. I agree that this card would be perfect for the winter birthdays and other non-holiday celebrations.

  30. Good afternoon John, just got in from work : ( but guess you 're still at it or
    travelling!!! Still not caught up on your shows yet : ( but I will : )
    Love today's card it's gorgeous!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  31. Hi John

    It was good to see you at Colemans in Rushden today. Your cards are lovely and I love the colour of this one. Will be visiting your blog daily from now on.
    Love Elaine x

  32. Hi John.....Oooooo I love this card, it's gorgeous! I love the blue and yes, quite agree that the Peonie rose die of Sue's is makes a gorgeous rose and along with the snowflake background, does, like you say, make a beautiful winter birthday card too xx "Thank you John" for the inspiration....I forget so easily so I will have to put a sticky message on the tv when your shows are on and to definitely record them! lol xx Love Karen xx

  33. Gorgeous card again today, I really love the detail and colour of this one.
    And the flower is so pretty, I wish mine looked like that when I make them lol.

  34. Lovely card, love the colour and the Rose! Will be catching up with your Hochanda MDF shows tomorrow:) Linda.

  35. Hi John, A gorgeous card. I hope your demo day went well. To be honest, I don't know how you organise your 'time', you are such a busy person I don't know how you manage to 'fit it all in'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  36. Hi John, this card is gorgeous I love everything about it the colours the background an the flower looks great with the bakers twin. Take Care Melody xxx

  37. fantastic card ,love the background die it's stunning ,Laura O

  38. Eh up John
    Couldn't get to comment yesterday........thought I'd been barred lol!
    This is truly stunning. The flower is so beautiful.
    Hope all went well at Coleman's and maybe today is a rest day.
    Ang x

  39. Hi John,
    Gorgeous card, I love the soft colours and it gives me some ideas for a birthday card I'll need to make for the week before Christmas. Thanks for all the great inspiration,
    Heather Treble

  40. Love that one John. I'm not really a "blue" person, but that is so pretty I may change my mind!

  41. Hi John,
    This die is sitting on my desk waiting for inspriration ! Well there you go - must have known! really nice card and love the colours! Not watched the shows yet but will do tonight.
    Anne M xx