Sunday, 22 March 2015

Waste not want not...

Happy Sunday,

Today's post was going to be a couple of the demo projects I made with the lovely ladies of Northallerton yesterday however after getting in from the the 3 hour drive I have come down with a raging case of 'Man Flu' (read cold for anyone else)  Im hoping that its just the long drive and not my first manifestation of the dreaded man flu that Mr ND has been suffering with most of the week!  Therefore I hope you will all forgive me and accept a few pics of a card I made recently using the stunning new Weaving dies from Sue Wilson for Creative Expressions.  I made this card using the waste pieces from making  a card using the full strips that I did for a project for CE.

I wasn't able to get my usual high Res photos as they decided to send this one off as well so it was quickly snapped on my phone!

I will revisit this die next week with more explanation so today just a close up and ingredient list.

CE Craft dies by Sue Wilson 
Weaving dies Striped & classic
Pierced Flags
Periwinkle & coconut white foundation card



  1. wow wow wow, this one really pops out to get this die set!
    anything to use up the waste is a bonus

    hope you are feeling better soon john.

  2. Hi John.
    Lovely card Thank you get well soon. Kitty.

  3. Lovely card John, I think I an going to HAVE to get these dies, I like them more and more each time I see them. The colour is so pretty. Hope your feeling a little better today, although my son- in- law and daughter both had this bug all last week and it isn't pleasant! so just rest up and take it easy. Hugs to all, Linda.

  4. Love blue cards and this is eye catching John.
    Do hope you feel better soon ,

  5. Good morning John your card is gorgeous I love the colours. I do hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. Hugs Jackie

  6. This die looks lovely JOhn, xxx

  7. Wow-simply stunning card! I have these dies but not had chance to use them yet, that's about to change after seeing your beautiful card.
    Hope your Man Flu doesn't get any worse-good nights sleep might do the trick.


  8. Hi John, lovely looking card again and I hope you do feel better soon!Take care Jane B.

  9. Hi John, todays card is fabulous, great idea to use the left over strips. Hope you feel loads better soon. Bx

  10. Morning John
    Stunning card - seems a lot of hard work. Hope you get over the Man
    Flu quickly
    Carol x

  11. Morning John,
    Sorry to hear you are felling poorly, hope you are better soon.
    Love the card, very intricate.

  12. Lovely card, but oh my it looks very difficult to make , how long did it take ?
    Hope you feel better soon .
    Elaine H X

  13. I've been interested to know how these dies work since I first saw them. Looking forward to reading your instructions. Try and get some rest and you may be able to shrug off the flu - hugs.

  14. Hi John, a stunning card. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  15. Eh up John
    Absolutely stunning! Love doing this with ribbon but looks fab in card. Extra wonderful in the periwinkle.
    Now Mr, having had a bite of your pre-chewed caramel balls (steady folks, its cake!) I better not get this lurgy or you'll be in trouble!
    It must be bad for you to slow down.
    Chill day matey!
    Ang x

  16. Great card John, I love the colours cream and blue together. Hope you feel better soon. x

  17. Hi John
    I'm sorry to hear your not feeling up to much. Try taking it easy today. I love todays card and look forward to seeing how it's made, as it looks quite complicated. Take care.

  18. This set of dies are so high up on my Need List! And the way you've weaved them is unusual and terrific rest up John - it seems the only way to beat this bug thing Look forward to seeing instructions but don't knock yourself out

  19. Great card, this die gives a very different look.
    Sorry you are not feeling good,
    Take care
    Janice W

  20. get well soon john. lovely card

  21. A brilliant card made with the waste. Hope you will be feeling better soon

  22. Love the card John, yes it must be a cold, if it was really flu, you would be in bed for at least a week, with painful joints, even skin! (just had it).

  23. Hi John. I have this die but haven't got round to using it yet. Thank for the inspiration.
    Love the colour.
    Jo xx

  24. Good morning John the more I see these dies the more I'm liking them. Lovely card. Hope you are feeling a little brighter after a good night's sleep love from Jackie xx

  25. Hello John, stunning card, love the colours you have used.
    I was not sure about the weaving dies. Think you card has won me over.
    Hope you have not got the dreaded Man Flu. Make sure you take things easy and keep warm. Brenda

  26. Hi John,
    So sorry to hear about the man flu! Hope you get better soon. Me and my friends learned such a lot from you yesterday at Northallerton. Thank you for such an amazing day!

  27. Gorgeous card John. This weaving die is so much fun to work with and wonderful to see different ways to use it. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  28. Beautiful John, makes for a wonderful background.
    Hope your 'Man Flu' gets better soon.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  29. Hi John,
    what a stunner of a card. I LOVE it. Am beginning to see that I might not be able to resist the weaving dies....
    Hope your Man Flu leaves quickly.
    HAGD, Rose

  30. John,
    Just when I thought I'd seen it all, you show something so fabulous that I just sit in awe. "Why didn't I think of that???" You are a true artist. Have a great day.

  31. Hi John,
    Like this card today but do look a bit tricky
    to make up. the colour is lovely.
    Wish you better !
    Maria x

  32. Hi John. Love the card. It's always good to be able to use up waste on another card. Sorry to hear that you have "Man Flu". I hope that a good nights sleep has done the trick. Take care.

  33. Gorgeous card and love the colour combo - the weaving looks amazing and although this die did not tempt me - I may just have to think again. I hope you feel better soon xx GailT xx

  34. great card ,the weaving look stunning ,hope your feeling better soon ,Laura O

  35. Hope you feel better soon John. Sorry I did have to smile at the man flu comment. Great card x

  36. Fantastic cards John, nice to get a male point of view, hope you feel better soon.

  37. Hi John,
    sorry to hear your not well.
    I do hope you will be feeling better soon.
    Beautiful card as usual, and lovely colour scheme.
    Sorry I haven't been visiting lately, just find it very hard to get around all the commenting lately, and I seem to have reached a snails pace with my age, and
    the new blood pressure meds I'm on.
    Well done on your success with your products, and well deserved so too.
    On another note my granddaughter is nearing the end of her pregnancy now, thank goodness.
    Just thought I would update you as you were so kind to comment when I was worried that time last year.
    Crafty Regards. Jenny L.

  38. I hope it is just a cold John, flu is raging around the north east and I have a number of family members who are floored with it. Pamper yourself and take it easy for a few days, Beautiful card today, I just love the periwinkle card. Take care. Pat x

  39. Awesome card! Love the weaving!
    Feel better soon!