Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sneak Peak...

Happy Thursday,

It seems to have been a week of sneak peaks and not the ones I had planned!  As I mentioned earlier in the week the planned posts for this week have had to be delayed.  However I can promise that the week of stamping and new product announcements will start on Saturday!

back to toady I thought I should give you all a sneak peak of some more of the lovely pares I have on Create and Craft tomorrow at 10am and 4pm.

This time I am showing some of the samples I have made to show the flexibility and shear beauty of these pares.  If you are a regular follower of my blog you may have noticed that my profile states that I love Paper (as well as cheese) and this couldn't be truer the colours and patterns of papers are one of the things that got me into crafting in the first place.  I can happily admit that, like most crafters I know, I am a closet paper stroker and often buy 2 packs, one to use and one to look at!

All the products I have decorated and shown here will be available as well as these books opposite for which I have a really cunning use for.  However you will have to tune in to see the demo and what I am using them for as my lips are sealed and they are quite limited I think I have all the stock we have on tomorrows shows!

The range is a beautiful selection of traditional decoupage papers which I have put into 3 selections that I feel work well together.  I have even put together a pack especially for men's projects one of which I used, with a selection of cosmic shimmer products, to cover this MDF birdhouse.  I have also, of course, included some dies and die cutting and have managed to include the die which makes this rose and so many other beautiful flowers.

Hopefully you will get the chance to have a good look at the shows tomorrow, for now



  1. Hi John.
    This has been a mixed up week, cannot wait for the reveal, everything looks so lovely.
    Take care Kitty.

  2. Eh up John
    oooh, ambassador, you are spoiling us! Loving the look of these goodies. I am still waiting for your first project combining cheese and paper lol!
    I shall be glued to the screen tomorrow matey.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  3. love the bird box, can't wait until tomorrows show!

  4. I will have to watch the shows on catch up tomorrow John....groan!!!
    Looks like you ll be showing some great projects and products,

  5. Hello John, looking forward to the shows, to see what you are bringing us, love the sneak peek items. Have a good day. Bx

  6. Morning John, although I am not a lover of what I call 'messy crafting' I do appreciate the time and effort that goes into making such beautiful creations and will be watching the shows. I love the sneak peeks that we are getting.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy everyone, hugs, June Smith xxxx

  7. Loe the products you have shown us here. I will have to watch the shows recorded so I expect you will have sold out of everything I like but I'll try!
    Marion B xx

  8. All your crafty projects look great, will have to record your programmes.


  9. Hi John, what a nice collection of decorated items and would love to be a bird if I could live in such a home!! very artistic!!!! Look forward to the show tomorrow. Take care Jane B.

  10. Morning John
    WOW what a lovely range of products you have produced.
    Cannot wait for the shows

  11. Hi John, These all look very interesting, looking forward to tomorrows shows.
    Take care, Brenda

  12. I'll have record shows tomorrow - working and going out for lunch with my crafty crew! The papers look amazing I particularly like the small gold offering in the first picture....

  13. Morning John,
    Firstly yesterday joint card is stunning, love it.
    The projects you have on show today are all stunning, will be watching tomorrow.

  14. Hi John. Can't watch the morning show but will see the 4pm one.
    Love the papers.
    love val x

  15. Hi John,
    the papers are beautiful and I simply LOVE the birdhouse, talk about a desirable residence!
    Will record tomorrow's shows as I won't be able to watch live........
    I had been wondering where stamping got to but shall be looking forward to it next week or so..........
    Have a VERY good day, are you back now?

  16. Loving the sneak peaks, will be watching tomorrow - just love what you've done with the birdhouse

  17. Hi John

    Mmmmm, paper... These look lovely. Will record shows but hope to see some live (Mr W is off work so it's a case of who gets to the TV first!). Looking forward also to the postponed other reveal too!


    T x

  18. Recorder already set for tomorrow,love the birdhouse.
    Lynne x

  19. Oh the birdhouse! I can't wait till tomorrow.

  20. Hi John, looks amazing, I have set the shows up for record but will hopefully be able to watch too. Love the feathered patterned paper, I love unusual patterned paper so I will be intrigued to what you have on the show. Unfortunately my next pay day is not until next week, bad timing for both you and Sue's shows lol!

    Have a great day, enjoy.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  21. Hi John, I've been following your blog daily and watching you on C&C for several months now but I've never left a comment. I simply had to today! I'm loving the look of all these papers. I LOVE paper and card. I shall be watching eagerly tomorrow. Hope all goes well! Sarah

  22. papers look fantastic ,and i'm sure the shows will be too ,Laura O

  23. I think "simply fabulous" says it all John! love from Jackie xx

  24. Hi John, the suspense is killing me, I love what you have done, looks amazing, cannot wait to see the products in full x x x

  25. Hi John, Loving the sneaky peeks, and really looking forward to tomorrow.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  26. HinJohn
    I'm loving the sneak peaks. Can't wait to see what is happening tomorrow. Recorder set already to record.

  27. Looks very interesting - will have to Sky+'as will be at work but will catch up over the weekend - got some decopatch papers that I still need to use so hoping for some inspiration!! no pressure!!!! Lol xx GailT xx