Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Woven Purple?!?...

Happy Tuesday,

heres another card from the POD shows and I don't think this one even made it to your screens as it was on a shelf in the background of the set.

I know I have made a load of cards with the weaving dies but I just loved playing with them to see what different weaves I could come up with and what colours would work!  A dark shade for me however i really think it works somehow in this rich purple colour!

I started by making a hinged card using the outside die from the classic adorned rectangle die set from Sue Wilson.  I then used the deboss (you may have noticed last week that spell check wants to change deboss to debs!) and letterpresses the front of the card using seedless preserve distress ink which just frames the weaving beautifully (IMHO) lol

To make the centre panel I wove together the pieces from the striped weaving die set which I cut so that there are 2 strips together with an aperture in the centre.

The centrepiece is made form more of the lilac, Mauve and coconut white foundation card layered up after being cut with the outline dies form the Greek Island collection (the great thing about this collection as with all of them the outline dies match to give different layers.

card Size A5
Creative Expressions Craft Dies by Sue Wilson
Classic Adorned Rectangle noble die
Striped weaving die
Greek Island collection 

Tag Team Crafting!

Julia Watts and I are planning some tag team crafting events where we hand off to each other.  The first one is on the 28th May at CE Towers in `Kettering, I am doing the morning workshop with this card with Julia picking up the afternoon with this card:-
 If you are interested in either or both of these workshops then please Email Tracey@creative-expressions.uk.com for details.  We have also agreed to do some workshops in Loughborough (near Leicester) at Thats Really Crafty in July and August with new projects and cards, details to follow!



  1. Morning John, I love the weaving dies, they look so nice when they are made up, I am liking this one.

    As I am disabled and live too far away I can't get to the workshops, I know you will have a great time, do you do any videos of your workshop projects for people like me who often get left out.

    Happy Tuesday everyone, stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Hi John. Although I live very near to Kettering, I cannot make weekday events I look after my two disabled grandsons. I wish they were weekend ones. I have met Julia and Sue Two very clever lady's. Beautiful cards take care. Kitty Thank you.

  3. Morning John,

    Stunning card, love the Rich Purple in the weave. Beautiful frame too.

    Have a great day

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  4. Good morning John this is a gorgeous card. I love how you find different ways to use the weaving dies. The workshops sound exciting. Have a great day today. Hugs Jackie

  5. Morning John, a fantastic card have got the weaving dies but not tried them yet but get them out, the both you and Julia's workshop cards are great.
    Nancyd xx

  6. Eh up John
    You know I'll be a fan as I love a bit of purple action. Usually get more ink on me than the card when trying to letterpress lol!
    Next weeks workshop card looks terrific.Sorry I can't make it.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  7. Great card-love the weaving dies.


  8. Morning John I love the colours of this card, and every time you show the weaving dies being used another way they move up higher on my must get list lol.
    Tag team sounds a good idea, wish I could make it to Kettering it's a bit too far for me Coventry is the furthest I've been in 4 weeks (blooming back trouble) never mind on a plus I get to practise all the ideas you are all giving me (that's with the dies I do have)
    Have a great day
    Maggie in Solihull

  9. Seedless preserves gives a striking colour contrast. Whole card is very effective.
    I hope you and Julia will be doing some more workshops very soon, as I love them, but not possible at present.

  10. Hi John, a lovely card in a very rich colour.Wish I could fly over to be part of the workshops! The cards look fabulous.Take care Jane B.

  11. Good morning John love the name seedless preserves reminds me of blackberries and autumn. Very rich looking card in a colour not often used but the weaving suits it. Thank you for explaining "debs"! love from Jackie xx

  12. Morning John,
    All lovely projects.

  13. Hee hee! I did smile when I saw "debs" Great card and in unusual colours I love the different ways you're finding to use the weaving dies

  14. Morning John, Beautiful cards, thanks for sharing! love Junex (Cumbria)

  15. Hi John,
    Simply lovely cards.
    Lorna D

  16. Beautiful cards John,


  17. Morning John, Beautiful card, gorgeous sumptuous colour, I love it !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Lovely cards John, wish I could be there on 28th May for your fun day. xxxx

  19. Hi John, a really beautiful card, and the purple is so regal. Love it all. Bx

  20. Hi John. So many lovely cards over the last few days, a beautiful selection of such different styles, there really is something for everyone. I love how you have used Sue's dies on todays samples and also what a great way of using the gorgeous Portuguese die on the inside of Julias card. I wish I could get to the workshops. You ill have a great time I'm sure : ) Take care x

  21. Love the card John and the weaving effect you have created - the bow is a little on the large side for me but that is just my opinion and I'm sure others will think it is perfick!!! xx GailT xx

  22. Hi John

    Love purple so it gets my vote straight away!


    T x

  23. Hi John, th weaving die looks great in every colour I have seen. Your card I very nice Take Care Melody x

  24. Hi John
    I simply love your purple card. Well it is my favourite colour so what's not to like. Love the cards your doing in the tag lesson. I'd like to see the last card demoed, with the aperture in the middle.

  25. Hi John,
    beautiful creation yet again today.
    Love the design, and the fab colour.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  26. Great card John, a good design for male cards. Pat x

  27. great card love the way you weave with this die ,have noticed you cut them first was wondering why the strips would'n weave neatly for me must try this ,Laura O

  28. Another gorgeous card today, I love seeing the different looks those weaving dies gives and love playing with them.

  29. Hi John,
    Love the noble dies as they make a lovely frame, and the weaving dies just make a statement....Wonderful!
    Love Janet x
    from Wakefield