Wednesday, 12 August 2015

12 Days Backgrounds...

Happy Wednesday,

Ive something new to show you in the 12 days collection today these are the backgrounds, of which there are 4, to match the stamps and paper pack.  I designed these specifically to pick up some of the designs on the pack to compliment all the papers and stamp sets.  However these are also sized so that you can use them, on their own, for simple batch christmas cards should you wish to.

The first card is made using the vintage snowflake A6 background stamped in Geranium Red archival onto coconut white foundation card. I mounted this onto a couple of layers of rich red and coconut white and wrapped a piece of the bakers twine (from the brights set) around a twice and tied a quick not.

The main pears are made from one of the other backgrounds the Pear Square which is a 4 x 4" square background stamps.  here I have cut it into quarters and used 2 of them, lined in the red, offset as the topper.

to finish this card I simply stamped the sentiment, from the Partridge stamp set, in jet black arrival on a strip of coconut white, added a couple of layers of red and white, and foam mounted this on top at the bottom.  A quick but effective card that could be simplified further.

Next are  2 more, one A6 and another 4 x 4" square the stitched hearts background and the 12 days square.  For this card I stamped the square twice using jet black archival one of these i mounted on red card.  the other I cut some of the individual squares out form, mounted them in red and foam mounted them on top of their counterparts.

I stamped the stitched hearst background, cut it out and again mounted it onto red card.  I added this to a 14x14cm square of coconut white card on the left hand side.  I tried a strip of the thin scarlet ribbon around and added d double bow.  I foam mounted the main square over this and mounted the whole piece on a square of the red before adding to a white card blank.

These backgrounds will be available on the Create and Craft shows tomorrow .

To be in with a chance of winning one of the sets of stamps and the backgrounds just let me know which of these 2 cards you prefer!

12 Days of christmas background stamps
Stitched Hearts
Vintage Snowflake
12 days square
Pear square.
Archival ink in geranium red, and jet black
rich red and coconut white foundation card
scarlet double sided satin ribbon pack.



  1. Good morning John. I think the card I like the best is the second one. I like the way you put all the stamps going in different directions. Very different. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  2. First card is the favourite today!

  3. Hi John.
    Why do you make us Choose? when it is so hard, they are both beautiful.Thank you
    Take care kitty Okay I give in the second one, only because i like bows.

  4. Hi John, We are being spoiled, two lovely cards again ,one nicer than the other but I would choose the second one as my favourite. Look forward to the show tomorrow!
    Take care Jane B.

  5. I prefer the second card John. A bit of thinking 'out of the box'.

  6. Umm !!! I like them both but the first card is my favourite today xx

  7. Morning John, two fabulous cards it is difficult to choose but I think number two just edges out in front for me.
    Nancyd xx

  8. Lovely cards again. I like the second one the best, the collage of stamps just looks really different. Debra x

  9. Hi John. Two more great cards. It's hard to choose but In think no. 2 just has the edge for me. Enjoy yourself and have a safe journey tomorrow. Take care x

  10. Two lovely Christmas cards, I prefer the second one as its a little bit different.


  11. Good morning John, both cards are lovely!!! Which one? I prefer the second one!!!
    Oh and I forgot to say good luck everyone!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  12. Two more lovely cards and so difficult to choose a favourite, but if I have got to choose then it'll be the blue one.
    Carolyn B

  13. Morning John, Two gorgeous cards, but number two is my favourite, I love the stamping and the colours, gorgeous !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Hi John,
    Now you're making it difficult! Both are delightful and I adore elements of both. The snowflake background is a must for me along with the '12 days' square.
    Although I know this will probably all change during your shows tomorrow!!!!
    And I can't wait.
    Lorna D

  15. Oh my word How difficult you are making this to choose! I suppose if I must pick I like number 2 I like the simple layering up of the individual squares

  16. Hi John,
    Both are beautiful but the second one is my favourite. I love the way that you have all 12 days images arranged in different orientations and the colours are so elegant.
    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to tomorrow's shows.
    Heather Treble

  17. I think I prefer the second one, John, but it's a close run thing!

    Anne (Northampton)

  18. Good morning John both are great but I really love the second one with the option to cut and mount the individual elements love from Jackie xx

  19. Two more brilliant designs John, but the second one just has the edge for me, I love how you have cut out and layered each of the boxes. Take care, Linda.

  20. Eh up John
    More splinters in my bum today as I'm on that fence again.
    They are both terrific and both using fab stamps.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  21. Morning Jon,
    Two nice cards,

  22. Two gorgeous cards John , love the designs the stamps and the colours!
    No 2 just wins it!

  23. Morning John, two more lovely card, so difficult to choose, but I think the second one just has it as its so different, and children will love trying to find all the elements of the 12 days of Christmas Rhyme

  24. Hi John, two more beautiful cards. It's very hard to choose but I'd go for the first one .

  25. Oh John, you are making this difficult, but I will plump for the first one. SueL x

  26. Hi John
    I Love Both Your Stunning Cards, You Are Extremely Talented
    I'm So Looking Forward To The Show's On Create And Craft
    Hugs From Sam x

  27. Hi John
    Well once again you've produced two wonderful cards. I love how you've used different elements in the first red card. However, once again I think I like the second one best.

  28. Good morning John both of these cards are fantastic. If I had to choose a favourite today it would be the second one. I am looking forward to your shows tomorrow. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

  29. It's difficult for me to choose which card I prefer because I love both cards. They are both equally beautiful and unique in their own ways.

  30. Super card John, got two sets of your stamps the other day, and had a lovely play with them last night.

  31. Beautiful cards John, lovely backgrounds and stamps.
    Best wishes, Rose

  32. I love both these cards John but I think the second card has the edge for me! Have a great day. Sue

  33. Hello John,
    From today's batch of cards I like the stitched hearts card best. It was tough to choose but I finally did.
    Thank you!

  34. Difficult again, both gorgeous, but if I must choose it would be No.1

  35. Hi John,
    Two very nice cards once again ! nr 2 is the one
    that's talking to me today.
    Take care ,Maria x

  36. Hi John
    I think I like the Black and White, with just a touch of Red card best, and i would love to own the stamps.

    Margaret x

  37. Love the card Always like just a touch of color

  38. Well you are certainly making chosing very difficult lol
    Again I love them both and if I have to chose it will be the second one but only just.

  39. Both lovely designs, but the focal image of the 2nd card jumps out to me. My fav!

  40. Hi John,

    Hard choice you have given us today lol! I think I am going to go with the second one with all the twelve days of Christmas on, so glad you have bought these stamps out I love the twelve days of Christmas song & images, fabulous. Good luck with the shows, I have them set to record to watch when I can as I won't be around tomorrow.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  41. Hi John,
    2 wonderful cards today.
    Great stamped images, and wonderful colours.
    My fave is the the 2nd one as I ma drawn to that one, can't tell you why as I don't know my self.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  42. Good morning, John. I pinned my favorite.

  43. Card #1 is my favorite today! Love that color! Beautiful stamps!

  44. Hi John,
    Two great cards, love the colour ways. stamps and papers........ gorgeous.
    Love Janet x
    from Wakefield

  45. The first card is my favourite, looking forward to seeing it on your shows tomorrow.
    Christine (Andypandy) x

  46. The second card is my favourite it is lovely and cheerful in red.

  47. Hi John,
    Yes I know I'm later than normal it's been s busy couple of days.
    I was looking at the first card today thinking this is gorgeous, then I saw the second one. You aren't making this easy for us how to choose. I'm going for the second one, I love the stamping on it.
    Hope you've had a good day.
    Maggie in Solihull

  48. Hi John

    I have kept tabs last two days, very impressed with all your new designs. Looking forward to tomorrow

    Hugs, T x

  49. Hi John, I think I would have to say card 2 is my favourite today an I love the hearts background.take care melody xxx

  50. Love these two designs John, number one is my favourite. Pat

  51. Both are lovely cards but I like the second one better.

  52. Hi John
    Number 1 is my favourite card as red is probably my favourite Christmas colour.
    Your paper pad looks fantastic and a must have for sure!

  53. Number two is my favourite today, gorgeous background

  54. Both are lovely backgrounds. I would go with number 2, only because it seems to be so versatile for other types of cards. I would get more use out of it since it is not a specific holiday stamp.

  55. Hi John Difficult choice again, but prefer number 2 . Ali

  56. I like the stitched heart background one best, but so difficult.

  57. Hi John number one is my number one today.