Sunday, 30 August 2015

Simple Sunday...& More Hochanda Shows News

Happy Sunday,

I'm sure you will all be glad to hear that I am at home today I should be relaxing but I'm busy prepping for Mondays shows on Hochanda!  With the issues on the website etc we are going to show some of the other items that weren't on the shows last week over three hours on Mondays below update for the times etc lol !

Therefore today's card is a simple, yet hopefully effective, Christmas card that would be great for batch card making.

I made a DL card from vintage gold foundation card and added a few layers of white and rich red.  The top layer I added a strip of red and white bakers twine around a couple of times and tied it in a knot.

For the main element I cut the peace on earth sentiment in rich red card.  I then added a light rub of golden light gilding wax across the surface and Olympic gold PVA glue dots on the ends of the swirls.

A simple card made with one die and a few products however easily transferable into any colour scheme!

Update lol Creative Expressions and  Hochnada have asked me to do some shows on Monday as there were problems with the website etc and I know quite a few people missed them!  I will be doing new demonstrations with other items on the show on Monday at 1pm, 3pm and 6pm so tune in on freeview 39, Sky 663 and Freesat channel 822 to view.  You can also watch online at



  1. Hi John.
    A very elegant card thank you.
    Good luck with the new channel. take care Kitty.

  2. Morning John, a beautiful card, you say it is simple, well you haven't seen me crafting haha!!!, anyway I will try this, it is one of those that you can batch make as you say and add to the Christmas card pile that I am making.

    Good news about Hochanda, I will definitely be watching, would love to know if there is anyway that the earlier shows will be repeated as well as 2 of the evening ones I missed.

    Happy Sunday everyone, stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  3. Morning John, I just love this card it is a simple easy card but very effective will definately be watching your shows tomorrow.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Good Morning John,
    This card is simple but also stunning. I love it.
    Oh more shows I must find them on my sky planner and record them. Just in case.
    I actually got a set of the new noble dies yesterday the classic nobles made a card with the outer die (you would be proud of me lol) took 3 times through the machine to cut it though. I was going with Gothic colours the choice for their wedding not sure if it worked, my niece is getting engaged next week, so I thought I'd have a go with black and red with some red and gold Gilding wax. Anyway hopefully they will like it.
    I was going to say have a restful Sunday but your busy getting ready for tomorrow. Take a bit of time out for yourself, we don't want you running out of energy you work so hard.
    Looking forward to your shows, (I'll send you the card on Facebook try to omit the happy couple lol.)

  5. Tbis is a great card, John. Will have to record tomorrow's show as I am demonstrating lacemaking all day.

    Anne (Northampton)

  6. Simply stunning card-perfect for batch making without the recipients realising!


  7. Hi John, a simple but very pretty card .hope I can watch you tomorrow,depends on the Internet.
    Try and relax a bit though as we don't want you to stress out. Take care Jane B.

  8. Hi John,
    I Just Love Today's Fabulous Card And The Sue Wilson Die, John I Am Well And Truly Thrilled That Your Back "Hochanda" You Were Great The Other Day And You Were Able To Do Your Demo's Without Being Interrupted By Presenters, I Do Hope This Doesn't Change.
    You Were So At Ease And Confidence,
    I Do Hope That The Presenters Continue To Let Us See The Demo's, Lee Is A Very Good Presenter, I'd Like To See Creative Expression Name And More Of Your Stunning Samples In The Cubes And Shelves On The Back I Know I've Probably Mentioned This!!!! But It Makes Such A Difference As The Back Wall Looks So Bare Other Wise!
    IndigoBlu Was On The Back Wall Was Full Of Products And Samples,
    So I'm Looking Forward To Monday Enjoy.
    Take Care
    Hugs From Sam x

  9. How effective is todays card John, i have quite a few Man cards to make at Christmas and i think this style would be just perfect .
    I hit the record button on your last show but it failed , doh i will look out to see if it is recorded again .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  10. Good morning John today's card is gorgeous. I do hope you get some rest today. I probably won't be watching tomorrow as I have some unexpected free time and it will be nice to go out on the last day of my holiday. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  11. Morning John,
    A great CAS card. Hope your shows go well tomorrow.

  12. Lovely clean and simple card. Simple is sometimes the hardest to get right. Love it. SueL x

  13. Lovely card again. At last the card has arrived from C and C so thanks for pushing that John as I would have been so disappointed had it not come.
    Hope you get a bit of 'you' time today. Will have to record tomorrow's shows as I shall be driving to Norfolk.

  14. Love this card John , a fantastic die and great colour scheme .
    Will watch when I can tomorrow.
    Get some rest!!!!

  15. Simply elegant! Lovely colour combination. I hope you get chance to put your feet up sometime today. Debra x

  16. Hi John
    thought the TV picture quality had especially improved yesterday on Hochanda and the sound was better too. Looking forward to more shows.

  17. Good morning John, what a clean and crisp card I just love it!!!
    You are clever : ) still haven't watched your first show : ( I've
    been working but I'm going to catch up today!!!
    Good luck tomorrow!!! Don't work too hard!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  18. Hi John,
    Simple but very effective card today, love it. Must go now and record the shows before I forget.LOL
    Love Janet x
    from Wakefield

  19. Eh up John
    Thought you were down south today so I'm glad you're actually at home. Try and get some rest.
    Great card for batch making and looking forward to tomorrows shows.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  20. Morning John, lovely card, great for batch card making, like you say. Hocanda is going fine, apart from the technical problems, it's going to be a good channel to watch. Janice xxx

  21. Great card John, will try to catch online, great that we can do that with new channel. xxx

  22. Hi John, such a lovely card today, love cards that are CAS and suitable for batch making. Have a great day, try relax a bit as well. Bx

  23. Good morning John clean and simple but so effective. I'm sure you have enough samples without making more hopefully I'll get back from mum's in time to catch at least one of your shows. Love from Jackie xx

  24. Hi John,
    A really elegant card, I love it. Hope you manage to have some relaxation time today and great news about more shows on hochanda, I'll be recording them.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Heather Treble

  25. Hi John. I have recorded all your shows on Hochanda as I love your demos. The only thing I would say is that it is good that you had the presence of mind to tell us exactly what dies are included the bundles as the presenter just holding them up doesn't show us the names of the dies. Hope their website is up and running soon. Have a good day today and look forward to seeing you in the TV again tomorrow.

  26. Hi John, lovely card today. Great for batch making.
    I'm so jealous of everybody getting the new channel. It sounds really good and I hope all goes well tomorrow.
    Bye fir now.
    love Val x

  27. Like this card....really handy if you forgot someone!
    Enjoy your 'day off'

  28. This is a definite "my kinda card" Superb colours Superb effect I'm looking forward to your shows but have had to set TV to record I have to say things are getting better on the channel and enjoying seeing the diversity of crafts being shown

  29. Hi John. A great CAS card and as you say, great for batch making. I'm glad that we will get to see more of your demos tomorrow : ) You must be exhausted though, with so many shows, prep and samples. I hope you can get some rest later on. Take care x

  30. It's a great idea to have a new craft channel, but I can't help feeling that they launched too soon. The online shopping should have been a higher priority. In spite of that, I joined within about half an hour of watching the launch, as the girl on the end of the phone told me that Ireland was included in the free shipping if I joined. Tried to buy something yesterday on the phone, and they had no record of me or my address- I asked it the guy would phone me back when he found it, so I could buy my item, and I never got a reply. So in essence, I've joined, and cant buy anything at all! Not a happy bunny. (card is nice though. Love the die sentiment.

  31. Bit of teething problems I think with the new channel, no available here in Dorset, also believe reception is not good....hopefully will get it here sometime. Lovely simple card today....luv Ursula x

  32. Good luck tomorrow John,
    Again I will miss them as your 6pm show will be while I'm at work (1pm here).
    I really love your simple card. It would make a great batch card.

  33. HI John a great quick card to make in an emergency.
    Enjoy your day off and good luck for tomorrow

  34. hi John
    Another lovely card and so easy to make. I won't be able to watch your shows on Monday, nor record them as I'm on holiday in Spain Boo Hoo.

  35. Hi John, A lovely card, ideal for batch making. Enjoy tomorrow.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  36. Fab card John. Am looking forward to Monday x

  37. Very nice, simple but striking. I like to see simple cards as well as the more complicated as I don't have to think too much when I make them. Very relaxing.

  38. Lovely simple card John and like you say good for batch making....which I think is needed by everyone, especially at Christmas time! Hopefully will be able to tune into your shows tomorrow xx I know the new channel has teething problems but I know, as we all start out, will be fine in the end x

  39. Lovely simple card John, as you say ideal for batch making. Looking forward to your shows tomorrow, we are really getting spoilt this week with so many demos from you! Pat x

  40. Hi John, Another of your less is more cards, so handy to have a few similar to this on hand just in case! A lovely design and stylish card. Will be trying to watch some of your shows live tomorrow, but will be recording them all just in case. Everything seems to be settling down now at Hochanda, the sound and the close ups now seem to be much much better, I have enjoyed the shows I have watched up to now. Linda.

  41. Very pretty card today, sometimes the simple ones are the best and it is
    definately the case with this one, just love it.
    so pleased to hear you are back on our screens tomorrow, really looking forward to seeing your demos

  42. Hi John, simple but as they say less is more, I think it's lovely. Good news about your shows tomorrow Good Luck Melody xxx