Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Day 6...

Happy Tuesday,

I'm starting to feel bad about these short posts I really hope you all don't think I'm just "phoning it in" lol

Today's card is hopefully giving you some sunny colours that will match the weather I hope you are all getting!  I have just checked and where I am on holiday the temperature is supposed to be over 45 degrees!

This is the last sample I made for Julia Watts and is again using the new collection form Couture Creations Whilst discussing Couture Creations I must say a quick Hi to Carol form Australia (which is where these dies come from) who should be home in Ox by now and brought me a beautiful paper based gift form there when she was over last month (I will be showing some creations with this later in the month)

Although it looks complex today's card is just a series of squares cut in the primrose card I had on my stamp shows in April and coconut white.  I let the die cuts do all the work on this one and just added some raw silk double sided satin ribbon around the back and a bow to balance (I know some will think this is a little large but it is a large 21 x 21 cm card!)



  1. Morning John, hope you are enjoying your holiday and that you are relaxing, I so enjoy your posts - just right so no worries there - anyway back to the card today, love it, I am definitely going to have a play with this one, gorgeous.

    Enjoy Tuesday everyone, stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Hi John, today's card is so pretty with the primrose yellow, hopefully it will prompt the sunshine later, it is a little bit grey at the moment, definitely not as warm as where you are. Have a great day. Bx

  3. Hi John.
    Thank you so pretty, take care Kitty, not to worry about short posts.

  4. Morning John, a gorgeous card I am not really a yellow person but I do like this one and your posts are great just you enjoy your holiday.
    Nancyd xx

  5. Really draws the eye in, a stunning card John.....

  6. What lovely colours - we need something to brighten up this weather!
    A lovely card.

    Anne (Northampton)

  7. Lovely card-perfect for a sunny day. I had to laugh at your comment & thought perhaps you were having a Staycation and a spray tan to fool us all. I hope your holiday is allowing you to recharge your creative batteries.


  8. Morning John love how fresh this card is - just beautiful
    Hope you are still enjoying your holiday
    Jean x

  9. Hi John,
    Glad you are enjoying your holiday.
    This is a lovely card as always.

  10. Hi John this is a gorgeous card I love yellow it has always been a favourite with me. Don't worry about the short posts and get on with enjoying your holiday. Hugs Jackie

  11. Morning John, Please stop 'bragging' about your holiday temperatures hahahaha !!!!! it had turned cold and cloudy where I am, although the sun is trying to shine this morning, my fingers are crossed. Here's hoping your holiday is fabulous. This card is really lovely.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  12. Hi John, a very pretty and fresh looking card, enjoy your sunny holiday!, Take care Jane B.

  13. Beautiful card for a special occasion John!

  14. So pretty and yesterdays was stunning, xx

  15. Hi John,
    Just a series of squares it maybe but it looks stunning...the primrose yellow is gorgeous and a nice change from blues and pinks that we all use.
    Love Janet x
    from Wakefield

  16. Good morning John beautifully constructed and such a sunny colour. All we need now is the real thing though it is early yet and hopefully the day will brighten up. Keep enjoying yourself love from Jackie xx

  17. Hi John
    A lovely sunny card today today. To cheer us up on a cloudy day.

  18. Hi John,
    Lovely card, just shows that you can do a lot with squares. I love the centre elements and the primrose is such a pretty colour. Hope you're having a relaxing holiday. Thanks,
    Heather Treble

  19. Hi John, love the card, the colours so fresh and matches the dies perfectly, hope your feeling all refreshed and that your batteries are re-charging nicely in that sunshine. Take care, Linda.

  20. Hi John, a beautiful card. Love the colours.

  21. Morning John, Beautiful card, love the yellow! love Junex(Cumbria)

  22. Love the design, but yellow is just not my colour, but would be gorgeous in another colour.
    Lynne x

  23. Morning John,
    Gorgeous card, I must say yellow is not a colour I use very often but it's looks good on your card.

  24. Fab card John again and not too big for me - carry on enjoying although a tad too hot for me!! xx GailT xx

  25. Good morning John, what do you mean supposed to be 45 degrees? are you not there? And I thought I was loopy :) don't worry about short posts (at least I can understand them lol). Enjoy the rest of your hols!!! Oh by the way your cards are
    fab!!! Loopy Lynda xxx

  26. Hi John. Another lovely card, in a beautiful primrose yellow, it is so pretty. Thank you for blogging every day, even when you are on holiday, it is very good of you. What is the temp where you are? You say it SHOULD be 45 degrees, is it cooler? Have fun whatever it is. Take care x

  27. Hi John,
    Lovely, lovely card. Unfortunately doesn't reflect the weather we're having in Chester (grey for the most part but always cold).
    Love the colours and the centre piece is so pretty.
    As for the rest - ditto Lynda Mellor.
    Best wishes, Rose

  28. An absolutely stunning card John. I love the layers and the pretty colour. I could do with a bit of 45 degrees sunshine - but we go on holiday on Saturday so maybe there will be some left for us! Pat x

  29. Hi John, a really lovely card, but for me the ribbon is not the right colour. X Ros

  30. Hi John

    Absolutely gorgeous card such a pretty colour combo and all the lovely neat frames so perfect (mine are always a bit wonky I blame me age he he)

    The vino must be good where you are John if your not sure how hot it is :-)
    You enjoy and recharge your batteries.

    Hugs Annx

  31. Hi John, wow such a beautiful card!
    Regards Liz.

  32. Such a beautiful 'relaxing' card John. I tend not to use yellow I think it's because I haven't found a nice shade like you have for example, yet when I see them on blogs I think they are really pretty when paired with white.
    Thank you for continuing to post in spite of being fried to near death!!!! ENJOY.

  33. Hi John, today's card is a lovely sunny style very pretty, I was not around to comment on Sunday's an Monday's card but have just taken. Look an they are both great I really like yesterday's shaker card. Take Care an enjoy the rest of your holiday. Melody x

  34. Wow This is stunning John, so love this one, beautiful. Stop worrying about the short posts, we all understand.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  35. Hi John, I have absolutely love your cards from the last 2 days, such pretty colours. The primrose yellow is gorgeous and loved the aqua shaker from yesterday too. Enjoy your hols.
    Blessings - Deb C xx

  36. Hope you are enjoying your hols.
    Another beautiful sunny card today, I really love that centre die.

  37. great card ,not normally a yellow person but this is lovely and sunny,Laura O

  38. great card ,not normally a yellow person but this is lovely and sunny,Laura O

  39. Eh up John
    Hope you are not in 45° heat or you will be coming home with more white bits, as it will be too hot for you to sunbathe!
    Loving the primrose. Such a subtle summery touch. Super design.
    Keep on chillin !
    Ang x