Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday Giveaway!

Happy Monday,

As its a new year I have made a few changes to the blog as well as the schedule of my posts.  I am a person who likes structure, which I am sure you can guess from looking at my cards, so I wanted a more set schedule for my posts.  Therefore due to the success of the giveaway last week Monday is now going to be giveaway day.  Therefore if you want to win today's card then simply leave a comment telling me of a change on my blog that you have noticed and Mr ND will randomly pick a winner!

Today's card is a real change form my usual style I feel being both in green and with a great deal more stamping and stencilling than I normally indulge in.  This was a demo piece from yesterdays shows on Create and Craft and was made to show the beautiful tree die form couture creations and how you can cut the die using funky foam and make a stamp.  I always look to get the maximum value from my dies and like to be able to do lots of different things with them, that way they earn a place in my collection.

hopefully lots of you saw me demo this card as it has lots of different techniques in it if not you may still be able to catch it on in the catch up section.

My favourite bit is the colouring of the card with distress inks and then die cutting the sheet.  for this tree I used a mix of three different colours to give a real variation and I coloured both sides of the milk card so that I could twist the foliage on the tress in any direction (the distress ink on the card makes it very flexible)

So for a chance to have this card for yourself simply comment and tell me what you notice has changed on this page!

Couture creations Lucky Tree Die
Distress inks Mini's Tea Dye, Evergreen Bough & Shabby Shutters
Milk foundation card
Funky Foam (form your local pound shop)
Creative Expressions sentiment stamp



  1. Hello John, wow, a Monday card give away from an inspiring crafter. Great shows yesterday, loved the demos. The change I have noticed is that you have done a green card - I am not sure I have seen one yet that is almost entirely green based, and I have also noticed all the links to products at the bottom of the blog post. Not sure I am right. Thank you for the tip on colouring both sides of the card. Have a great day. Bx

  2. Morning John.
    Thank you for the shows yesterday. Brilliant Idea to make stamps from the dies. I may be wrong but your title heading looks different. Take care Kitty.

  3. Hi John,
    Great Card, great shows, I think it's a wonderful idea to give a Card away each Monday
    Good Luck to today's winner
    Hugs from Sam x

  4. Hi John
    Good to see you back on C&C - I saw this card on your show yesterday - brilliant techniques- and if I don't win it then I will certainly have a go myself - although I wasn't sure how much I would use the tree die, but it does make good leaves!!
    The photos of the cards at the top of your blog have changed!
    Good luck!
    Sheila x

  5. Eh up John
    would like to say the change is you using spellcheck but its not hahaha! Don't include me in the draw as Im lucky enough to have some of your fab cards. Will be doing the catch up thingy today as I want to see your funky foam stamp!
    Lovely card, very fresh!
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  6. Lovely card and you have used green!! I can't see much of a change but I look on my phone so might have missed it! I see you have been to the Pound shop since you returned to the UK....great aren't they??!!!!


  7. You have changed your top pictures to your latest creations, and have added 'I love cheese' to your profile. As usual your cards are fab. Missed you on your quick visit to us here in Spain recently, shop is doing really well. Keep up the good work, have recorded the shows have not had a time to watch them yet. xx

  8. watched your shows yesterday, i asked a quiestion about this card, as i couldny see a matching stamp to go with the didn't get read out, but you demo'd it!

    such a beautiful card john...keep them coming!

    there are 2 differences are your card photos have changed , and you are doing a monday card giveaway! carol

  9. The first thing I noticed eas the photos have changed at the top and to me look like they are all Sue Wilson dies on show. Saw yuo demo this card yesterday - recorded the rest and will watch after work today. The fact tht you used funky foam and created a stamp was an excellent idea. Love the tree die but not sure I can warrant buying it. But maybe I can do something similar with Serif (me thinks!). Will definitely get some funky foam and have a go with some of the dies I own. Have a great day x

  10. PS I tell you what I would like to be able to do is to scroll over them and be able to get to that particular "post" straightaway.....

  11. Hi John. Lovely fresh looking card today. Great shows yesterday. Have you now started to include your C&C shows on the right hand side and does your blog list now include photos?

  12. Morning John
    What a wonderful card you made on the show (Tree one above) you have great ideas and techniques - I recorded the show so I can watch it again - just great.
    I believe you have altered the top picture on your blog - all beautiful spellbinder cards - love them all - thank you for your inspiration
    Carol x

  13. Hi John
    Not sure why my reply says delete - this is always the case when I go to Julia blog.
    My e-mail address is

  14. Morning John,
    Great card love the way you coloured the card before cutting, such a clever idea.

  15. Hello John you shouldn't have gone to so much trouble for me. Although how you knew my birthday is the first day of Spring I'll never know. Lol
    The card is lovely with fresh bright colours.
    X Ros

  16. Monday giveaway, what a great idea - I'm sure all your followers would love to own one of your cards ! Have recorded yesterday's shows so I can watch at my leisure, what a treat ! Your page header has changed, some super cards on show xx
    Christine (Andypandy)

  17. Saw this card being made on the show yesterday John, love all the techniques you've packed onto it. Your blog header has changed somewhat.

  18. Hi John.Love this card. It is always great to see you doing something a bit different, you always inspire me to have a go. A change I have noticed a while ago is to the title cards. Thanks for all of your hard work leading up to and including yesterday. Any idea when you might get to Swindon to sort workshop? Time just flies by doesn't it, I wish we could stop the clock sometimes : )Take care.

  19. I noticed the other day you had changed the top collshe, but don't include me in draw. Really fab showd yesterday snd some sellouts too, they should have you on more , cos you demo how to get more from the products, xxx

  20. Hi John. Looks like the photo at the top of the blog has changed.
    Saw the shows yesterday. You were great.

  21. Hi John
    I think that you blog header has changed. I loved how you demoed this card. I also when you showed use how to made a stamp out of a die( a technique you have used on this card) was fantastic. I've never seen this done before.

  22. Hi John,
    saw you demo this card - it's really lovely. I'm a lover of green (as well as reds) so this is a real treat.
    HAGD, Rose

  23. Morning John, Watched you demo this yesterday and realised how much you can teach us while making one card. I did write in to win it, but no...
    You have changed your blog header with new cards on it. (I was going to mention spell check too, but that's cheeky)
    Janice W

  24. Have been looking at your blog for a couple of months now John but never commented before!
    I think like others your blog header is a bit different.
    I love, love this card and would give it a good home.
    I think all your cards are lovely and since discovering you on C and C am always interested to see what you come up with and have watched a couple of your videos too which I have found helpful.
    Keep up the good work!

  25. Morning John, all the cards in your header have changed! Love your tree today, it makes a nice, spring like change.

  26. Hi John, I noticed the change to your home page header the other day and meant to comment then. The reason being that I loved the card you had in the bottom left hand corner..... searching through your old postings over the holidays I managed to find it. The new header is a great quick glimpse of your previous creations. Caught some of the show yesterday then our signal went on the blink so it will be catch up tv. I love today's card, so bright and cheery. Thanks, Carol

  27. Only got to watch a little of your 12pm show yesterday as had family coming for lunch, however have recorded both of them to watch when have time later. Love the montage of your cards as the new header to your page!!

    Must dash as need to go and buy some funky foam to be able to turn dies into stamps, the effect was fab and the green card is lovely xx

  28. Hi John

    New header picture with lovely new cards. Really enjoyed your shows yesterday.

    June x

  29. Hi John, this card has such a fresh look to it you can almost fell the weather getting warmer Beryl xx

  30. Hi John
    I loved watching you create this card yesterday on the telly. I really like the stencil idea and how easy you make it look.
    I've only just started to follow your blog mainly as I hadn't pressed the right buttons on the previous attention. The home page has changed I'm sure since my first visit. It's very striking.
    anyway. Lovely card. Looking forward to seeing all of your creations this coming year.
    Lots of crafty love
    Jo xx

  31. I enjoyed seing you on C&C and making this card. It's lovely and springlike tree die :)

  32. Hi John;
    Missed the first show yesterday but managed to remember and watch the second so missed this demo, lovely card though, I love it and would love to win it. Here's hoping!!
    Like a lot of other bloggers I think it is the top of your blog page!!
    Love Nancy xx

  33. Hello John I hope you enjoyed the shows yesterday as much as I did they were great! What a fresh and beautiful looking card today love it and really like the idea of getting more from a die too.
    The photo of a collection of your cards at the top of your blog has been changed.
    Margaret corgi owner

  34. Hi John,

    Loved yesterdays shows and this was one of my favourite cards you demoed, really beautiful.

    You have changed the image at the top of your blog page, still showing all your cards but they have changed!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  35. Hi John,
    I have no idea what has changed on your blog as I have only just found you. I just wanted to tell you that the best thing about your tree card is the inspired use of the tree to curl around the page to give dimension. Fabuluuuuuuus.

  36. John, Saw you demo this card yesterday. There were so many different tricks you showed and really enjoyed the demo. I think the photos have changed at the top of the blog.

  37. love that card and so enjoyed your shows yesterday - some great ideas. I think the picture at the head of your blog has changed??

  38. Wonderful card - much more stamping than usual. The photo of your creations - at the top of the page - has changed.

    I do not expect to win the give-away as I am in America.

  39. What a pretty card! The colors and feel of this new beauty have a fresh and lively feeling about it. The new blog header reminds of past lovelies but this is the perfect start to a new year.

  40. Hi john. Just loed this card when you demoed it yesterday.
    so lovely to see so many comments and all the lovely things people say about you. So well deserved.
    Dont include me in you draw as i,m lucky enough to have a couple of your originals. Mind you if you are planning to send me a card for my birthday this is the one you can replicate ha ha.
    bye for now
    love valx

  41. Hi John liked this when you showed it yesterday.
    I took your tip on colouring the card for the foliage ..... it works a treat. Have used it today it's brilliant, thank you for that. I will also be trying the Funky Foam stamps.


  42. I love this card! So green and spring looking.

  43. Hi John. Liked your shows yesterday. You always have some nice tips for us to try. Just wish that you were able to do more demonstrations as there are never enough.

    I noticed the other day that your blog header photographs have changed and you've also added "I like cheese" to your all about me section.

    Also, it would be nice if you included the sizes of your cards. As you know, in the States our cards tend to be much smaller so including the size just gives me a frame of reference if I want to try something like that.

    Keep on crafting,

  44. Hi John, Great shows yesterday ! Some lovely cards you managed to make, shame no time for more...A very nice thing you are doing, starting a Monday giveaway ! What I can see thats changed is your blog header and that you also writing down the ingredients you are using to make this lovely card. Have a nice evening Maria x

  45. Hi John,you have changed the cards at the top of the blog.Everyone a winner.
    I was all ready to watch your shows,and we had a power cut,lasting for 5 hours.
    Love todayI card.

  46. I enjoyed your demo of this card yesterday. Your cards are always that little bit different. I haven't been reading your blog long so don't know if I'm right but have the cards in your header changed?

  47. another fab card,loved your shows yesterday ,you have changed the photos at the top of the page [fab cards by the way ]Laura O

  48. Hi John
    A lovely card today. I caught up on your programmes last night and thought your tips were so good. I love the idea of making my own stamps. Your samples at the header have changed. But also, your profile used to read 'I love cheese' before you changed it to 'I love paper' and now you've brought cheese back again! On the subject of cheese, I managed to over purchase for Christmas, and so cheers is part of our staple diet at the moment! Congratulations on such good shows. Anne O

  49. Hi John, great shows yesterday, one obvious change to your blog are the photos of the cards at the top of your blog have changed, also the fact you are going to do a giveaway every Monday - That is amazing, your cards are stunning Yay!!! Thank you John x x x

  50. Hi john I absolutely luv this card it is so unusual and brilliant for a male card - I noticed the top odf your blog had changed but that was last week or the week before and nearly mentioned on my comment the first time I noticed but the card I won while you were still living in Spain is still there but in a different spot but if it is a newer change then I don't know -sorry!! too busy looking at your fab creations xx GailT xx

  51. Hi John, Yes I saw this demo yesterday and it was fantastic, love this die and the way you create this multi tone green tree, it was all so inspiring. Thank you.

    Take care and thank you for all your inspiration, Brenda

  52. Hello John, I saw you on tv yesterday and I saw you demo this card. I was in absolute 'awe' everything about this card is atmospheric and stunning !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  53. Great card, I'm sure the pictures at the top have been changed x

  54. Lovely card. The photos have changed at the top of your blog.

  55. Hi John this is a gorgeous card I love the variation you have achieved in the greens. The photo of the cards at the top of the page has changed. Hugs Jackie

  56. Hi John.
    Stunning card.
    Haven't been by in a few weeks but have noticed that there is a blue swirly love heart background on the blog. I check blog on my phone an that's the thing that stands out at me. Dunno if that's right but it looks pretty