Monday, 21 September 2015

Better Late than never lol

Happy Monday,

I got back from a tiring but Fab weekend crafting at Ally Pally where I met so many of my wonderful Blog Family and just collapsed into bad!  So sorry that todays post is late however better late than never het?!? lol

Today is the last day of my Ally Pally Giveaway weekend so this is your last chance to win one of my Hochanda demo cards, just leave a comment to win todays card.  I will select all the winners this evening and post the winners tomorrow.

I thought you might all like to see the Card box I made with the Canadian background die along with the card that matches.  I also got asked for the sizes which I had posted on Facebook so I thought I should post them on here as well!

score your card to the following measurements (A4 card) 1.5cm, 3cm, 14cm, 15.5cm, 17cm, 28cm, 29cm on the landscape side. and 3cm along the bottom and 1.5cm along the top (portrait side)
These are the basic folds to make the box ready to Die cut.  Next you simply Die cut the 2 dis form the Canadian Background separately from the front panel.  

To make the flap I simply die cut the Pyxsis gemini die using the centre panel and one of the edges to make a panel to make the flap detailed.  I adhered this to the folded flap and cut the edges off so that It fits (this was a lot easier to explain in a demo!)

To finish I added Pastel Lilac PVA glue dots in the centre of each flower and added a tie of matching thin double sided satin ribbon.

I made a simple folded card using the background and added a happy birthday die cut across the front.  You could add any sentiment to this card front it would make great invitations?!?

To win this card and box simply leave a comment below.

Also I have passed on all the emails I have received regarding Hochanda to the Marketing lady there.  I know she is working through them and will answer as soon as possible.



  1. Wow John this post was well worth the wait!!!!


  2. This is lovely and I have the die, so no excuse!!
    Bet you were shattered after AP but such a great show. Hope you are able to have today to yourself after all your recent activity. Been trying out some of my purchases. Colour cloud try out this afternoon.

  3. Hi John,
    Oh John, I don't know how you do it! This is absolutely gorgeous I adore this die and every time you use it I want to replicate it!!
    Lorna D

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  5. What a lovely card and box. Lots of ideas going around my head for Christmas.

  6. Wow John this is fabulous, thank you for including the measurements it is so helpful. Really glad you enjoyed Ally Pally - wish I could have been there, Hope all the gang will find time to relax after such a busy weekend

  7. Morning John,
    Lovely card and box. pleased you enjoyed the weekend.

  8. Hi John,
    I'm not surprised you were so tired, the amount of stuff you are doing and all that travelling.
    I love this card and box. I haven't got the die but my Sister Rose has so I can at least borrow it until I get it lol.
    Unless of course I win the card and box from you. lol
    Thanks for the dimensions of them comes in handy I can tell you, would be nice if you can do that with all of your cards, but I seem to recall you saying on Hochanda you work from the inside out just adding centimetres or more along the way.
    Think I've sussed that out. Oops for the videos I do go and look at what's new on Sue's blog link and to be honest your videos have had A fair few views so far, and as you said not yet public lol. Think I'm not the only one who has found the secret viewing place lol.
    Love the videos anyway and hope there is a lot more to come, could do with the MDF wreaths as a video, Pretty please lol
    As for Hochanda if they can offer regular discounts for members they might get more chance of people buying as a lot are watching and buying elsewhere. Also flexi pay. Can't understand why the only discount they've done so far was on Phil's stamps.
    Hope you've got a day off today.

  9. Hi John,
    So glad I went to Ally Pally, it was my first time and well worth the travel. It must have been even more tiring for you but also so rewarding like you say.
    This box bag (or whatever it's called) is AWESOME. Lovely, Lovely, lovely.
    Best wishes, Rose

  10. Morning John, as you know I could not get to Ally Pally this time but my friend went to the stand and got most of the stuff I wanted/needed, could not get the colour cloud frosty heather as it had all gone, never mind. Of course everyone will want to win one of your gorgeous give away's, what gorgeous keepsakes they would be.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxxxx

  11. Hi John. This is a beautiful box and card and not had to do at all. Another one for me to have a go at : )
    I hope you can get a rest now Ally Pally is over and before you start on your next project or demo.
    Good luck to everyone that is in the draw for all of the beautiful cards. Take care x

  12. Morning John, So glad you all had a good weekend, albeit very tiring.
    This box and card is really fabulous, the die lends itself beautiful to this project.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Morning John, well worth the wait. they are fabulous and the measurements are a great help, hope you have a little rest today you all deserve it.
    Nancyd xx

  14. Gorgeous creation John. Glad you had a fab weekend. Some of the ladies here thought we might get together next time and come over. xxx

  15. Love your work, John, Thank you very much from a crafter who needs inspiration

  16. I love Sue's Canadian background die and it is ideal for making this bag.

    Hope you got everything packed into the car OK and the journey home wasn't too bad despite the motorway traffic. You will pleased to know my voice is about kaput so you won't have to hear me rabbiting on tomorrow!!!!

  17. My favourite background die - looks good on every project.

  18. its the Till Lady again. I must say you must be tired after Ally Pally but well worth it. Your cards are simply wonderful and what can one say about your demos - fantastic. I was over the moon to meet you yesterday and have only just found out about your blog - thank you so much. The products are great and I shall enjoy making my gingerbread wreath. Take care, much love
    Anne (Reading)

  19. Hi John,
    Have a well deserved rest, you never fail to come up trumps over and over again. This card and box is so stunning, I have ordered the die. love the products and what you create with it.
    Thanks for sharing

  20. Hi John
    great card and love the box and thank you for sizes must have a go at this
    Jeanie .e

  21. Gorgeous card and box John. Hope you're having a rest today.

  22. Love the box, John. I can think of so many uses. Thank you for the dimensions. Get some rest and feel refreshed.

  23. Hi John, Ally Pally sounds as though it was a real success.
    Love todays beautiful card and box. This is one of the favourite dies that I possess so thanks for the measurements I'll have a go at making it.
    Love Val x

  24. Hi John the box and card are stunning. I love your designs. It was so nice to meet you at the weekend and Lisa, Julia, Phill and Sue. Ally Pally is like a place to meet my Crafty family it is such fun. I hope you get some rest today before the next round of prep and demos. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  25. Great card & matching box, really lovely.


  26. Hi John, this card and box are fabulous. Hope you're taking time to recover from the weekend before starting your next project, you deserve it. Love and hugs,
    Alison D x

  27. Love that Pyxsis edging on the box.
    B xx

  28. Hi John
    Love the box and card. Thanks for the measurements. Must write them down, I also love the edging die as well. Thanks for the chance again to win this one. It was lovely seeing you again on Saturday.

  29. Eh up John
    Always love your boxes and this is no exception.
    You were a very tired ted last night when you dropped me off and I know how I shattered I feel today so eat cheese, drink Pepsi and chill!!!
    Ang x

  30. Lovely card and box John, Glad you had a good time at AP.
    Here's to next year!!!
    Nancy xx

  31. Hi John, great card and box. Thanks so much for the instructions. Glad you had a good although tiring time at Ally Pally. Try and have a bit of a relaxing day today.

  32. Hi John I have this die but not used it as yet so thanks for instructions off to play now as I love this and it is a dear friends birthday at the weekend sorted thanks for sharing x

  33. Hi John,
    Really nice boxes - very useful.
    Just watched your two videos on u tube for Creative Expressions. They are fab! Well done you!
    Anne M xx

  34. Lovely boxes, so useful. You are full of creative inventiveness. One day I will get to Ally Paly.

  35. Hi John, what a lovely idea. I shall give this a try.
    Hugs Clare xx

  36. Hi John, I'm so lucky!!! Tee hee!!! I've just got this die I knew I wouldn't
    Regret it!!! Yippee!!! Thanks John you're a star!!!
    Deffo worth waiting!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  37. Oh John, this is the prettiest card and box I have seen in a while. just love the colour under the white card. Brilliant.

  38. What a brilliant idea John, I just love this background die, so easy to use and for so many things...Bet you are shattered after your hectic time at Ally Pally.....put your feet up !!!! .....luv Ursula xx

  39. Hi John,
    Fabulous card and box, I just happen to have this die and thanks to you have all the measurements to make it. Glad you had a great time at Ally Pally.
    Love Janet x
    from Wakefield

  40. Hello John

    Love this card and box. Although you have used the Canadian die, I can easily see it being just as beautiful with other dies.

    Glad you enjoyed Ally Pally although I guess it is such hard work.................but worth it!

    Lol Barbara W x


  41. Hi John.

    This is lovely, adore the box. Thanks for all the sizing.

    Best wishes

  42. Such a smashing idea John - thank you! Not only are we your blog followers impressed think how awe struck a non-crafter would be that anyone would go to so much trouble for them. Roll on the brownie points!!

  43. What a lovely way of using this die, which I bought when we did the workshop with you.
    I'm not surprised you are shattered - you are going to have to start saying "no"!

    Anne (Northampton)

  44. Lovely card and box. Must give this a try!

  45. wow love the card and box, both look so pretty.
    I have this die and have not used it yet but must go and try this project.
    Would love to win one of your beautiful creations.
    Good luck to every one

  46. Just beautiful John!
    Love the die , I need it!
    Glad you had a good time , get some rest if you can!

  47. A gorgeous creation John, I'm sure everyone wants to win this one. So glad you had a great time at Ally Pally but try to get a little rest now, you must be shattered. Take care, Linda,

  48. lovely card and box John ,Laura O

  49. Hi John, wow stunning box made with the Canadian background of Sue's and the flap using the Pyxsis die. Although I haven't got this die it is so so pretty and probably so versatile too x "Thank you John" and hope you all manage to get a rest soon! xx Love Karen xx

  50. Thanks for this John. Have been looking for these details since you were on Hochanda. It's a lovely project. Look forward to trying it. Thanks again.

  51. Hi John,
    After watching you make this on Hochanda I just had to have a go myself. Unfortunately I don't have the Pyxis die but managed with another Gemini die and I'm quite pleased with the result.
    Thanks for all the great inspiration,
    Heather Treble

  52. I love the Canadian die and just bought it this weekend at Ally Pally - you all worked so hard - well donexx

  53. Lovely gift box John, I just love the dies. Pat x

  54. Hi John

    I like both dies a lot. A gift bag is a clever idea

    Hugs, T x

  55. No wonder you were shattered So was I and all I did was wander around and shop! I love this project and definitely intend to have a go at making it when I've saved a.few pennies The one die I didn't get around to buying yesterday was the Canadian background It was a real highlight for me that you remembered me I always get a bit starstruck meeting you lot! Not having any craft shops near me or CE stockists it's good to see stuff in real life too

  56. Hi John, wht a great box for a fabulous card, the Canadian background is my favourite. Glad a good time was had by all at ally pally, wish I could of been there. Take Care Melody xxx

  57. Lovely project. Will have to try it.

  58. Hi John.
    Beautiful project Thank you take care Kitty.

  59. John this is so lovely, just right for popping gift cards in, etc at Christmas or birthdays! Try to have a rest this week - ha ha I know!
    Maggie B xx

  60. Love the box and card John, I would make 5 more cards, and call it a present!

    Thanks for passing on comments re Hochanda. I've stopped watching the programmes as I can't buy anything ( live in Ireland, and their websit won't accept my address).

  61. Wow, pure awesomeness. This card has it all....thank you for share...I think I will give it ago.