Friday, 27 February 2015

They're here!

Happy Friday,

Yesterday I was doing a workshop in Kettering at CE towers with a lovely bunch of ladies but more of that on Sunday!  However it was a very fortuitous day to be there as my stamps arrived!  Therefore I have included some pictures of the stock all piled up!  There they are waiting to be packaged the next shot is of one of the wonderful ladies in the shipping department packing them...

I know its probably a little sad but I am so proud of them although the pile awaiting orders seems too large at the moment hopefully you have all liked my take on stamping and the cards I have created.

Back to todays seventh and final set (in this release lol) and I am finishing with the Lotus frames and elements set with this sample...

In this sample I have used the large lotus flower element stamp along with one of the sentiments in the set.  To see more of the cards I have made in this set then you will have to tune in to the Create and Craft shows tomorrow (although I think there may be a few popping up as a sneak preview tomorrow!)

As usual I have include a picture of the whole set as there are so many more elements, as well a couple of main element frames, in this set along with even more sentiments a couple of them quite large which would work wonderfully for inserts...

Lotus Frame Elements Clear Stamp Set

These began shipping out to craft shops today!



  1. Hi John. Congratulations, they all look lovely. thank you. Take care Kitty.

  2. Hello John, you have every right to be proud, the stamp sets are fabulous. Love this card, it is so pretty. Good luck for the shows tomorrow. Bx

  3. Morning John,

    WOW! So glad you have done a lotus flower, I love these and there is never anything done in them so these are a must for me, well when they have them in my craft store lol! Unless of course there is a special offer on C & C tomorrow...? I always have to think of the cost of their P&P to buying them elsewhere lol! You have designed some wonderful and unusual stamps John, you should be proud.
    Gorgeous card too!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Morning John another wow card today and am loving the new stamps, you will have to get a really big box of chocolates or cakes and give them to the lovely ladies who are packing up all the orders to say thank you.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  5. Great card today, lovely stamp set.


  6. great card again ohn....lokks like the lady in the packaging dept may be wanting to buy some herself!

  7. Good morning John today's card is gorgeous. The stamp set is beautiful. It must be amazing to see all your stamp sets piled up ready to send out. I will be recording your shows tomorrow I am off to the Farnborough craft show. Hugs Jackie

  8. Eh up John
    Well, you know this is my favourite set.
    I had a lump in my throat yesterday (and no, it wasn't the sausage roll) to see you looking like the proud Dad taking snaps of his first born then hanging them up on the display in the CE shop.
    You deserve every ounce of your success matey. Savour every moment and ENJOY!
    Ang x

  9. Lovely card John and I don't think it's sad, you should be very pleased , you have done a great job.
    Looking forward to placing my order!

  10. Hi John. Another beautiful card today, they have all been gorgeous this week, I love the blue card you have used : ) I love your 1st stamp collection, you have created some gorgeous stamps. How exciting to see the stock at CE Towers : ) You should feel very proud of yourself, that is not at all sad, in fact it would be sad if you didn't feel proud! I will have to record your shows tomorrow as like Jackie Trinder I am off to Farnborough. I wonder if I will see you there Jackie? :)
    Have a good weekend, enjoy the shows and have a safe and trouble free journeys. Take care.

  11. I wish you could chose the language of the sentiments, that way I could buy them too. But it's a foreign language, so it would be like having sentiments in Polish on all Brittish cards. Anyway the stamps are really pretty :) And today's card is just lovely.

  12. Lovely card again and yesterdays was even more gorgeous,

    You must be so proud and you do remember where I live LOL. xxxx

  13. All your stamp collections are wonderful so you should be very proud of what you have achieved. Your cards showcasing the stamps have been gorgeous. Congratulations John! Debra x

  14. Hi John, lovely card again and you should be proud! See you tomorrow on c&c.take care Jane B.

  15. Morning John
    Wow this card is beautiful and the stamps are to die for. Your stamps are beautiful and the sentiments all so lovely - you must be very proud of them
    Carol x

  16. Hi John,
    You've done it again!!!
    What a lovely set and the verses are just fab. I can definitely see me reaching for these time after time.
    Lorna D

  17. Morning John, Enjoy the 'glory', after all, these stamps are 'your baby' , too true you should be very proud of them.
    Loving the lotus, they are all so beautiful.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Good morning John, oh my I think this is my favourite set now, I just love the sentiments you have included. Be proud and enjoy the moments, you have created something really special with all these sets of stamps and I know we are all enjoying sharing this time with you. Enjoy your shows tomorrow, we'll all be watching!! love from Jackie xx

  19. Can't wait to see them on C&C and to see all your lovely samples. You're not 'sad' John - you are one amazing crafter and (now) designer. Enjoy it all and I hope all our encouragement will spur you on to design even more stamps.

  20. Hi John, so you should be proud, your stamps are amazing and as I said all week, there isn't a stamp that I wouldn't use and I am fairly new to stamping. X Ros

  21. Hi John. What lovely sentiments. No wonder you're so proud of the collection. I'm proud of you as well. Don't forget your friends over here in Spain when you become a millionaire, will you ?
    So looking forward to the shows tomorrow.
    Love val x

  22. Beautiful card John, you should be truly proud of yourself for designing the stamps.
    Good luck with C&C tomorrow.
    Lynne x

  23. Oh, John, am I to understand that we can get these stamp sets directly from you?
    I try to do that whenever I can, rather than getting from C&C, because they charge such a lot for a light weight item when it comes to shipping to Ireland. (£7.99 per item).

  24. Hi John,
    Another set of lovely stamps, have no fear they will all go. Lovely card, too. Won't be able to watch you live but will record and then watch back at my leisure.
    HAGD, Rose

  25. Oh, My, you must be feeling SO PROUD. These stamps are all amazing. I adore the range of sentiments you have put on these.
    Janice W

  26. Morning John, Another beautiful set of stamps and card, Well done you should be proud! Will be watching and recording tomorrow to get all your tips!
    Junex (Cumbria)

  27. So you should be proud, the stamps are super and can't wait to get my hands on them! A very elegant card today, love the colours and image x

  28. Another gorgeous set - still like Daisies best! You've really worked hard and deserve all of the accolades you're receiving Good luck tomorrow Will be tuning in

  29. Hi John,

    Remember me? Another brilliant set today, hope to be watching tomorrow, depending on you know who!!

    Congratulations on reaching no. 7 on Blog Posts

    Love Nancy xx

  30. Hi John,
    ANother beauty of a card not too fancy and if we didn't know better we would think that blue was your favourite colour(LOL). ANother must have set that we are going to need. Thank you for all the thought you put into these stamps sets.
    crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  31. Gorgeous! Stamps look lovely. Creative blessings, Tracy x

  32. John, I agree that you have every right to be proud of these stamps!!! They are GORGEOUS! I live in the U. S. Are they going to be available here???? I sure do hope so!!! They really are lovely and a "must have".

  33. Hi John and congratulations on your new stamps release.
    They are all wonderful! A beautiful card today too. Like the EF.
    Take care and will watch you tomorrow,
    Maria x

  34. Congratulations John on another great stamp set. As you say in one of these sentiments 'life is a journey not a destination'. Well you have certainly reached a significant milestone in your working life and I suspect this is just one small (though, very significant) step in the right direction. I don't like to just say 'good luck' because some wise and successful person once said 'the harder I work the luckier I get!' Cheers!!

  35. Hi John,
    I am really loving your new stamps. They really are a breath of fresh air, and every set has some wonderful sentiments included. I believe it takes a Crafter to work out what Crafters want, and you certainly have achieve this with the stamps. You have sample card is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing with us yet again.

  36. All your cards and stamps are so lovely John, you are right to be proud of them. The only problem is which one do I buy first! Can't afford them all at once sadly. Have a great weekend. x

  37. Hi John
    The sentiments in this set is gorgeous. You must be very proud of your collection. I wonder which set I will buy first. Probably yesterday's set, then today's for a start off.

  38. Hi John
    You must be so excited-they are finally here, beautiful card by the way x x x

  39. John ,these stamps are fab love the sentiments with all the stamp sets.Laura O

  40. Another fab set of stamps and no you are not sad, these are your 'babies' so you are entitled to be proud - well,done! xx GailT xx

  41. Not sad at all John. You should be proud of the work and of your creations resulting from them. Great job x