Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Technique Tuesday...all white?

Happy Tuesday,

A  really simple technique today and I wanted to keep the all white going as it proved so popular yesterday (I'll announce the winner of yesterdays card tomorrow)

back to today and as I said a really simple technique however I always struggle to remember how to do it and end up ringing Mrs Duck for her to remind me how to emboss with masks as I learnt it from her.  Hopefully you can all see form the pictures how the hammered white card has been embossed with the pattern form the that special touch mask however the pressure is not the same as an embossing folder which means that you keep the texture of the paper or card.

I started with a piece of white hammered foundation card from creative expressions special finishes pack and made the sandwich for my Grand Calibur in the following format:

Grey base plate
Rubber embossing mat
Pink plate

You will need to play with different sandwich make ups depending on your die cutting machine however the way this works for me is that the rubber embossing mate pushes up through the mask to emboss the card (I hope that makes sense)
Once you have the embossed piece you can use distress inks either through the mask or just onto the piece to bring out the pattern however I have left this piece white for a simple look.

I made up the rest of the card using mats of coconut white card, which adds a lovely white on white contrast, and foam raised layers of the hammered card.

To complete the card I simply added a strip of sprinkle edge ribbon wrapped around 2 of the layers, again to add dimension.  I then simply tied another piece on the front, rather than a bow, with a die cut waterlily in parchment wrapped over the know and a heart dazzler.

Finally a simple hand cut banner with a simple sentiment stamped in black archival.

That Special Touch Openwork mask
White Hammered & coconut white foundation card
Crinkle edge ribbon
Heart dazzler
Couture Creations Waterlily die set
Creative Expressions sentiment stamp



  1. Hi John.
    Well another beautiful White on White, Thank you for the embossing Sandwich I always get it wrong, thank you. Take care Kitty.

  2. Another lovely card I love using the masks as embossing folders they have so many uses xxx

  3. Hi John, these white on white cards are awesome, we tend to forget using our masks to emboss with, I keep a reference pinned up above my desk of all the various sandwiches, so will make sure I have this one correct. Take care. Bx

  4. Wow-stunning card. I love the look of White on White, just haven't been brave enough to try it yet.


  5. Afoot her beautiful white card John, love it!

  6. Should read another!
    This ipad text prredictor drives me mad!

  7. Hi Jihn
    Another stunner today. The problem I have with embossing masks is knowing which way to put the card on. If you have colour both sides it doesn't matter, but it does if the colour is only on one side. Thank you for showing us the sandwich to use. I'll have to experiment.

  8. I can never remember the correct sandwich and always have a giggle (a blonde/senior moment) to myself when after passing it all through GC and I end up with plain card still! Must do what BridgetC has done and make myself a reference guide Fabulous card John I love white on white and note to self - use masks to emboss!

  9. Morning John, Beautiful White on White.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Morning John
    White on white stunning

  11. Hi John. A beautiful card today. I love the white on white with the embossing, a lovely effect. Take care.

  12. Eh up John
    I think I actually remember emailing or texting a picture of the sandwich to you at one point hahaha!
    This looks a lovely mask (will have to have a look at the newer TST ones) and has created a very elegant, delicate pattern on this fab card.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  13. Love it John, you know me, I love white on white, xxx

  14. Morning John,
    Another lovely all white card, love it. The embossing looks good.

  15. Pretty card, though I struggled to read the sentiment a bit. Love all the texture.

  16. Hi John,
    nice card, embossing looks good. However, like you I always forget how to do it. And now with my BigShot it'll be another learning curve (which I'll forget because I don't do it very often).
    HAGD, Rose

  17. Hi John, a beautiful white on white card.

  18. As always, another very pretty card. Have never tried embossing with a mask. Learned a new trick today. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Another stunning card today, simple technique and white on white, always a winner

  20. Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning,so glad you didn't ink through the mask, the white on white is perfect, this is an amazing card.
    Lynne x

  21. Hello John and all

    Lovely card, love white on white and I really like the idea of embossing with masks. This is a new technique for me, which has opened a hole host of possibilities for me. Thanks for the sandwich instructions and sharing.

    Best wishes

  22. What a lovely card John.. White is quite unbeatable keep up the good work. Crafty Regards Julie Kay xxx

  23. Hi John this is a gorgeous card. I love masks they are so versatile. Your white on white works so well I always struggle with this. Have a great day. Hugs Jackie

  24. Hi John
    I don't think I've ever made a solely white on white card. Keep saying I will give it ago. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Jo x

  25. What a beautiful card - brilliant!

    This is a good opportunity to thank you for the instruction details and great photos you consistently include.

    Thank you a million fold.

    Happy thoughts,

  26. John, your use of white makes such a splendid statement. We (teachers) have a saying here in the US…K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Silly (Stupid). Your white simplicity is magnificent.

  27. Hi John
    I'm reallyloving the white on white cards. Thanks for the sandwich tip I've not tried that technique with masks yet.
    Anyways I'm waiting patiently for my grand calibur coming back to me from the repair shop :-(. So I'm using a big shot at the moment for all my small stuff no good when u need to go large lol

  28. Hi John,
    Another Beautiful White Card, I must admit I don't use Masks to Emboss with as I've got some lovely Embossing Folders so if I'm going to use one that's what I'll use
    just Love The Card John.
    Hugs from Sam x

  29. The mask makes a much softer looking card, and using the white card and ribbon just increases that feeling
    Janice W

  30. Gorgeous card and simply elegant xx luv it xx GailT xx

  31. Another lovely white on white card John.

  32. Hi John, It's amazing how versatile the masks can be, and using for embossing looks gorgeous, subtle but beautiful, and I'm loving the parchment flower too.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  33. Hi John,
    A gorgeous White card. Your layers are so perfect. Love it all. Brenda

  34. The simplicity and the elegance of this card is awesome. thank you for sharing this hugs, Cathy K

  35. White on white always looks so classy, thank you for sharing John x x x